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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jonah Ito.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005982A7 005982C4 No. I'll decide if and when I'm going to leave this graveyard... and Kaede, behind. Kai-ey-day
2 But you? You seem ready to take on this terrible world.
3 Here. You'll make better use of this than I could.
4 005982A8 005982BC Aside from bringing back the dead? No, there's not. But I appreciate the offer.
5 Take this. It's better off with you than me.
6 005982A9 005982C3 Thanks.
7 005982AA 005982BB Gladly.
8 005982AB 005982CC Maybe not, but I don't have the will for it. I've always been weak.
9 Just let me mourn in peace.
10 005982AC 005982BE My parents are long gone. Killed during the War.
11 My sister, Kaede, was a Brotherhood Knight. The best of them, without a doubt. She was so determined to see the world through to a better future. Kai-ey-day
12 So she fought for it, here at Fort Defiance. Now I get to see the future, and she doesn't.
13 005982AD 005982C1 Because I made one too many mistakes I can never take back.
14 This miserable existence is my penance.
15 005982AE 005982B9 Okay.
16 005982AF 005982C2 Why should I be? I've got nothing to live for anymore.
17 When the Scorched came to Appalachia, I ran away. Kaede wanted me to join the Brotherhood with her, but I was afraid to fight. Afraid to die. Kai-ey-day
18 Now I see it's better to die for something than to live for nothing.
19 005982B0 005982BA That they're monsters. They'll kill anything and everything that isn't them! And for what? What's the reason? Overwhelmed by anger
20 What's the reason that my sister had to die?
21 Sorry... It just feels so cruel. To answer your question, I don't know much. Regaining his composure
22 005982B1 005982CB They took their last stand here. Thought they could drive back the Scorched. But they were overwhelmed.
23 005982B2 005982BD Me? I'm a pathetic waste of life named Jonah.
24 005982B3 005982CD This is Allegheny Asylum, or rather, Fort Defiance.
25 That's what the Brotherhood of Steel called it when they took up residence here. Fort Defiance... Defiance against the Scorched threat.
26 Well, just because you defy doesn't mean you succeed. They're all gone now. Every last one of them. Somber at the end, remembering his sister
27 005982B4 005982BF Thanks.
28 005982B5 005982CE You sound just like her. Holding in tears at the memory of his sister
29 Okay, fine. I can answer questions. I'm totally fine. Wiping his nose at the beginning to make way for newfound resolution
30 005982B6 005982C0 It's... It's my sister... (sob) I thought I was over this already. The player's question suddenly unleashes another torrent of tears
31 She took her final stand here... at Fort Defiance.
32 I should have been here with her. I'm such a coward.
33 005982B7 005982CF Misery loves company.
34 005982D0 God, I'm pathetic.
35 005982D2 Don't look at me.
36 005982D3 Just leave me alone, please.
37 005982D4 (sniffle) Ugh, not again. Hit by a sudden tear-jerking memory but trying not to cry
38 005982B8 005982C6 Do you mind coming back later? I really just... need some alone time. Forever, actually.
39 005982C8 Well, this is embarrassing. You came back... and I'm still here, crying.
40 005982C9 I'll get over it eventually. Honest! (sigh)
41 005982CA Yes, I'm still here. Please just... don't say a word.
42 0059B7F3 0059B7F5 I... I don't know.
43 How am I supposed to feel about the people that my sister died for?
44 If it weren't for the Brotherhood, then she might have left with me... might still be with me now.
45 Or... or maybe she would have just found another cause to die for.