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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jolly Baker.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BakerHellos 003F19C2 Hello. I hope you are enjoying our festival.
2 003F19C3 Welcome to Helvetia, *bzzt* home of Fasnacht. And doughnuts.
3 003F19C4 Baked doughnuts are not currently available.
4 BakerIdles 003EE375 Status: BakeDoughnuts() protocol paused at Function AddEggs(). EggCounter value returns null. Emotionless, calm listing of the facts.
5 003EE376 Self diagnostic begin. *bzzt* * whir*
6 003EE377 This unit designated: Jolly Baker property of: Town of Helvetia has been in service for 4562156.71008 seconds.
7 003F19CF Helvetia Fasnacht doughnuts are the envy of Appalachia.
8 003F19D0 If (EggCount<1; EggCount++) *whrrr* Need eggs. Need eggs. Need eggs.
9 003F19D1 This unit makes delectables for popular consumption. Then I march in the parade.
10 003F19D2 Fasnacht doughnuts are 99.99999 percent organic, even though I am inorganic.
11 003F19D3 People ask for the Fasnacht recipe and secret ingredient. *whrrr* My programming prevents me from telling.
12 003F19D4 Nothing keeps humans happier than freshly baked goods.
13 003F19D5 Standing by for egg inventory incrementation.
14 003F19D6 Diagnostic unit indicates a need for further *bzzzt* materials to complete process.
15 003F19D7 Buy Fasnacht Doughnuts from Helvetia and we guarantee a hard-coded baker's dozen.
16 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498873 Jolly Fasnacht to you, *bzzt* friend! ERROR! Value of mandatory count item outside valid range. Queued protocol: Parade March paused. As enthusiastic as a protectron can sound, but malfunctioning.
17 *bzzt* Mandatory item: Eggs required. Last known good location by stream. *bzzt* Standing by to resume Parade March protocol when count is valid.
18 E01F_Fasnacht_BakerToParadeStart 0049887C EggCount > RequiredEggCount. Doughnut functions complete. Resume Parade March protocol. Goodbye.
19 0046FB94 Parade March start location verified. Mask application commencing.