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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jones.


1DialogueTheSlogDeirdreJonesScene001679ED{Hatching a plan} It's starting to get a little crowded here, so I've been thinking... You've got some carpentry experience, right?Deirdre: Yeah, a little bit. I also spent some time as a mechanic in Diamond City. You need something built?A1a
2001679EBDeirdre: Yeah, a little bit. I also spent some time as a mechanic in Diamond City. You need something built?{Thoughtful, making plans} Maybe. If get a few more ghouls in here, I was thinking maybe we build some double bunks to fit everyone in.Deirdre: Sure thing. I'll work up a list of what I'll need.A1a
3001679E9Deirdre: Anything we can't get from the traders, we can probably scavenge.{Appreciative} Sounds good. Thanks, Jonesy.Deirdre: Sure thing, D.A1a


4DialogueTheSlogJonesDeirdreScene000FA7C5I've got a request for the next time you pick up supplies.Deirdre: Yeah? What's that?A1a
5000FA7C3Deirdre: Yeah? What's that?One of the hoes is rusted through. We're going to need a replacement.Deirdre: Alright, I'll see what I can find.A1a
6Deirdre: Yeah? What's that?Arlen's screwdriver broke and it was the only one we had.Deirdre: Alright, I'll see what I can find.A2a
7Deirdre: Yeah? What's that?The stock on my hunting rifle cracked again. It's going to be worthless if I don't get a new one soon.Deirdre: Alright, I'll see what I can find.A3a
8000FA7C1Deirdre: Alright, I'll see what I can find.Thanks.A1a
9Deirdre: Alright, I'll see what I can find.Good enough for me.A2a


10DialogueTheSlogJonesDogmeatScene0013577D{Friendly, talking to a dog / Friendly} Hey there! Aren't you a handsome fella?Jones: There's a good boy.A1a
110013577BJones: Hey there! Aren't you a handsome fella?{Affectionate, petting a dog / Friendly} There's a good boy.A1a


12DialogueTheSlogJonesHollyScene000FA7C0Corn's really growing in, huh? For awhile there I wasn't sure it would take hold.Holly: You're not kidding. The carrots are doing pretty well, too.A1a
13000FA7BEHolly: If this keeps up, we might pass Warwick as the most successful farm in the Commonwealth.If we do, I hope that fat mayor in Diamond City hears about it.A1a
14I want nothing more than to make him feel like a fool for throwing all the ghouls out of Diamond City.Holly: I know how you feel, but remember, we're not out to get revenge on anyone.A1b
15000FA7BCHolly: That's the only way we're going to earn their respect.{Contrite} You're right, Holly. The last thing I'd ever want to do is let you guys down.A1a
16Thanks for reminding me about what's important.Holly: Sure thing. You're a good kid, Jones. Stay that way.A1b