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The Joint Chiefs of Staff (abbreviated JCS, JCOS or simply called the Joint Chiefs) were a pre-War advisory board to the President and Secretary of Defense, made up of the top military leaders of the nation.


Before the War, a secret group controlling much of the country from the background known as the Enclave, counted politicians, generals, scientists, and business people among its ranks, including several members of the Joint Chiefs.[1]

Sometime after the development of the T-51 power armor, the Joint Chiefs commissioned the development of X-01 power armor, with functional prototypes existing before the Great War. While X-01 never saw wide-scale deployment, its prototype schematics would serve as the base for the Enclave to develop Advanced power armor into mass production in 2220.[2]

In mid-December 2075, the Predictive Analytic Machine at The Switchboard concluded that there was a high likelihood the Chinese had performed large scale experimentation with Stealth technology, and the rumored Chinese stealth submarine division, the "Ghost Fleet," may have been the fruit of that work. However, the General stationed at the Defense Intelligence Agency facility refused to share this info with the JCS due to a lack of evidence.[3]

A. Vince, a colonel in the United States Air Force and the deputy director of strategic planning for the JCOS, was granted residency in Vault 76.[4]

In the early morning of October 23, 2077, the commander of the United States Navy Pacific Fleet reported three underwater submersible objects off the coast of California. The Joint Chiefs advised on how to proceed.[5] Within twenty-four hours, the Great War had concluded, shaping the world for centuries to come.

Nine years after the bombs fell, a branch of the Enclave beneath The Whitespring Resort in Appalachia was wiped out in a small civil war. The facility's overseer, the Multi-Operation Directions and Utility System, recruited a member of Vault 76. After joining the organization and receiving ten commendations, they were promoted to the rank of General, wherein MODUS appointed them to the Joint Chiefs.[6] This gave the Vault Dweller the capability to enter Appalachia's automated nuclear missile silos and launch a strike against the source of the Scorched Plague.


The Joint Chiefs are mentioned in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


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