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Join the Railroad is a holotape in Fallout 4. It is recorded by Desdemona, leader of the Railroad.


  • One can be found in Goodneighbor, on the second floor of KL-E-0's shop.
  • Hotel Rexford, in the second sink in the ladies bathroom on the main floor.
  • Two can be found inside the Old State House in Goodneighbor (i.e. in Hancock's room on the table).
  • In a nightstand next to an alarm clock in the Dugout Inn in Diamond City.
  • In Covenant, thrown into a trash can in one of the houses.
  • On the counter to your left when you first enter the marketplace at Bunker Hill.
  • One can be found inside Abbot's house on a shelf located near the entrance.
  • One in Fallon's Basement in Diamond City on a dresser on the uppermost platform of the store.
  • Four can be found in Institute concourse, two in trash cans in Isaac Karlin's living quarters, one under the bathroom sink on the right side of the room, the other next to a dresser near his bed. Third and forth ones are also hidden in trash cans, in Volkert's and Holdren's living quarters (in the north section, below and above Karlin's quarters respectively).


Desdemona: Wake up, Commonwealth. Synths are not your enemy. They are victims in this war, as well. True, they were created by the Institute. But they were created as slaves. Thinking, feeling, and dreaming beings utterly oppressed by their tyrannical masters. So join with us in fighting the real enemy: The Institute. Join the Railroad. When you're ready for that next step, don't worry, we'll find you.