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Johnny Moreno was a knight with the Appalachia Brotherhood of Steel before 2102.


Before the War, Corporal Johnny Moreno served in Taggerdy's Thunder, an elite United States Army Ranger unit, as the unit's communications specialist.[citation needed] After the War, he continued to follow the unit's leader Elizabeth Taggerdy. Moreno was responsible for monitoring communications, looking for survivors of any kind, especially military ones. He happened upon Roger Maxson, broadcasting to Appalachia via satellite and looking for anyone alive in the region. This chance encounter led to the foundation of the Appalachian branch of the Brotherhood of Steel.[1] Moreno would eventually gain the Brotherhood rank of knight.

Within the Brotherhood, Moreno remained as a communications specialist, participating in field recovery expeditions. On one of these expeditions, he found Tex Rogers, who volunteered for the Thunder.[2]

Moreno was involved in the fortification of and restoration of power at Grafton Dam, with assistance from Grant McNamara.[3] He was then assigned as field commander of the outpost at the dam, tasked with holding the passages through the Savage Divide to the Mire and ensuring a link with Harpers Ferry. Although competent, many of the soldiers serving under his command had doubts about his overall capability as a leader. When the Grafton outpost was mothballed, many were relieved.[4]

After the emergence of scorchbeasts, Moreno and the rest of the Appalachian Brotherhood made it their mission to eliminate them, culminating in Operation Touchdown in early 2095, a mission to destroy what was thought to be their main nest in the glassed cavern. Moreno was tasked with maintaining a connection to Fort Defiance, relaying intel as the team reached the coordinates provided by Grant McNamara's tracking device. The transponders he left behind tell the story of how the operation tracked down the scorchbeasts to the glassed cavern.[5] However, although the mission resulted in the deaths of many scorchbeasts, every member of the team, including Moreno, was killed in the process in February 2095.[6]


Johnny Moreno is only mentioned in Fallout 76.


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