Jorge "Oscuro" Salgado is a developer who worked at Obsidian Entertainment as a designer on Fallout: New Vegas.


Work on the Fallout seriesEdit

Salgado scripted for Michael Angelo,[1] designed Vault 21,[2] partially scripted and designed Nipton,[3] revised faction hit squads,[4] created and implemented the Deathclaw promontory,[5] as well as The Thorn,[6] scripted Gun Runners' Arsenal weapons,[7] and designed the New Vegas sewers.[8]

Other workEdit

Salgado's previous work includes the highly acclaimed The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion mod Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, which was a large part of the reason he was hired to develop Fallout: New Vegas,[9] specifically joining the team around halfway through development.[10]

Employment historyEdit

2009PresentObsidian EntertainmentLead Area Designer


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2010Fallout: New VegasDesigner

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2006Oscuro's Oblivion OverhaulCreator

Behind the scenesEdit

Question: Hi Josh. Fallout 3 had random encounters that were drawn from a deck at specific locations while New Vegas had only hand-crafted encounters (and a few reputation encounters that chased you). Was that a deliberate design choice, a scope/schedule trade-off or something else entirely?
Joshua Sawyer: "That’s probably a better question for Jorge “Oscuro” Salgado, one of our senior area designers. When we started working on F:NV, literally no one on the team had any experience with Bethesda’s engine or toolset. We hired Jorge maybe… 4 or 6 months into development. As the nickname might suggest, Jorge was the creator of Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. He handled all of our “random” encounters and I left the high-level implementation to him.

At least some of the design was driven by the development constraints. We just didn’t have that much time to design a lot of random encounters."
Joshua Sawyer

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  1. Who did the script for the guy who makes neon signs on the Strip called Michael Angelo? His character is very different from other folks in New Vegas.
    Joshua Sawyer: Jorge Salgado.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  2. Who in particular comes up with the indivual stories for each vault? Chris Avellone? The whole team? Obviously some have movie inspirations. But others seem just.. Fucked up and bizarre :/
    Joshua Sawyer: I wrote the basic concepts for F:NV's vaults but individual designers fully fleshed the concepts out and implemented them. Vault 3: Akil Hooper, Vault 11: Eric Fenstermaker, Vault 19: Sydney Wolfram. Vault 21: Jorge Salgado. Vault 22: Jesse Farrell, Vault 34: Sydney Wolfram.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  3. Who wrote the story and scene for the Nipton quest? That was a really great introduction to the Legion. It really captured that intimidating wasteland vibe that Fallout 1 had going, reminded me of the Necropolis visit where you first meet super mutants.
    Joshua Sawyer: John Gonzalez, though the area was designed and scripted by JR Vosovic and Jorge Salgado.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  4. dude! centurions? great job with the changes to the hit squads !
    Joshua Sawyer: Jorge Salgado did all of the hit squad revisions.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  5. who's idea was the deathclaw promontory? it was very cool
    Joshua Sawyer: I think it was Jorge Salgado's idea. He definitely implemented it.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  6. I just would like to compliment you on the design of Westside. I think many players overlook it but its diversity and resourcefulness are especially striking when compared to a more emphasized area like Freeside. Whoever the world builder was did well too
    Joshua Sawyer: Thanks. Most of the content of Westside was developed by Jeff Husges, though I wrote a few of the characters (Anderson, Meansonofabitch), John Gonzalez wrote some (maybe all?) of the characters in Casa Madrid, and Jorge Salgado developed the Thorn. Scott Everts did most of the world building. Because Westside is "detached" from the Strip and doesn't have any protector groups like the Kings, we wanted to portray them as being very resourceful and community-oriented, sharing a lot of responsibilities, including defense.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  7. I know you were the project director of F:NV, but what contributions did you make?
    Joshua Sawyer: For F:NV, I designed (but did not write the dialogue for) all of the companions and companion arcs. I did all of the system design and balancing. I wrote all of the high level RDCs (Region Design Constraints) that area designers used to write their ADDs (Area Design Docs). I wrote the dialogues for Arcade Gannon, Chief Hanlon, and President Kimball.
    For Honest Hearts, I was also the project director. I wrote the story, designed and tuned most of the gear, designed all of the main characters (the Happy Trails caravan, Ricky, Joshua Graham, Daniel, Follows-Chalk, Waking Cloud, and the Survivalist) and wrote Joshua Graham and Daniel (Ricky, Stella, and the Survivalist were written by John Gonzalez; Jed Masterson, Follows-Chalk, and Waking Cloud were written by Travis Stout).
    For Gun Runners' Arsenal, I did all of the design except for scripting, which was done by Jorge Salgado and Jeff Husges.
    On the other DLCs, all I did was weapon tuning.

    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  8. Who designed the sewer system in F:NV?
    Joshua Sawyer: Jorge "Oscuro" Salgado.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  9. Has bethesda or obsidian ever considered hiring the men and women working on mods for fallout 3, skyrim, and new vegas? A lot of the mod makers seem very experienced with the engines. Some even up to the point where they are better than other developers.
    Joshua Sawyer: Yes. We hired Jorge "Oscuro" Salgado in large part due to his work on Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO). He's also a great guy who is very smart, which helps.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  10. "When we started working on F:NV, no one on the team had worked with the engine before. " At what point in development was Oscuro hired?
    Joshua Sawyer: Hmm, maybe halfway into development.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
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