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Wow, Vault Dweller, you're going right for the juicy details. I had a family, but either they disowned me or I disowned them depending on who you believe. They could be dust now for all I care. As for romantic partners... I've had many and there's always room for more. But, sorry to dash your hopes and dreams, my friend. While I wouldn't mind shacking up with you occasionally, I don't think Meg would approve.

Gentleman Johnny "Two-Guns" Weston is a member of the Crater Raiders in Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


Per his own word, Johnny was born before the Great War in a military family, and grew up near U.S. Army bases all around the nation because of his father's military service. Although his family did not approve, Johnny pursued his dreams of becoming an actor in New York City. This caused a rift between him and his parents, stating that either they disowned him, or he disowned them, "depending on who you believe."[1] However, his career was ultimately a failure, describing himself as a "bum" living on the streets of New York City when the bombs dropped in 2077. It is uncertain how much of his background is truth and how much is fabrication,[2][3] though his claim of breaking into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York seems plausible, as his biometrics exist in surviving government database backups, tied to a felony conviction — which he claims to have suffered only because his crew bailed on him.[4]

During his time as a freelance raider, he was close friends with Hal Gleeson both before and after the War. They did jobs together and Hal turned out to be the most solid partner Johnny had.[5] Working together transformed into a lasting relationship and mutual feelings.[6] Eventually, Johnny became involved with Meg Groberg's raiders, infiltrating the gang and blending in. When Meg finally realized what he did, rather than stringing him up she invited him for drinks, and eventually the two shacked up. Johnny's relationship with Hal deteriorated over Meg, as Hal seemed jealous. When Meg's group finally returned to Appalachia and settled at the Crater, Johnny joined them.[7]

His unique skill set benefited the raiders handsomely, as Johnny is an expert at infiltration and confidence games, giving raiders a lot of soft power. The arrangement is a mutually beneficial exchange, rather than any sort of formal subordination.[5] Settling at the Crater came at a cost, as Hal refused to put down roots and separated from Johnny, going his own way.[5] Johnny realized too late that Hal didn't just leave him: He betrayed him, taking a far greater cut of their last job together than he said, taking it with him and disappeared into the wastelands. Weston hated the fact that his best friend betrayed him like that, and vowed vengeance - no matter how much pain it would cause him.[8]

He got his chance when he was scoping out the Watoga Civic Center and the raiders occupying it for Meg. While the raiders were rejected out of hand as candidates for the Crater crew, as Meg abhors slavery, Weston spotted Hal tending to the spectators in the luxury boxes. Spotting his opportunity, he began to plan how to get inside to free Hal,[9] so that he can kill Gleeson for betraying him. Johnny rationalizes it as a small mercy that would ultimately save Hal from a fate worse than death, namely, a lifetime of slavery,[10] and prefers to bury his feelings for him, as killing Hal will evidently be the most difficult act in Johnny's life thus far.[11]

Until that happens, he operates out of his quarters in the Core, standing out from the other raiders thanks to his spotless black suit. Given that keeping them clean is extremely difficult, it's a feat that he manages it.[12] When not in the field, he passes time by playing cards with other raiders and is no stranger to cheating at them.[13]

Once knowledge of Vault 79 reaches Meg, he begins to prepare for the raid, in case there are any survivors in the Vault who might need to be manipulated, twisted, cajoled, or otherwise convinced to give the raiders what they want.[14] Johnny believes that the world will eventually get back on track and gold will once more become backing for currencies, and as such, controlling the US national reserves would put Crater on track to dominating trade.[15]


Johnny prefers to keep people at arm's length, a tendency that started well before the War when he disowned his family (or his family disowned him, depending on the perspective). He doesn't care about them, and just about the only real relationship he had was with Hal Gleeson. The feeling never really died, either. Hal stands out against a long list of romantic partners Johnny had in that aspect, though Weston's present relationship with Meg is similar. In fact, while he's generally open to new partners in bed, he likes his relationship with her well enough that he'll deny advances, claiming Meg wouldn't approve.[1] While Johnny freely admits they have a physical relationship, Meg at least tries to pretend they're just "discussing important things," but nevertheless[16] the two are very close, and Meg prizes him, even if he's not the hero type.[17]

She is well aware of his faults too, the biggest of which is his ego. Johnny is a capable man, but he can be egotistical and arrogant at his worst.[18] He also indulges his greed at times,[19] which Meg learned to manage and defuse.[20] However, she's unaware of just how deep the problem goes and unintentionally feeds the beast when she really should throttle it.[21][22] However, there's a thought at the back of her head that Johnny is ultimately playing everyone for his own ends, rather than being a team player.[23][24]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed. Status expires when Buried Treasure begins.
25 Strictly Business
This character is a temporary companion.
FO76 ui icon quest
This character is involved in quests.


  • The Ol' Weston Shuffle: The Vault Dweller of Vault 76 must convince Johnny to join the heist on Vault 79. Although he is already on board, Johnny wants something in exchange. He asks the Vault Dweller to pose as a slave so that they can infiltrate Sargento's gang at the Watoga Civic Center and free Hal Gleeson from slavery. To do this, Johnny invents the character of "Reginald P. Humphries," an English man who became stuck in Washington, D.C. when the airplanes stopped running. After the Vault Dweller fights through their matches (or simply kills all of Sargento's gang) and breaks Hal Gleeson out of captivity, Johnny meets with the two of them. Although Hal was once Johnny's best friend, it is revealed that the true purpose of this mission was so that Johnny could kill Hal and tie up loose ends from when Hal attempted to betray him. Johnny believes that his relationship with Meg caused Hal to become jealous of him.[7] However, Johnny later comes to regret killing Hal, remarking that he loved Hal like a brother.[11]
  • Buried Treasure: Johnny is part of the Vault 79 heist team, and is tasked with disabling the security system. However, he accidentally triggers a sensor which detects him as an ex-convict, leading him to pause and ask the Vault Dweller for advice. If he is lied to and encouraged to proceed, he will be killed by laser turrets. If he is told to stop, he will survive, and will accompany as a temporary companion for the rest of the quest. Either way, he is unable to accomplish his task and an alternate plan must be used.
  • Secrets Revealed: If Johnny survives Buried Treasure, he will continue following the player character as a temporary companion.
    • After dealing with the Vault reactor and collecting the gold bullion, Johnny will attempt to betray the Vault Dweller, and must then be killed or convinced to stand down with Charisma 4+, then a Charisma 8+ check or by bringing up his previous betrayal of Hal.
    • A further Charisma 12+ check can be used to encourage him to give some of his cut of the gold (50 bullion) to the Vault Dweller as an apology for the attempted betrayal when the raid is completed.
    • At the end of the quest, after making the final choice of how to split the gold, Johnny can be talked to in the gold operations center. If the deal with Meg was respected, he will be thankful and friendly. If the deal was broken, he will be disappointed and harsh.

Other interactions[]

  • If Johnny survives Buried Treasure and Secrets Revealed, he will return to his room in the Crater Core. He will occasionally offer some random chems or aid items, and can also be asked about his thoughts on the heist.
  • If he is killed during either quest, the password to his terminal in his room can be obtained from his body.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tuxedo Random revolver Johnny's password

Notable quotes[]


Johnny Weston appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



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