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This is a transcript for dialogue with Johnny Weston.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0055D8E1 0059DB69 Catch you around, Vault Dweller. Positive. The Player successfully led the Vault Raid, and Johnny got his gold.
2 0059DB6A Let's blow this place and get back home, eh? Positive. The Player successfully led the Vault Raid, and Johnny got his gold.
3 0059DB6B Can't wait to get back home and just... rub this gold all over myself. Positive. The Player successfully led the Vault Raid, and Johnny got his gold.
4 Hey, don't judge! That's a perfectly reasonable thing to do with newly acquired bars of gold. Johnny knows it sounds a bit weird, but he doesn't care.
5 0059DB6D I've got nothing to say to you right now. Pissed. The Player cheated him out of some or all of his gold.
6 0059DB6E Piss off if you know what's good for you. Pissed. The Player cheated him out of some or all of his gold.
7 0059DB6F You know, I could have done the same thing to you, but I had the sense not to go through with it. Pissed. The Player cheated him out of some or all of his gold.
8 0059F148 Crater may seem like a dump. But trust me, it's downright cozy compared to some of the other shitholes I've seen, even before the War.
9 0059F149 Glad you're helping us out. We're hurting for a more... sophisticated touch around here.
10 0059F14A Yellow can be a flattering color. But, unless you've got a Fat Man you can lose the suit in here.
11 005854D7 00585515 OK, sure.
12 005854D9 00585548 Well, it's about time someone said it. But really, the pleasure's all mine.
13 005854DB 00585511 I don't appreciate you trying to make it sound like I was useless. My trusty revolver would say otherwise. A little annoyed the player considered him useless.
14 I may not have been able to get us past security, but I still put my life on the line.
15 And probably saved yours at least a half a dozen times by my count. So maybe show a little humility and appreciation, hot shot.
16 005854DD 00585558 Nope, and that's the way it's gonna stay. I wouldn't have had to do it if you didn't screw up the one job I gave you. Let it be a lesson to you. He's not pleased with the player. He got revenge on them for messing up his perfect plans in the arena quest.
17 And don't think about complaining about it to anyone around here. No one's going to believe you. I made sure of that.
18 00585559 Yeah, well, you managed to outsmart me and cut me out of my share entirely, so I'll say we're even now. He's not pleased with the player, but he's also somewhat impressed, so he's not too mad, just disappointed in himself.
19 I should have seen it coming, but I guess I taught you too well. The student has outplayed the master. I can't even get mad about that.
20 0058555A You just keep beating that dead horse, don't you? The player already managed to make Johnny feel guilty about his betrayal, and Johnny made up for it.
21 I already said I was sorry and gave you a significant peace offering, so let's bury it out back and get on with our lives, alright?
22 0058555B Hey, if I recall, you walked off with all the gold anyway -- after you guilted me about trying to backstab you. He's not pleased with the player, but he's also somewhat impressed, so he's not too mad, just disappointed in himself.
23 I can't be too mad. I probably would have done the same in your shoes, and I certainly deserved it.
24 So, I guess this means you're officially a lowlife Raider like the rest of us scumbags.
25 0058555C I'd rather put it all behind us. In fact, I think I already said something to that effect back in the vault. The player and him already squared this away, so he doesn't want to deal with it anymore.
26 You got your share, I got mine, and neither of us got killed. Let's put it to bed now. It won't happen again.
27 Believe me, it's not worth the earache from you.
28 0058555D I'd rather talk about how you backstabbed me after we had already resolved that issue. The player took all the gold anyway after they had already resolved Johnny's betrayal. He sees this a hypocritical, but he's also kind of impressed.
29 I can't say I didn't deserve this outcome, but I will say you're an asshole. Definitely Raider material for sure. Guess I taught you too well.
30 005854DF 0058555E Haven't decided yet. I'm actually hoping those secret service guys manage to establish an official currency again.
31 If they do, that gold will buy me a lot of power. But until then, I'll have to settle for being one of the world's richest men, pending.
32 0058555F Oh wonderful. You keep all the gold to yourself, then you have the nerve to swing by just to throw it in my face. Sarcastic. The player kept all the gold, betraying him and leaving him with nothing.
33 You're a real class act, you know that? Sarcastic.
34 005854E1 00585519 Doing pretty great. I've got just about everything a man like me could ask for now that we've settled into the Crater.
35 0058551A Eh, I could be doing better. I did just murder my best friend, after all. How about we change the subject? He's already regretting his choice to kill his friend Hal.
36 0058551B Not bad. A nice fat sum of gold does wonders to lift a man's spirits.
37 0058551C Well, we pulled off the heist of a lifetime, but I've got nothing to show for it, thanks to you. How do you think I'm doing?
38 005854E3 0058552A Well, they call me "Gentleman Johnny Two-Guns Weston." At least they used to, back in the day. Kept the "Gentleman" part because it's true.
39 I wizened up and realized the old "two guns" gimmick was great for intimidating people, but it was shit in practice.
40 You get much more accuracy with a single revolver.
41 Anyway, I don't mind that people spread that old legend. Keeps them on their toes.
42 005854E4 00585529 Sure thing.
43 005854E6 00585510 Wow, Vault Dweller, you're going right for the juicy details.
44 I had a family, but either they disowned me or I disowned them depending on who you believe. They could be dust now for all I care. Sincere. He likes the player.
45 As for romantic partners... I've had many and there's always room for more. Sincere. He likes the player.
46 But, sorry to dash your hopes and dreams, my friend. While I wouldn't mind shacking up with you occasionally, I don't think Meg would approve. Sincere. He really likes the player, but... he likes his relationship with Meg more.
47 005854E8 0058552E I don't like talking about it, but I know you'll keep it secret. My dad was military. I saw army bases all over the country as a kid. He's being sincere. There's a hint of sadness to his story. He'd like the player to doubt its veracity, but for him, it's the truth.
48 When the bombs dropped, I was a bum. A failed actor, living on the streets in New York City. He's being sincere. There's a hint of sadness to his story. He'd like the player to doubt its veracity, but for him, it's the truth.
49 My parents never approved of acting for all the reasons you'd expect from a family with strong military tradition. He's being sincere. There's a hint of sadness to his story. He'd like the player to doubt its veracity, but for him, it's the truth.
50 Anyway, that's the story I'm telling you. You can decide for yourself if it's true. He's being sincere. There's a hint of sadness to his story. He'd like the player to doubt its veracity, but for him, it's the truth.
51 005854EA 00585512 The story goes that I infiltrated the gang simply by acting the part. For weeks, everyone just assumed I belonged. But there's more to it.
52 When Meg found out, she wasn't even mad. We had drinks, then shacked up. I trust you enough to say that Meg and I have a physical relationship.
53 Beyond that, it just so happens my skill set benefits her whole operation. Now I stick around with her crew and everyone profits.
54 I followed her around until we settled here. You know the whole business with Hal and all that.
55 He never approved of my arrangement with Meg. I think it got him jealous.
56 005854EC 0058554F You should know by now that I do a little bit of everything.
57 My long suits... my specialties, are infiltration, and pulling off cons. But, I have many skills, and how I choose to employ them is up to me.
58 While I may do jobs for Meg, you know that I don't do them unless I want to. Lucky for you, vault heists are the kind of job I'm into.
59 Meg and I share resources, and we share rewards. But neither of us expects one from the other. That's why I can command the type of share I do.
60 005854F0 0058550D You sure don't waste any time getting personal.
61 I have no idea about my family. I left them well before the war. They could be dust for all I care.
62 As for romantic partners... I've had many and there's always room for more.
63 But, sorry to dash your hopes and dreams, Vault Dweller. I'm sure you're great in the sack, you're just not really my type.
64 005854F4 0058550F A little of this, a little of that. Mostly whatever the heck I want.
65 My long suits... my specialties, are infiltration, and pulling off cons. But, I have many skills, and how I choose to employ them is up to me.
66 See, Meg's not my boss. I don't answer to her. What we've got is a mutually beneficial kind of arrangement here.
67 We share resources, and we share rewards. But neither of us expects one from the other.
68 005854F6 00585522 I don't really talk about it. I'm from all over. I used to see a lot of military bases as a kid, until I struck out on my own.
69 When the bombs dropped, I was living in New York. Or maybe, Boston. Or coulda been Detroit, or LA. Maybe even England.
70 Sorry you don't get to know. No one does. I've got my reasons for keeping it that way, and I'm safer for it.
71 005854F8 0058552F Funny story. I came across them on the trail, acted like I belonged, and it took them weeks to realize that no one actually recruited me.
72 Anyway, I mostly ran a few... personal jobs for Meg. He has a physical relationship with Meg on the down-low. Ambiguous as to whether he's talking about work or pleasure.
73 One thing led to another and we started seeing a lot more of each other due to my particular skills and her particular needs. He has a physical relationship with Meg on the down-low. Ambiguous as to whether he's talking about work or pleasure.
74 When she picked up, I followed, since it was working out for both of us. He has a physical relationship with Meg on the down-low. Ambiguous as to whether he's talking about work or pleasure.
75 Then, she made the call to settle out here and well... being the gentleman I am, I decided to stick around rather than run. He has a physical relationship with Meg on the down-low. Ambiguous as to whether he's talking about work or pleasure.
76 005854FA 00585513 What about it?
77 005854FC 0058552B My story? Heh, I'm afraid you're going to have to be a little more specific than that. A little guarded, but diffusing it with some humor. He doesn't fully trust the player.
78 0058552C Ah, now that we're all buddy-buddy, you want to crack me open and take a look inside, do you? What do you want to know? Sincere and friendly.
79 005854FE 00585523 Hey, look, you tried your best. I guess I overestimated you. Genuine, but also a little condescending.
80 What did I expect though? You and I have never worked together before that, and I asked you do some pretty crazy stuff right out of the gate.
81 Anyway, it's water under the bridge. Just don't screw up the vault heist and we'll be fine.
82 00585524 It's fine. You pulled off the vault job, so you're not completely incompetent. Genuine, but also a little condescending.
83 We're all a little richer for it, so there's hope for you in the future.
84 00585525 Yeah, yeah great job. That's not the issue here, Vault Dweller. Not very genuine. He's upset the player took all the gold.
85 That was nothing compared to you screwing us all over by keeping the gold to yourself.
86 00585526 Yeah, well, it was a mistake you bring you in on that job. Still a little pissed at the player for failing him.
87 I trusted you, and you couldn't pull off a simple con job. I don't know how I'm going to trust you on this vault heist.
88 But, I'm a man of my word, and I told Meg I'd do it if you helped me, so here we are. Just don't fuck that up too.
89 00585527 You know, I'm still pissed about that. I probably could have done it better without you there at all. Still a little pissed at the player for failing him.
90 I even went so far as to ask Meg to cut you out of the vault heist. But you pulled it off, so I guess even a broken watch works twice a day.
91 I may be a little richer because of you, but don't think that means we're square.
92 00585528 Oooh... you! So pissed at the player he doesn't know what to say. Imagine him shaking his finger and fighting back some really harsh words.
93 I can't tell if you're just a colossal fuck-up or a brilliant mastermind pulling a fast one on all of us.
94 Either way, you've sure got moxie. I'd admire it if I weren't on the receiving end.
95 00585500 0058554A Are you? Shoot.
96 0058554B Well, I suppose I could make some time for you.
97 0058554C Sure, go on.
98 0058554D Alright, let's hear it.
99 0058554E Sure, I don't have anything better to do.
100 00585502 00585551 Just a little something extra I had laying around. Here.
101 00585552 Here, take this. Don't tell anyone else. I don't want them all thinking I've got a bunch of handouts.
102 00585553 This. I had some left over after my last score.
103 00585554 Oh, nothing too special, but maybe you'll find it handy.
104 00585555 Some incentive to keep you on my good side.
105 00585556 Here, take this, and uh... don't ask where I got it.
106 00585557 It's not much, but you look like you could use it more than I could.
107 00585504 0058551D Hey Vault Dweller, I may have something for you... Unless you just came by to chat? Johnny is friendly with the player.
108 0058551E Oh, you again. I take it you're just here looking for handouts? Johnny doesn't really like the player. But he'll help them anyway.
109 0058551F Come back later if you're looking for handouts. But, if all you want is conversation, I can oblige. Johnny is friendly with the player.
110 00585520 What do you want? I don't have any handouts right now. Johnny doesn't really like the player.
111 00585521 Hey Vault Dweller, what's the word? Johnny is friendly with the player.
112 0059F171 Nice to have a conversation with one of you Seventy-Sixers.
113 0059F172 Glad to see you back. What do you want to talk about?
114 005A2BFF Nice to have a conversation with one of you.
115 0058593E 00585954 Hey, your loss.
116 0059F121 0059F163 Maybe a touch of envy. Sounds like you had some sweet digs while the rest of us... Not so much.
117 The other thing is impressed. Considering how different you all are, it's a wonder the Overseer kept you all alive.
118 0059F122 0059F169 You like? Finding a tuxedo isn't that hard these days. A million empty stores around.
119 But keeping it freshly laundered... Now that's my trade secret.
120 0059F123 0059F17B Any time, Seventy-Six.
121 005A2C00 Any time.
122 0059F136 0059F165 I think they're fighting against a basic truth: the world's ended.
123 Civilization, laws, and all that government propaganda is more dead now than it was before the War.
124 The sooner they learn that, the better.
125 0059F13A 0059F16E A lot of your people would like nothing better than to wipe us out.
126 Or at least try to. But that would be tough, just ask Foundation.
127 0059F13D 0059F16C Where's the percentage in it? Say we attack, guns blazing.
128 Best case is we win. And after... what then? Who do we shake down for caps and food?
129 And I, for one, am not cut out to be a farmer.


# Dialog Topict Form ID Response Text Script Notes
67 0042F356 0042F4ED Back to the Crater then, shall we?
68 0042F359 0042F53E Hey, here's your caps, by the way. Thanks for letting me sell you into servitude.
69 0042F360 0042F461 Meg knows she needs me. So now you get to decide whether I'm worth it, or if we call this whole thing off.
70 0042F362 0042F4CF Before we go, there's one small matter we should discuss.
71 I want you to tell Meg I get a fifty percent cut of the gang's share of the vault loot, or I walk. He's playing hardball.
72 0042F363 0042F473 Okay.
73 0042F365 0042F4E9 Easy. Don't ever try to pull any shit with me like Hal did and you'll never have to worry about me pulling a trigger in your face.
74 0042F367 0042F4E3 It was purely personal. Hal crossed me. I had to be the one to do him in, not some two-bit wanna-be Roman emperor like Sargento.
75 0042F369 0042F481 In this business, you gotta be cold.
76 Look at it this way: All at once, I got my revenge and saved him from a lifetime of servitude. Think of it as a small mercy.
77 0042F36B 0042F50C Sorry for misleading you, but if you knew I was only coming here to kill Hal, you probably wouldn't have come along.
78 0042F36C 0042F495 All business and no questions with you, that's good.
80 0042F370 0042F4AB Hal ripped me off. On our last job, he took way more than his fair share of the cut, then lied about it.
81 By the time I found out, he had decided to part ways under the guise of not wanting to settle down at the Crater.
82 I needed to send a message that no one pulls a fast one on Gentleman Johnny Weston, not even my best friend, Hal. Deadly serious.
83 0042F372 0042F45B Sure.
84 0042F374 0042F4C4 You do.
85 0042F376 0042F46F I did. Cold
86 0042F378 0042F4DE Hal, my man, you look like hell! Starts off friendly and inviting.
87 It suits you, because that's exactly where you're going. Ends on a very cold note.
102 0042F387 0042F4E7 Nah, a bit dim and may smell like a well-used loo, but that's the worst of it. BRITISH ACCENT. Says this line if the player did not convince Johnny to treat them with dignity.
103 0042F4E8 Nah, me drudge here's bloody brill. Wins fights and rarely gets knackered. All's good, innit? BRITISH ACCENT. Says this line if the player convinced Johnny to treat them with dignity.
104 0042F388 0042F483 I get it. Gotta fetch a good price while you still can. Anything else I should know about this one?
105 0042F389 0042F524 Yeah, mate. I'm chuffed. But, I'm looking to move on out, and I think he's better served here with you. BRITISH ACCENT.
106 0042F525 Yeah, mate. I'm chuffed. But, I'm looking to move on out, and I think she's better served here with you. BRITISH ACCENT.
111 0042F38C 0042F4C7 Oi, Sargento! BRITISH ACCENT.
112 0042F38D 0042F471 You botched it pretty bad! No time to chat now, so we're gonna have to find Hal, and get the hell out of here. Try not to get us all killed! Very upset with the player. The player ruined his plan, and they now have to resort to Plan B.
113 0042F38E 0042F4E2 Okay, fine. I'll throw some caps your way when we're done with this. He's a little reluctant, but due to the time pressure, he agrees.
114 0042F390 0042F480 Sargento's a sick bastard, but he's a man of his word, if nothing else. He's not the type to renege on a deal.
115 0042F392 0042F50A He will be. I've already done some investigation.
116 Worst case scenario, it's inevitable that Sargento brings the two of you together, and that will be your opportunity.
117 0042F394 0042F491 Yeah. This place will be cleared out, and the guards won't be looking here.
118 Besides, you seem like the bloodthirsty type. You may end up killing them all anyway.
119 0042F396 0042F447 I guess you'll just have to bide your time until you can.
120 It may not be what you want to hear, but between you and Hal, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out something.
121 0042F398 0042F4A9 Alright, time to get back in character, then.
122 0042F39A 0042F459 Ok look, Sargento's coming. He already wants to buy you, so other than the formalities, it's a done deal. Any questions?
123 0042F39B 0042F50B Here's a key. Keep it hidden. After you and Hal bust out, meet me here.
124 0042F39C 0042F493 It's laced with a heavy sedative to knock you out and counter the adrenaline, in case you were to try something stupid.
125 0042F39D 0042F449 Here's what's going to happen now: Sargento will offer you a drink from the Winner's Cup.
126 0042F3AD 0042F4BA Sure thing.
127 0042F3AF 0042F466 After you win, I'll come meet you down on the arena floor, where we'll go over the final plans. Then you're on your own. Hushed voice. He's switched out of his other persona and is now discretely talking to the player about the real plan.
128 Oh, I also found some new information we can use to our advantage, if you so choose. Hushed.
129 I'm certain I can convince Maximum Maddie to throw the round if l tell her I'll disable her collar and buy her freedom. hushed.
130 So, what kind of help do you want from me this round?
177 0042F3D9 0042F4D5 Ah, not if I disable it first. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed. Trying to sound clever and set Maddie at ease.
179 0042F3DB 0042F4EC I'm going to make your master a lucrative offer to buy you, and when this is all done, you're free to go. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed voice.
181 0042F3DD 0042F53D 'ello, Maddie, I want to offer you a shot at freedom. BRITISH ACCENT. Hushed voice. He's pulling a con on Maddie in the locker room, with guards nearby.
182 0042F3E4 0042F460 Sure. hushed
183 0042F3E6 0042F4CD Okay, listen up. I've found a couple ways we can tip the scale in our favor. Hushed.
184 Nuclear Don was using some strange new blend of chems to give himself an edge. Now that he's dead, we can steal it and use it ourselves. Hushed.
185 I also discovered a powerful turret system built into the arena. I bet I can hack it and turn it against your targets in the ring. Hushed
187 0042F3E9 0042F522 There's not much to go over. If all else fails, we're going out guns blazing. It won't be ideal. Hushed
188 We'll need to murder every last one of these chumps, and still rescue Hal. Hushed.
189 Let me be clear: do not lead us into Plan B. I will not be happy. Hushed. Deadly serious.
190 0042F3EF 0042F4AD It's a deterrent in case a fighter tries to escape, turns on the audience, or in the case of today's match, if they end a round in last place. hushed
191 It's designed to blow up at the push of a button, taking your neck with it. hushed
192 But don't worry, I've replaced yours with a dud collar. I picked it up last time I was here and removed the explosives. Hushed
193 0042F3F1 0042F523 Like it? It's a character I whipped up, just in case. I don't want anyone here knowing who I am, or tracing it back to the Crater. Hushed
194 So instead, I'm Reginald P. Humphries, from jolly old England, mate! Hushed. Switch to BRITISH ACCENT at "I'm Reginald..." for the rest of the line.
195 Got stuck in D.C. when the airplanes stopped running and couldn't make it back across the pond. Hushed. BRITISH ACCENT.
196 0042F3F3 0042F498 I know it's not elegant, but when the lie is specific and disgusting enough, people don't bother asking questions. As you can see, it worked. Hushed
197 0042F3F5 0042F44D Sorry, just trying to make this more believable. Hushed
198 I was going to enroll you as the "Septic Survivor," but I'll think of something a little more dignified. hushed
199 Other than that, I'm going to need you to roll with the punches, just like you did back there. No sense blowing our cover over egos.
200 0042F3F7 0042F4AE While you're down here, I'll work my magic in the stands, doing recon and making deals. Hushed voice.
201 There are three rounds. You'll need to fend off whatever they throw at you. Hushed
202 Between each round, I'll come back here for a pep talk, and we'll discuss our various options. Hushed.
203 I'm counting on you to come in first. Don't let me down. Hushed.
204 0042F3F9 0042F45D I signed you up as an alternate to get you into today's match, so you'll go in if one of the current fighters loses before the match is over.
205 I have a good feeling that's going to happen, if you're picking up what I'm putting down. Said with a wink wink, nudge nudge. He's going to orchestrate it so another contestant loses.
206 Now, if you screw up and they try to detonate your collar, it's on to Plan B: Kill everyone, save Hal, and make it out alive.
207 0042F3FA 0042F4C6 Oi! You heard the nice bloke. Come over here so I can put this collar 'round your scrawny neck. BRITISH ACCENT. Johnny is now talking to the player.
208 0042F3FC 0042F508 No worries, old chap. I've got it right here. BRITISH ACCENT.
209 Poor thing's got the trots, he does. Had to go 'round the back way so he could do his duty outside before entering, like the proper scum he is. BRITISH ACCENT.
210 Should be all empty now. BRITISH ACCENT.
211 0042F509 No worries, old chap. I've got it right here. BRITISH ACCENT.
212 Poor thing's got the trots, she does. Had to go 'round the back way so she could do her duty outside before entering, like the proper scum she is. BRITISH ACCENT.
213 Should be all empty now. BRITISH ACCENT.
218 0042F3FE 0042F4A8 So, here's how it'll go down. Meet me at the Watoga Civic Center. I'll do some legwork before you get there.
219 You'll want to slip in the back entrance. I'll be waiting, in character.
220 We'll get you into the competition, and I'll go over the final details with you once I know more.
221 See you there, partner.
222 0042F3FF 0042F458 Alright.
223 0042F405 0042F4DB That is a bit of an unknown, so it's mostly going to be on you to figure out. One of the few questions he doesn't have a definite answer for, but he has confidence in the player's abilities.
224 Luckily, after the competition, the place tends to clear out pretty fast, so you'll only have a few guards to deal with.
225 They're nothing special, so whichever direction you choose to go, I think you'll be able to handle it.
226 Of course, I'll help where I can.
227 0042F407 0042F47B You will. I'm going to rig the competition in your favor, so there's no way you'll lose. Confident.
228 Now, on the off chance you somehow fail, I won't be happy, but we'll have to improvise. Stress that he won't be happy.
229 Think of this as a trial run for the vault job. It'll let me know how much I can trust you.
230 0042F40B 0042F44B It seems to change from time to time, but I've got word that the next competition is your standard arena battle.
231 You versus whatever feral ghouls and other creatures they've dug up. First prize goes to whichever combatant clears them out fastest.
232 0042F40D 0042F4AC Fair enough. I know it sounds insane, but trust me, I've pulled off much more complicated and dangerous cons. This is nothing. To Johnny, this is no big deal. He's not worried.
233 If you stick with me and do what I tell you, it'll go smooth as pre-war butter. I'll be doing all the heavy lifting. This is kind of a lie, since the player is always going to be the one in the most risky situations, but he says it confidently.
234 0042F40F 0042F45C As you should. Calm and optimistic.
235 0042F411 0042F4C5 Alright, that's the spirit! Enthusiastic
236 0042F413 0042F470 I want to pass you off as my slave. I'll make a deal to sell you to Hal's master, after you win the competition that we'll rig in your favor. Said with the utmost confidence, and not a shred of doubt.
237 Once you get into the slave quarters, you and Hal will break out and rendezvous with me. Any questions?
238 0042F414 0042F4DF Whoa, kick it down a notch, Captain Murder-hobo. That's plan B. Plan A is all about safety and finesse.
239 0042F416 0042F47F Not quite, but close. Keeping the enthusiasm up, not said in a tone that's shooting the player down.
240 0042F41C 0042F50E Now Hal isn't much of a fighter, so he's being held there by one of these guys for some other purpose.
241 0042F50F Okay. I'll create a distraction, and you raid Don's locker for the chems. hushed
242 I can only distract for so long without raising suspicion, so be quick. hushed
243 The chems should last at least one round, so make it count. hushed
244 0042F510 You got it. Based on what I heard, this shouldn't arouse suspicion because malfunctions happen all the time with their system. hushed
245 0042F511 Sure thing. Maddie's anxious and focused on self-preservation. She'll be an easy con. hushed
246 It's unfortunate what happens to the losers here, but Maddie deserves to die. hushed
247 I just need you to go talk to the guard and distract him while I do it. You're cool with that, right? hushed
248 0042F512 Hmm. Okay, okay. Gotta admire the confidence, but remember what's at stake here. hushed
249 If you lose, it's on you, and there will be consequences. Don't blow it. Hushed. Making it clear he will be disappointed if the player loses.
250 0042F51D Option one: Steal and use performance-enhancing chems from Nuclear Don's locker while I distract the guard. hushed
251 0042F51E Option two: I can hack the arena's turret system to fight for you during your round. hushed
252 0042F51F Or, option three: I can con Maximum Maddie into throwing the round, which will make it unlikely you'll come in last place. hushed
253 0042F520 Great! Then it's settled! Pleasure doing business with you.
254 0042F521 Alright, alright, you drive a hard bargain. Twenty-Five percent it is. If there's a way to make this sound like this was his goal all along without actually saying it, that'd be perfect.
255 0042F41D 0042F446 People fight for riches, food, supplies, whatever they're willing to bet.
256 Half the competitors are slaves, and their masters are betting on them. Others are just people trying to make their fortune.
257 0042F41E 0042F4A6 So, these guys run an arena, in what used to be the Watoga Civic Center.
258 0042F4A7 Right, so about this competition.
259 0042F41F 0042F4C0 Good.
260 0042F421 0042F46B The best cons require a partner. Someone to help sell the illusion.
261 In this case, my partner, i.e. you, are going to play a critical role in selling that illusion.
262 I could probably rescue Hal myself, but it's riskier than I like. I figure, with your skills, there's very little chance we can screw this up.
263 0042F423 0042F4DA It happened after we found the Crater and decided to settle, but Hal's not the type who enjoys being in one place for too long.
264 To be honest, neither am I, but Meg's crew offers resources and opportunities that we just weren't finding on our own anymore.
265 Hal thought we'd be better off on our own. I told him I was staying put. He struck out by himself, and that was the end of it.
266 0042F425 0042F47A My best guess is that when he and I split, he kept following the trail South.
267 The hooligans from the Watoga arena must have offered him his life in exchange for servitude.
268 Knowing Hal, he probably figured he would bide his time and find a way out of his situation later.
269 0042F427 0042F4F1 These guys run a deadly arena competition out of the old civic center. "These GUYS," not "THESE guys"
270 Meg asked me to scope it out and find out what their deal was. See if maybe we could get them to join us.
271 It was clear these weren't the type of people we wanted in our crew. Slavery's a big no-no with Meg, and these folks are all about it.
272 But, while I was betting on one of the matches, I spotted Hal waiting on people hand and foot in one of the arena's luxury boxes.
273 0042F429 0042F49F Alright, shoot.
274 0042F42B 0042F452 Alright, I knew you'd be on board!
275 0042F42D 0042F4B8 So here's what's what. I used to run jobs with my partner Hal. Hal's a dear old friend. Known him since before the war. Looking back with fondness.
276 Hal and I went our separate ways when I joined up with Meg's crew.
277 Now he's being held as a slave by a group of unsavory hooligans out by Watoga, and being forced to do... who knows what.
278 I've got a plan to free him.
279 0042F42E 0042F463 Glad you asked! Simple answer: it's a two-person job.
280 0042F430 0042F4D3 C'mon, you should know that's a non-starter for me, Vault Dweller. Not pleased, but not upset.
281 See, I don't need your little vault raid to make dough, but you do need me. Just listen to what I've got to say, then make up your mind.
282 0042F432 0042F475 Heh, definitely no kids. Can't make any promises about suicidal ghouls, but I can say Lou won't be involved. Amused
283 Nah, this'll be fun, I promise.
284 0042F434 0042F4EA Ah, great! Enthusiasm, I love it! Excited
285 0042F436 0042F484 Okay, fine, it's a catch. Is that what you need to hear? Does it matter? Let's just move on. Not upset, but playing it off as no big deal.
286 0042F438 0042F53C Let me lay it out for you. There's a reason Meg wants me on this job. She believes we're going to run into people down there. Said with a smirk
287 If 79's anything like Vault 76, there are living, breathing people inside just waiting for their vault to open up.
288 And if these people are anything like you and your little friends, they'll be naive and easy as pie to manipulate into giving us whatever we want. Not said in an insulting way, but yeah, it's totally an insult
289 No offense, of course. Definitely a bit of a clapback
290 0042F43A 0042F499 And you've done a good job with that, haven't you. Johnny's patronizing the player a little here, but it shouldn't sound like it.
291 Don't worry, you were plenty careful, but ol' Johnny's got his ways. Insinuating that he's more clever than he appears
292 0042F43C 0042F44E Heh, catch? It's not a catch, so much as it is a business deal. Amused. He's playing this off as no big deal.
293 Before I sign on for your vault raid, I need you to do something for me.
294 You've got the kind of skills I need to help pull off a very important job.
295 0042F43E 0042F4B2 Well... See, that's where it gets tricky.
296 There's this other job I need some assistance with before I can devote any time to stealing from what's left of the federal government.
297 And from what I've seen and heard, you're just the sort of person that could help me out. What a sales pitch!
298 0042F440 0042F4F7 Hey there, Vault Dweller. I've heard all about the plans for that Vault 79 raid of yours, so I'll spare you the time and tell you I'm in. He's very much trying to cut to the chase here.
299 All that sweet, sweet gold is as good as ours.
300 0042F4F8 I take it you're ready to talk business about this vault job of yours. No need to convince me, I'm already on board! The player has already spoken to him once, but they've come back. He's very much trying to cut to the chase here.
301 All that sweet, sweet gold is as good as ours.
302 0042F4F9 Keep quiet and let me do the talking for now. Follow me, and remember, you're my slave. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear)
303 0042F4FA I asked you a question! BRITISH ACCENT. Angry
304 0042F4FB Hey, you're doing great so far. You're going to need to step it up, though. Hushed voice. Pleased by the player's performance, but not particularly impressed.
305 0042F4FC Wow! People out there seem impressed! Keep it up and this'll be a piece of cake! Hushed voice. Very impressed with the player's performance, genuinely enthusiastic.
306 0042F4FD Stand down, slave. It'd be a shame if you were to get injured before your next fight. Said with a hint of disgust that the player would approach him.
307 0042F4FE Good job, Septic Survivor, but you're going to need to do better than that to win the final round. Second place is now last place. BRITISH ACCENT.
308 0042F4FF Good job, Atomic Avenger, but you're going to need to do better than that to win the final round. Second place is now last place. BRITISH ACCENT.
309 0042F500 Brilliant, Septic Survivor! First place again! We're in the final round now, so keep up the good work, and we'll win this thing. BRITISH ACCENT.
310 0042F501 Brilliant, Atomic Avenger! First place again! We're in the final round now, so keep up the good work, and we'll win this thing. BRITISH ACCENT.
311 0042F502 Quick, listen up. Hurried. He doesn't have much time.
312 0042F503 New guy, huh? Hopefully you'll last longer than the last one. Trying to be friendly, despite their shared circumstances as slaves.
313 0042F504 New gal, huh? Hopefully you'll last longer than the last one. Trying to be friendly, despite their shared circumstances as slaves.
314 0042F505 Hey, thanks, Vault Dweller. Playing it off as if everything's normal. Even though he just killed the guy he said he was here to save.
315 0042F506 Welcome back, Seven-Six. I take it Johnny's on board?
316 0055C5ED What the hell was that? I told you to play along, not talk back. You'll blow our cover! <sigh> Just... stick to the plan from now on. Spoken in a hushed voice, clearly annoyed (though loud enough for the player to hear)
317 0055F29F Hey, thanks for playing it cool. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear)
318 00590449 Game time. Spoken in a hushed voice (though loud enough for the player to hear). The player exited dialogue, then came back.
319 0059044A Hey, we don't have time to mess around. Hurried. He doesn't have much time. The player backed out of dialogue and then came back after getting the key.
320 0059044B One more thing... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. Johnny's not finished yet.
321 0059044C I didn't think we were done yet... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. Johnny's not finished yet. Emphasis on "think"
322 0059044D Now that we've settled that... The player backed out of dialogue, and returns. They've finished discussing business with Johnny. Emphasis on "that"
336 0055C5C1 0055C5F5 Boy, you really screwed things up, didn't you? Really annoyed at the player.
337 0055C5F6 Yeah, I know we need to talk, but now's not the time! Annoyed at the player.
338 0055C5F7 If only you had stuck to the plan! Annoyed at the player.
339 0055C5F8 We could have avoided all this, but no, I just had to trust you! Annoyed at the player.
340 0055C5F9 You know what? just... no... we'll talk later. I'm still pissed. Annoyed at the player.
341 0055C5FB Now that that's over, we can focus on getting into that Vault. I'm... we. We're gonna be rich! He catches himself, and remembers to include the player, not wanting to show his hand too early.
342 0055C5FC Well, it was messy, but we got the job done, no thanks to you. Annoyed at the player.
343 0055C5FD We're done here. Go on and get back to base.
344 0055C5FE See, I told you we could do it. Not such a crazy plan after all, eh?
375 0058F29C Oi! Back away, slave! Know your place! BRITISH ACCENT
376 0058F29D What did I say? No biscuits 'til you've earned it! BRITISH ACCENT
377 0058F29E You're the bloody slave, and I'm your master. Don't make me remind you again! BRITISH ACCENT
378 0058F29F Scum like you doesn't speak unless spoken to! BRITISH ACCENT
379 0055C5C2 0055C5E2 You got it, old chap. Now I've got to get back and make sure me fighter ain't got into some trouble. Pleasure doing business! BRITISH ACCENT
380 0055C5C3 0055C5E1 Okay, we got a deal. I won't let Maddie get near your fighter. And you better not forget to tell the boss. He's content with this arrangement, and looking forward to a promotion.
381 0055C5C4 0055C5EF I would. Swear on me dead mum's grave. BRITISH ACCENT.
382 0055C5C5 0055C5E4 Hm... You'd do that? He's considering Johhny's offer.
383 0055C5C6 0055C5F1 You giving me guff? Do you want to see me really cheesed off? BRITISH ACCENT
384 Your boss man is showin' considerable interest in purchasing me fighter when we win it. BRITISH ACCENT
385 He's not gonna want damaged goods, understand? BRITISH ACCENT
386 Now, you do a good job, maybe I tell Sargento, and you move up in the world. Does that sound like the dog's bollocks, or what? BRITISH ACCENT
388 0055C5C8 0055C5F3 Right, now there's a man who knows 'is onions. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I saw Maddie over there givin' me slave the ol' googly eyes. BRITISH ACCENT.
389 Now, I dunno, given 'er cannibalistic past, if she wants a meal, or if she just wants a quick snog. BRITISH ACCENT
390 Either way, I want you to keep that dodgy nutter away from me fighter, or I'll make sure Sargento knows who buggered it all up.
392 0055C5CA 0055C5DE Yeah, you think he's going to like that? Gonna give you a nice fat promotion for that cock-up? BRITISH ACCENT.
393 Or, you think he's gonna cut off your arms and make you his next arena fighter? BRITISH ACCENT
394 Maybe feed said arms to a captive deathclaw as a nice appetizer for the main course: you. BRITISH ACCENT
396 0055C5CC 0055C5E0 Oh, it's like that, innit? You should know that Sargento's a very busy man, and that he don't like being disturbed when he's running 'is show? BRITISH ACCENT.
397 Now, how's he gonna respond when I tell 'im you're the one what told me to bother him when you're perfectly capable of handling this yourself?
398 0055C5CD 0055C5EE You got a problem, buddy? Take it up with the boss man, Sargento. Indifferent. He doesn't have time for this crap, even though he's just been standing around being bored.
399 0055C5CE 0055C5E3 Oi! There's something I need to speak with you about! BRITISH ACCENT. Slightly agitated.
400 0055C5CF 0055C5F0 Oh no, of course not. And, I'm not actually going to disable her collar. She'll pop like the others. Hushed, nonchalant
401 Don't worry though, she deserves it. She was exiled and sold into slavery because she killed kids and ate them. Real nasty stuff. Hushed, nonchalant.
402 0055C5D1 0055C5E5 Your call. Hushed.
403 0055C5D3 0055C5F2 Good, go do your thing and I'll do mine. hushed
404 0055C5D5 0055C5E7 Uhh... are you telling me that you lied about it this whole time? What was that ungodly smell then? British Accent. Caught off guard at first. Was expecting the player to play along.
405 Either way, you'll get a sound thrashing for it if you survive! British accent.
406 0055C5D7 0055C5DD Good, because it'll be the end of you if you do. British accent. Keeping the player in their place.
407 0055C5D9 0055C5EA Oh there you are! Hurry along then, we're late! You're lucky I didn't feed you to the mirelurks when I had the chance! Normal volume. British accent. Acting as if the player is his lowly slave.
408 0055C5DA 0055C5DF Hal! Boy, you've really got yourself in a pickle. Friendly, meant to catch Hal off guard. Hal needs to believe that Johhny is here to rescue him.
409 0055C5DB 0055C5EC Hurry up, will ya? Quick and impatient. He's upset with the player for making things more difficult for him.
410 0055C5DC 0055C5E9 Luckily, I slipped the key from Sargento while he wasn't looking. A sense of urgency. He's trying to get to his friend quickly and get out before the player gets them all killed. He's still upset at the player.
460 0055F29D 0055F2A0 What do you have to say for yourself, slave? BRITISH ACCENT. Feigning contempt for making him look bad.
461 0055F29E 0055F2A1 Bloody hell! Get over here and answer me, before I have to drag you in me self! BRITISH ACCENT. The player isn't nearby like they should be and hasn't responded to his question.
482 005A1F22 0042F4E5 Alright, Septic Survivor, get out there when they call you and don't let me down! I've got a lot of caps riding on you! BRITISH ACCENT. This is what Johnny calls the player if they did not ask for more dignity.
483 0042F4E6 Alright, Atomic Avenger, get out there when they call you and don't let me down! I've got a lot of caps riding on you! BRITISH ACCENT. This is what Johnny calls the player if they asked for more dignity.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
26 00548B97 00548C64 Yeah, yeah. Alright, let's get moving. He reluctantly agrees. He's still disappointed that he didn't get his moment to shine and was upstaged by the player and Gail.
30 00548B9B 00548CEA Okay yeah buddy, we'll be sure not to touch anything. Can you believe that joker? Sarcastic. He has no intention of listening to the Agent.
71 00548BBD 00548CE2 Guess we were wrong. Everyone's dead after all. He's starting to think he may be trapped in here forever.
100 00548BE0 00548C4C Shit. Realizing that he's screwed.
101 00548BE1 00548C8B Just gotta reroute the logic gate here... Talking to himself, hacking the terminal.
102 00548BE2 00548CD7 Accessing the root directory... Talking to himself. Concentrating on hacking the terminal.
103 00548BE3 00548C7B Okay, good. I've bypassed the lockout timer. Concentrating on hacking the terminal.
104 00548BE4 00548CC4 Sit back and watch ol' Gentleman Johnny show this system who's boss. He's getting too cocky for his own good here.
105 00548BE5 00548C6E You're damn right I do. Now, watch, and maybe you'll learn something! The player failed Johnny before, so he looks down on them and thinks he's superior.
106 00548BE7 00548CB6 Oh boy, you really are nuts, aren't you? Johnny does not have a good relationship with the player, so he looks down on them.
107 Nope, we're doing it my way, you got it? Making sure the player knows he's in charge.
108 00548BE9 00548C60 Okay, fine. Whatever. Listen to the Vault Dweller, then. He's being petulant.
109 I'll just be over here twiddling my thumbs I guess. Petulant
110 Good luck, Vault Dweller. I still expect my full cut, by the way. Petulant
113 00548BEC 00548C91 I wouldn't say always... Again, trying to dig himself out of this hole.
119 00548BF4 00548C67 Aw c'mon, You know I don't mean it. I'm just jokin' around. Trying to dig himself out of this hole
121 00548BF8 00548C97 It's crazy, but it might work as long as the big oaf doesn't break it first. He considers the idea at first, but it dawns on him that it makes sense. He doesn't have a lot of respect for Gail, though.
122 Alright Gail, hop in the booth and listen to me.
123 00548BFA 00548C48 I don't know. Why would you? You just seem a little more anxious than normal. I got this, just be patient. He's being paranoid here. For good reason. The player is suddenly telling Johnny to keep hacking the system when it seems unsafe.
124 00548BFC 00548C87 Nah, you've always done me solid, Vault Dweller. Johnny trusts the player based on past experiences, so he's willing to believe them here.
125 00548BFE 00548CD4 I am, don't you start doubting me now, Vault Dweller! Getting defensive. He's the best, why would anyone doubt his abilities?
126 00548C00 00548C5C Just a minor inconvenience, that's all.
127 00548CA1 Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I've got to be more careful about this. Sincere, but he suspects the player could be up to something.
128 I assume you're okay with that, and not trying to rush me for some reason? Suspects the player may be up to something.
129 00548CA2 For the love of... Don't repeat exactly what was said, Gail. Put it in your own words. Annoyed with Gail. He thinks she's stupid.
132 00548C01 00548C78 This system's more advanced than I expected. It's full of countermeasures. Frustrated.
133 While not unbeatable, it's gonna be tricky. And, it sounds like there isn't much room for error.
134 00548C05 00548CB1 I'm listening, but I haven't given up just yet.
135 00548CB2 Listen, I'm the expert here. You couldn't even follow simple instructions back in Sargento's Arena, so why would I trust you with a plan now?
136 00548C08 00548C9C Maybe you should shut up, kid. I can't think with you blabbering on like that. Frustrated, and taking it out on Ra-Ra.
138 00548C0A 00548C8C Well, that's not good. Finally admitting something's not right, but not explicitly taking blame.
139 00548C0B 00548CE1 Just sit tight. I've almost got this. Head down, busy hacking the terminal.
141 00548C0D 00548C4F I've got this under control. I'm going to give it another go, and we're going to get out of here. Confident.
142 00548C0E 00548C8E Hey, that was the only one. Defensive.
143 I was young and stupid back then, and I only got caught because my crew bailed on me. Defensive.
144 I've learned a lot since then. I'll get this one.
145 00548C10 00548CE3 Sorry, no can do. Room's sealed tight. Must be one of the security measures.
146 00548C12 00548C7E Now hold on. He's going to say something else that should set the player at ease.
147 00548C14 00548CC6 Yeah, don't get your unmentionables in a bunch. Still calm, but a little annoyed with the player for doubting him.
148 00548C16 00548C71 It's supposed to scan the person and connect them with someone on the other end, audio only.
149 I presume they'll unlock the way forward if we can answer some questions.
150 With all the automation around here, I guess they were worried about someone sending a robot in to rob the place.
151 Having done something like that before myself, I can see why.
152 00548C18 00548CB8 Hey, so we hit a little snag. It happens. Again, this is no big deal.
153 I'm good at what I do because I don't back down from a challenge. Confident.
154 I'm not worried about this, so neither should you be.
155 00548C1A 00548C62 Funny thing. A long time ago, I broke into a similar system up at the Federal Reserve in New York.
156 This here biometric scanner must run off some sort of central database. Seems it can detect a known felon, and it's completely locked me out.
157 We need it in order to get in.
158 00548C1C 00548CA5 I may have tripped some sort of hidden security measures while trying to brute force my way through the system. He doesn't want to admit he did anything wrong here, so he's downplaying it.
159 Everything's fine. There isn't a system I can't beat. Cocky.
160 00548C1D 00548C54 Oh hey. You! Vault dweller! He notices the player.
161 00548C1E 00548C93 Nothing! Just... He interrupts himself when he notices the player.
162 00548C1F 00548CE8 What should Gail and Ra-Ra do?
163 00548C20 00548C82 That'll just make it worse! Frustrated and taking it out on Gail.
164 00548C21 00548CCE You want Gail smash it up real good? Genuinely trying to help. She's offering to smash the system that is giving Johnny some difficulty.
165 00548C22 00548C75 Aw c'mon! Don't do me like this, you hunk of junk! Frustrated with the system. It's not working as he expected.
179 00548C30 00548CDA Slight hitch in the plan. He's playing off a big problem as not a big deal
191 00548C32 00548C51 You got it, boss lady. Let's go. Anxious to get moving, but charming and cool about it.
198 00548C38 00548CB9 Hot damn, that was a sight to behold. Whistle appreciatively beforehand. He's impressed with the spectacle of the Vault door having been blown away.
206 00548C43 00548CD3 Harsh, Meg. That was one time. A little surprised by Meg's response, but he doesn't let it get to him. Implying that there was a vague, possibly romantic incident between them.
208 00548C45 00548CBF You know me, Meg, I'm always ready. Charming and eager to please.
211 005723B2 005723B6 Haha! Kid's got you there! I'm starting to like her style! The player's been mean to Ra-Ra so she won't do something for them. Johnny thinks this is hilarious.
217 00572D19 00548C96 This looks like the place, and that looks like the guy. I think you should talk to him, hot shot. Johnny's still beating himself up a bit over not being able to be useful earlier, but he's at least trying to be helpful.
219 00572D1B 00548C7A Send Gail into the booth. It's going to scan her, make sure she's not a robot, then check her against a database. He's disappointed to give this information. He's moping about because he thinks he has failed and is now useless.
220 Assuming she passes, we'll find out if anyone is alive in here. Still disappointed he can't be the one to save the day.
221 Then it'll be up to your smooth talking to coach her and convince them to let us in. Easy. Still disappointed.
231 00572D23 00572D34 Yeah, yeah. Ha ha. Laugh it up, kiddo. He is not amused. Okay, maybe a little. But it's at his expense, so maybe don't show it. The "ha ha" is spoken dryly
234 00572D26 00572D3C I'm not getting... you know what? I'm just going stand here and wait for the door to open.
237 00572D29 00572D45 That doesn't even make any sense.
239 00572D2B 00572D42 Uh huh. You're just afraid I'm right. Said with a smirk. He doesn't believe Gail, so he's teasing her a little.
241 00572D2D 00572D3E Ok, fine, give me the minigun, and I'll show you.
243 00572D2F 00572D41 Hey, I'm pretty damn good at it, I just don't have a giant minigun like Gail does.
246 00572D32 00572D43 Door's shut tight. See if you can open it remotely. Maybe a terminal somewhere? Shouting to the player from the next room over.
247 We'll guard it in case anything's on the other side.
248 00572D33 00572D59 Don't worry, Lou's an expert at this sort of thing. He'll have us in there in no time.
249 00572D5A I am ready to get this show on the road!
250 00572D5B Stick with me when we're in there, and nothing'll go wrong.
251 00572D5C I know you're not so good at listening to directions, but once we're in there, you'd better do your job and take orders if you want us to succeed.
280 0057317D 00548CC2 We tried that already. She's too short for the scanner to work.
281 The system flagged her as a potential threat, and that's what triggered the robots you presumably had to fight on the way here.
282 00573EF4 00573EF6 Good. Because I don't like you pressuring me. I may just need to take a different approach here.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
45 0054EDE2 0059DAF2 I don't believe Digger would ever turn on us, but AC is in charge. It's his call.
46 0059DAF3 That's not Digger. Not any more. That thing needs to die.
48 0059DAF5 I'm not dangerous. You've gotta tell him that desperate
50 0059DAF8 Those feral ghouls creep me out.
52 0059DAFB Thanks for standing up for me with AC.
73 0054EDEC 0059C5A6 Given how successfully you led a bunch of scoundrels to raid a top secret government Vault, I'd almost suspect you've done this before. The player approaches Johnny after resolving matters of splitting the gold. Johnny has made out favorably.
74 0059D83B You know, I figured you might be the type to screw us over like that. The player approaches Johnny after resolving matters of splitting the gold. Johnny is now getting less gold, or no gold, based on the player's choice
75 0059D83C I was wrong about you. You're not a screw-up, but you're no hero either. You're just nuts. Why'd you give half of Crater's share over to Foundation? The player approaches Johnny after resolving matters of splitting the gold. Johnny is now getting less gold, based on the player's choice
77 0054F9C1 0054F9D0 Heh, try not to bleed all over me. Amused, cocky. He doesn't believe the player can kill him.
78 0054F9C3 0054F9D1 Glad you asked. I expected big things from you in the Arena. Disappointed.
79 0054F9C5 0054F9D3 Meg's got nothing to do with it. Very serious, telling the truth.
80 And, she'll never know that you died heroically fighting off a horde of feral ghouls, sacrificing yourself so that I could survive. Fabricating an elaborate, but believably lie about the player's fate, as if telling a tragic story.
81 Don't worry, she'll know how generous you were, pledging your share of the gold to me with your dying breath. Still the same clever lie, as if this were a major tragedy. He almost sounds grateful.
82 0054F9C7 0054F9D2 Go on, I could use a laugh before you die. Clearly amused, but deadly serious.
83 0054F9CD 0054F9D4 That's what makes this so hard for me. You were great. I couldn't have asked to work with a better partner. But, business is business. Honestly regretful, but also greedy.
84 0054F9D5 But you let me down big time, buddy. I can't imagine a future where we work together. Disappointed, and it's a wonder he hasn't already shot yet, because he is pissed.
85 00585547 You weren't terrible, but I don't think I can trust you enough to work with you again in the future. Disappointed, but not angry
86 0054F9CE 0054F9CF And given your success here, that's something Meg will almost certainly expect
87 It's only a matter of time before Meg ditches me because you're willing to work for pennies. Or worse, you get me killed.
113 005526D2 00552706 Fuck, I knew it! Pissed at himself for not catching the player's setup to lure him into a false sense of security.
123 005526D4 00552726 Yeah, I get that. How about this: I'll give you some of my share of the gold when this is all over. Sincere. He's realized his mistake and wants to make up for it.
124 I know it may not seem like much, but greed almost cost me another friend. Think of it as... symbolic or some shit. He's disappointed in himself, and trying to make up for it.
125 You're... a good partner. Thanks. I hope we can let bygones be bygones. Sincere. Though, it may have been hard for him to say.
127 0058552D Wow, would you look at that. You weren't joking about this being a big score! Genuinely impressed
135 005526D5 0055272A Yeah, I think it's for the best. All in all, you're not a bad partner. Sheepishly realizing his mistake and trying to move past it.
136 005526D7 0055270C Sounds like a good start.
137 I know there's a trust issue between us now, but I hope we can work together again and fix that. Let bygones be bygones. Sincere.
138 You're... a good partner. You've made me realize the value in that. Sincere.
139 005526D9 00552731 Well, I know my word isn't worth much now, but you made me see the error of my ways. There's some regret in his voice. He knows he messed up and hopes the player accepts his admission of guilt.
140 I hope we can let bygones be bygones. Water under the bridge and all that. You're... a good partner. Thanks.
141 005526DF 0055271B Thanks for helping me see the light. Sincere.
142 005526E0 00552742 Bastard! I knew you were up to something! He realizes that he let the player get into his head and he let his guard down. Now he's mad.
143 005526E2 00552721 What are you, some sort of walking, talking self-help book? Getting upset, briefly.
144 Ah, forget it, you're right. I'll get way more praise for pulling this job off with you, hot shot, than for shooting you in the back. Loosening up again, and realizing his mistakes.
145 005526E4 00552705 Ehh, you're right. I barely know you. I shouldn't regret it, but, I didn't think it'd happen with Hal either. Coming to terms with his own regrets.
146 I was angry. I wasn't thinking straight, and now, I'm here letting my greed get the better of me. What the hell am I becoming? Kind of disgusted with himself
147 005526E6 00552729 Maybe you're right. Meg didn't even think twice about accepting my demand for such a huge cut of the gold. Realizing he didn't know or appreciate that he had it so good.
148 She practically gives me free rein to do what I want. I didn't realize how good I've got it.
149 005526E8 0055272E Of course I do. I think about it every god damn day since it happened. Upset at himself for what he's done and can't take back.
150 I thought it'd send a message for people to fear crossing me, to respect me, but I just feel like shit. Realizing he messed up.
151 005526EA 00552736 I might miss you, but we really just met, so I wouldn't miss you much.
152 00552737 But if I'm being honest, I wouldn't miss you at all. I might even miss you less, since you went and mentioned Hal. Getting upset with the player for bringing up a painful memory.
153 005526EB 00552718 Should have just killed you when I had the chance! Regrets letting his guard down. He's angry, but more angry at himself.
154 005526ED 0055273F Alright. And for the record, I'm glad you talked me out of this. I don't know what I was thinking. Somewhat relieved, as if he didn't really want to go through with backstabbing the player in the first place.
155 I was about to make a huge mistake that could have cost me a new business partner. Relieved.
156 I'm looking forward to pulling future jobs with you. Actually kind of genuine.
157 005526EF 0055271D Sure, it's your funeral, pal. Cocky
158 005526F1 00552701 I knew you'd see it my way. A little proud of himself.
159 Saves me the trouble of having to explain to Meg why you didn't return alive.
160 Pleasure doing business with you. Blurring the line between sincere and not
161 005526F3 00552722 Let's hear it. He doesn't sound convinced, but he's willing to see how it plays out.
162 005526F5 00552707 Gladly. I was hoping you'd say that. Amused, cocky.
163 005526F7 0055272B Damn it... That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Hal was my partner. My best friend. I loved him like... like a brother. This cuts him deep. He really did have feelings for Hal. He's caught uncharacteristically off guard.
164 005526F9 0055270D Oh, did she? That's nice, but I'm not worried. I know my way around Meg, if you catch my drift. He's clearly not concerned.
165 It doesn't take much to stay on her good side. I sincerely hope that's not the best you've got.
166 005526FB 00552732 Do you now? First I've heard of it. I suppose it would be a shame to miss out. You were right about this score, after all. Suddenly, he's very intrigued.
167 Okay, consider me mildly skeptical, but interested. He's still a little cautious, though
168 But now, we've got this whole issue of trust between us, or lack thereof. What do you propose? Doesn't fully trust the player, and expects the same in return
169 005526FD 00552714 Shit, really? Had I known you were going to roll over that easy, I would have just asked. Amused. He won without even so much as a complaint from the player.
170 Tell you what, since I'm such a nice guy, I'll even let you keep a little. Smarmy as hell.
171 No need to thank me, just forget this ever happened, okay?
172 005526FF 0055273B Well, you did manage to pull off this heist with a surprising level of competence, so maybe I've misjudged you. He's considering the player. Maybe he won't kill them after all.
173 But it's not enough. Tell you what. I won't kill you, but you're giving me half of whatever gold Meg promised you. Deal? Playing hardball now. He'll let the player live, but there's a catch.
174 0055273C You, you're just some vault trash wannabe scumbag. Believe me. You won't be missed. He does not hold the player in high regard, after the player failed him in the Arena
175 00553ACA 00553ACB Someone found us! I guess miracles do happen.
176 0055893F 00558952 You heard the man, let's get a move on! A little impatient, but still friendly.
214 00585505 0058550E Makes me real sorry I've gotta do this to you. Almost sincere. He's pulling a gun on the player, but he's you know, charming about it.
216 00585507 0058550C Oh ho! You had me going there! New plan: we do this the hard way! The player had him convinced, but he didn't let down his guard too much. Begin combat.
217 00585509 00585514 Yeah, don't mention it. I mean that literally. Don't ever mention it. Now let's get going before anyone worries about what's taking so long. Friendly at first, until he clarifies that he means it literally. Then it's vaguely threatening through "don't ever mention it"
218 0058550B 0054EF5F Nothing personal. If I cut you out of the equation, that's more gold for me. Any last words? Holding a gun up to the player. Confident, almost makes you believe he's really sorry for turning on the player
219 00586ACC 00586B0B Heh, maybe I'll come back with my share and see what they've got to offer.
220 00586B0C You better not be getting any ideas there, Vault Dweller. That gold belongs to all of us.
221 00586ACD 00586B12 All you, Vault Dweller.
224 00586AD0 00586AFF Shit, another ghoul!
226 00586AD2 00586B04 Seems like a mutually lucky situation that we're here.
232 00586ADB 00586B10 What the hell kind of chems are you on, vault dweller? The player just gave away half of what he was expecting as a reward.
233 00586ADC 00586AFA What a pal. Told you I liked 'em, Meg.
257 0059D819 0059D835 Sorry, what happened? We pulled off a very successful heist. I don't recall any major issues. Playing dumb. Johnny tried to betray the player, but told the to keep quiet about it around Meg.
258 But, if you want to reminisce about the good times we had, you know where to find me in the Crater Core. Playing dumb about trying to betray the player.
259 0059D81B 0059D831 You had my back, I had yours. What are friends for, huh? The player prevented him from getting killed by the security turrets.
260 And we got the gold, too, so I'm sure we can put whatever misgivings we may have had about each other behind us.
261 0059D81D 0059D836 Meg and I will load up the gold and make sure it gets back to Crater safely.
262 I'm not sure what to do with my share yet. I'm probably just going to find a safe place to store it for now, until opportunities present themselves.
263 As for you... do whatever the heck you want now. Come back to Crater? Strike off on your own? Makes no difference to me.
264 I'll tell you what, though. You ever find another one of these vaults, you can count on me to help break in again.
265 0059D81F 0059D832 Yeah, I'll see you later, Vault Dweller. Good work in there. Sincere.
266 0059D821 0059D838 Wow. Really, Vault Dweller? That's a low blow coming from you. Offended by what the player said to him.
267 Hey, I admit the security system screw-up was on me. But, it almost got me killed, so lesson learned. A little annoyed still.
268 Now, I suggest that if you have any other grudges, you come see me back at Crater and we can hash things out like adults. Emphasis on "other." He's trying to avoid talking about how he betrayed the player right now.
269 0059D823 0059D834 And people say I've got an ego. A word of advice. Don't let it go to your head. Friendly with the player, and offering them some real advice.
270 I almost let my own arrogance get the better of me while hacking into the security system. Uncharacteristically candid
271 If you hadn't stopped me when you did... Well, let's just say I probably wouldn't be here to thank you. So, thanks. Uncharacteristically candid
272 0059D825 0059D83A Now you're just flattering me. Don't stop. I'm into it. Jovial.
273 But in all seriousness, I should be saying the same to you. Becoming serious and uncharacteristically candid. The player saved him from doing something stupid.
274 You're the one who stopped me from doing something stupid when hacking the security system. I'd be red mist if it weren't for you. Thanks. Uncharacteristically candid
275 0059D828 0059D837 Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm a real scumbag. But you know who doesn't deserve it? Everyone else. The player either reduced Johnny's share by giving some gold to the other faction, or kept all the gold themselves.
276 Your decision means that people are going to go hungry. We're not going to be as well-equipped, and we'll be more desperate.
277 You need to understand. More people are going to die because of you. So think about that.
278 0059D82A 0059D833 Heh, while I appreciate the flattery... You did just pull a fast one on all of us, and we're going to remember that. Amused, but also kind of pissed that the player took all the gold for themselves, leaving Johnny with none
279 If you ever want to show your face around Crater again, you're going to have to find another way to dig yourself out of that hole. Pissed that the player took all the gold for themselves, leaving Johnny with none
280 0059D82C 0059DB61 Yeah... Well... Civility's overrated. Next time, I'd recommend just shooting your mark without warning and taking what's yours. The player is insinuating that Johnny betrayed them, and Johnny is responding by playing along without admitting anything.
281 It'll save you the trouble of even considering to do the right thing. And, you won't ever have to face your mistakes. The player is insinuating that Johnny betrayed them, and Johnny is responding by playing along without admitting anything.
282 Anyway, you managed to pull a fast one on Johnny Weston. That's a story to tell someday. Even though he's upset, he's kind of impressed
283 0059D82E 0059DB56 You're right, I should have trusted my instincts and shot you when I had the chance. But you're also wrong: we're not alike. Upset that the player kept all the gold to themselves, cutting him out of his share.
284 I handle my business with finesse and class. You handle yours with all the finesse of a blunt instrument. Upset that the player kept all the gold to themselves, cutting him out of his share.
285 You don't think about the consequences, but now I guess you'll have to live with them. Good luck digging yourself out of the hole you made. Upset that the player kept all the gold to themselves, cutting him out of his share.
336 0059DB4A 0059DB5D Spare the didactic bullshit for someone who needs that lesson. I know a thing or two about playing multiple sides. Disappointed that the player gave half his faction's gold to the other faction, reducing his share.
337 Of course, usually when you do that, you don't reveal your ploy right in front of one of your marks. Disappointed that the player gave half his faction's gold to the other faction, reducing his share.
338 But hey, it's on you now to dig yourself out of that hole. You'd just better hope Meg will let you. Disappointed that the player gave half his faction's gold to the other faction, reducing his share.
339 0059DB4C 0059DB54 Fair enough. But you do owe us for the gold you took out of our hands, Vault Dweller. Disappointed that the player gave half his faction's gold to the other faction, reducing his reward.
340 I'm sure we'll find a way to get it back, one way or another, but you're gonna have your work cut out for you if you want to stay on our good side. Disappointed that the player gave half his faction's gold to the other faction, reducing his reward.
341 0059DB4E 0059DB5F How generous. Yet, I noticed you didn't give them a share of your gold, you gave them half of our share. Sarcastic at first. Disappointed that the player gave half the gold to the other faction, reducing his reward.
342 People around Crater are going to remember that, so I suggest you make up for it in other ways if you want to stay on our good side. Disappointed that the player gave half the gold to the other faction, reducing his reward.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
219 0055CC56 005566BA So, you flush with caps now? I'm sure Duchess'll be happy to take them off your hands.
278 0055CCB7 Hey. Bunch of mean ones went in a little bit ago. I'd be careful in there.
279 0055CCB8 You all right? Could've sworn I heard gunfire.
280 0055CCB9 Hey hey. You coming to spend all your new caps? Duchess will be excited to see ya.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005A350D 0055D898 Thought you could pull a fast one on me, huh? Not today! Entering combat from Alert state
2 0055D899 Oh, you're done for! Entering combat from Alert state
3 0055D89B Smooth moves, but not smooth enough! Entering combat from Alert state
4 00583437 Heh, nothing and no one gets the drop on Gentleman Johnny Weston! Entering combat from Alert state
5 00583438 Oh, not so sneaky now, huh? Entering combat from Alert state
6 00583439 You picked a fight with the wrong guy, pal! Entering combat from Alert state
7 005A350E 0055D85B Time to let the guns do the talking! Entering Combat
8 0055D85C When all else fails, killing works for me! Entering Combat
9 0055D85D You really want to mess with me? Alright... Entering Combat
10 0055D85E Who's ready for some excitement? 'Cause I am! Entering Combat
11 0055D85F Don't worry, Ol' Johnny's got this! Entering Combat
12 0055D860 Looks like we've got to kill more of Sargento's goons! Entering Combat
13 00583427 Great, I've been itching for a fight. Entering Combat
14 005A350F 0055D878 Eghh.. Gonna take more than that to do me in! Hit in combat.
15 0055D879 Agh! Motherf... You'll pay for that! Hit in combat.
16 0055D87A Gah! Son of a... Hit in combat.
17 0055D87B Damn it! Do you know how hard it is to find clean suits out there! Hit in combat.
18 0055D87C Uch... Keep it up, asshole, I'm not done yet! Hit in combat.
19 0055D87D Agh! Hit in combat
20 0055D87E Shit! That hurt! Hit in combat
21 0055D87F I'm hit! Hit in combat
22 0055D880 Eufff! Hit in combat. Sucking in quickly.
23 0055D881 Guh... damn it. We wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you screwing it all up, Vault Dweller! Hit in combat.
24 0055D882 Ahh! Damn it! This is not how I hoped this would go! Hit in combat.
25 0055D883 Ow! fu...! This coulda been easy, but no! Someone couldn't do their simple fucking job! Hit in combat. Stifles the word "fuck" after "Ow!"
26 005A3510 0055D890 Oh, you want the thunder? You got it, my friend! Taunting
27 0055D891 Coulda done this the easy way. But no, you chose to get shot instead! Taunting
28 0055D892 Get a load of this asshole! Taunting
29 0055D893 Hurry up and die, I'm a busy man! Taunting
30 0055D894 Oh ho! Wrong move, buddy. Ol' Johnny's about to make you dead! Taunting
31 0055D895 I never liked these assholes anyway. Taunting
32 0055D896 You picked the wrong day to come to the arena, pal! Taunting
33 0055D897 I'd take bets on who's gonna win this fight, but we all know I'm just gonna kill ya and take whatever you've got! Taunting


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
13 0042ECDF 00560178 You are going to be real sorry. Yelling at someone in the heat of combat.
14 00560179 This isn't even supposed to be my job. Yelling at someone in the heat of combat.
56 0042ED09 00583941 Duchess footed the bill for all this personally. The finest leftover mobile homes money can buy.
57 00583942 Never could get Duchess to spill on what she did before the war. Got the distinct feeling I wouldn't like the answer.
58 00583943 You don't need to be afraid of Bessie. We got her at a discount since she was decomm'ed. Only thing she puts down these days are piles of sheet metal.
59 00583944 You're welcome to say "hi," but try not to spook the cattle. Got enough to do around here without having to run after 'em.
60 00583945 They issue you one of those C.A.M.P things? Man, Vault-Tec's got some nifty toys.
63 00560151 0056017D I'd hoped you'd wised up! Guess not. Charging into combat with someone you thought ran off.
64 0056017E Yoo hoo. I found you! Charging into combat with someone you thought ran off.
65 0056017F Oh hell. Thought you took the hint! Charging into combat with someone you thought ran off.
69 00560152 00560185 Uh huh. There you are. You just found someone skulking around and now you're attacking them.
70 00560186 Knew something was off. You just found someone skulking around and now you're attacking them.
71 00560187 There's the problem. You just found someone skulking around and now you're attacking them.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005A163C 00572D52 Looking forward to getting our hands on all that gold.
2 00572D53 Who knew there was a vault that made Fort Knox look like a piggy bank?
3 00572D54 Look sharp. This place is full of security.
4 00572D55 I was expecting more people to be alive here. Weird, isn't it?
5 00572D56 I know some people believe gold is worthless now, but it's only a matter of time before the world gets back on track, and who'll be laughing then?
6 00572D57 Normally, I won't work with someone I don't trust. But Meg's making me take you along, so you better not screw me over.