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Jon Elwood (known in-game as the Director) is a feral ghoul in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Jon Elwood, his wife Ericka, and Wilfred Bergman were all classmates in the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, and he often competed with Bergman to see who would be the better hacker; Bergman won. After they graduated, they co-founded Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC in 2074 with help from Jon's connections — namely Col. George Kemp, who provided them with research grants to continue their work on polymers for the U.S. military.[1] The lab's last contract before the Great War was the Nucleostrictive Lining Project, funded by the military to create improved polymer weaves for power armor.[2][3]

Just before the bombs struck, Jon received an ominous phone call from Col. Kemp regarding the project, urging him to keep the team inside the lab.[4] After the bombs fell, it became clear to Jon that the phone call had been a warning.[5] Due to the lab's external communications being disabled by the bombs, Jon took it upon himself to find a way to regain contact with the colonel. After locking his research team in the lab and telling them that any unusual noises they might hear were military training exercises, he left the labs in order to find a working ham radio. While he was successful in his search, he suffered from a high dose of radiation and a stray bullet to his shoulder.[2]

Jon regained contact with the military, but not with Kemp. His contacts relayed that extraction teams could only be spared to recover assets vital to the war effort and that attempts to be extracted without completing the project would result in Jon and the research team being executed for treason. Believing that completing the project was the only hope of being rescued, Jon continued to keep the team locked in the labs, lying that it was simply "mandatory overtime." The only person he told the truth to was Ericka, his wife.[2][6]

Isolation took its toll and Jon's lie began to unravel. The real problems began once Bergman realized that radiation was leaking into the lab, which Jon had also been aware of. Bergman sealed the isotope containment to try and stop the leak, unwittingly sealing a colleague inside and cutting off access to the isotopes needed to complete the project. He then began hacking into the system to take control away from Jon, refusing to be trapped by him any longer, attempting to activate the lab's automated defenses and fight his way out. Jon tried to counter Bergman's hacking attempts, but gradually lost strength as his wound worsened and went septic.[7][8]

Realizing he was dying, Jon left one final message for his wife to read in case of her success.[9] He was left unable to support Ericka and the researchers as they tried to ambush Bergman in his office, and they also ultimately perished, with Ericka killed by a gun rigged by Bergman and the remaining team succumbing to radiation poisoning or degenerating into feral ghouls. By 2287, Jon himself had also become a feral ghoul, still roaming his own office.

Molly, the lab's robotic greeter and recruiter, alludes to improper workplace conduct concerns related to Jon. According to Molly, Jon was on thin ice with his company's HR department for not respecting his employees' personal space, as well as a particular incident involving his secretary. Because of this, HR forced him to attend sensitivity training.[10][11][12]

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Cambridge Polymer Labs: At the end of the quest, Molly leads the Sole Survivor to the director's office, where the feral Director Elwood attacks them. Despite fighting back, Molly does not realize Elwood has turned feral and apologizes for his behavior, claiming it to be "office flu."


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Jon Elwood appears only in Fallout 4.


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