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Jonathan "Jon" Rush is a developer who works at Bethesda Game Studios Austin on Fallout 76 as the game's creative director, as of 2024.[1] Rush has had several credited positions throughout the game's live development, including producer and art director.

Work on the Fallout series[]

Some specific contributions from Rush include creating the Gatling gun for Fallout 76, overseeing the creation of the sheepsquatch club and staff (having brought in a real sheep skull for reference)[2] and concepting the Appalachian Thunder Pipe.[3]

Since 2023, Rush has been active in featured interviews with media outlets regarding Fallout 76 and future updates. For New Years' 2024, Rush wrote a retrospective letter on the game that also previewed future content, published on Bethesda's website.[4]

Employment history[]

June 2008October 2012BioWareSenior Character Artist
November 2012PresentBethesda Game Studios AustinCreative Director
Lead Character Artist
Art Director


Fallout series[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
2018Fallout 76Creative Director (2024-present)
Art Director (2020-present)
Producer (2018-20)

Other work[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
2011Star Wars: The Old RepublicCharacter Artist
2016DoomLead Character Artist
2016PreyAdditional Character Artist

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