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Sergeant John Reise was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve. Posted at the Boston Police rationing site in 2077, his skeleton can be found next to his holotape in the Mass Pike Tunnel.


John Reise was a sergeant of the 708th Infantry Division of the United States Army Reserve. Working at the rationing site, he struck a deal with Det. Francis Perry of the Boston Police 3rd Precinct (assigned to the same site) to steal supplies intended for civilian distribution and sell them on the black market for a tidy profit. As he and his partner in crime were responsible for shift scheduling, this was trivial.[1]

When the heat became too great, as a result of new reports about stolen supplies, Reise grew increasingly anxious. Unable to get rid of McDonnell or keep him away from snooping around the warehouse,[2] he tried to set up a meeting with his partner in crime.[3]

He subsequently learned that Perry planned for Reise to take the fall, while he bugged out to New York with his cousin Jack who was selling the stolen supplies for them. Reise was shot in the resulting confrontation and bled out in the maintenance tunnels near his former criminal partner on the eve of the Great War.[4]


John Reise's remains appear only in Fallout 4.


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