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An Initiate not born here. You're the first Outsider we've let join in a long, long time. Well, near on twenty years now.

General John Maxson[3][4] is the grandson of Roger Maxson, and the high elder of the Brotherhood of Steel in the year 2161.


John Maxson was born into the Brotherhood in 2097 and is a part of the Maxson bloodline. He showed much skill as an initiate, knight and then master knight, traveling the wastes far and wide and forming lasting relations with various people in the wasteland, including Butch Harris.[5][6][7] By the time he was inducted into the paladin caste in 2135, at 38, he was a skilled man. His reputation and skills were further shown when he rose to the rank of head paladin, the best commander within the Brotherhood of Steel.[Non-game 1]

His last promotion came at the cost of tragedy, as in 2155 his father was killed in a skirmish with the Vipers. Four years later in 2159, the Council of Elders convinced him to accept the position of high elder,[8] becoming the third Maxson to hold the rank. However, he was not aware of the volume of politics while in office. By the time the Vault Dweller meets him in 2161, he is 64. He ages, but he remains knowledged, wanting to fight the enemies of the Brotherhood, rather than remain underground.[Non-game 1]

Maxson is not too popular among the elders, as he is considered a bit crazy. He claims there is an army massing in the north, but these claims are met with incredulity and all motions to send an expedition there are voted down as risky. Sending tens of troops into the irradiated wastes can be dangerous and risk the Brotherhood's very existence.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Elder robes (non-lootable) Laser pistol Small energy cell x80
Stimpak x4


Maxson appears only in Fallout as a talking head. In the game, he is referred to only as General Maxson. Maxson is also mentioned in the Citadel terminal entries in Fallout 3.



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