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For the real-world John Hancock, see John Hancock (real world).
Goodneighbor's of the people, for the people, you feel me? Everyone's welcome.

John Hancock (born John McDonough) is a ghoul and potential companion in Fallout 4.


John Hancock is a ghoul who resides in the settlement of Goodneighbor, serving as its unofficial mayor. After Diamond City's mayor, Mayor McDonough, banished all ghouls, Hancock relocated to the town of Goodneighbor, viewing it as a place for those who didn't fit in anywhere else. He is exceptionally punitive toward his enemies, or those that break Goodneighbor law, but can be a good friend and valuable ally to those who treat him with respect, punish the guilty, and protect the innocent.

He became a ghoul in 2277, following the use of an experimental radioactive drug. In spite of his ghoulification, John Hancock considers the high "so worth it", as well as noting the near immortality he obtained as a benefit. Before Hancock became Mayor, the town was run by a ruthless mob-boss named Vic. After witnessing the death of a fellow drifter by Vic's henchmen, Hancock got high and passed out. When he came to, he found the clothes of the real John Hancock and inspired by its presence, he took it upon himself to raise a militia and overthrew Vic from power. From then on, he became the Mayor of Goodneighbor.

Currently, Hancock serves as the self-elected mayor of Goodneighbor. The majority of citizens look up to him for guidance, and he acts as a source of reassurance concerning the looming synth threat.

Following the events of Bobbi No-Nose's big plan (The Big Dig), which involves stealing from his stronghold, he claims to feel too pampered and comfortable. He gives a speech proclaiming his leave of absence. ("No one in power should be comfortable for too long.") Hancock then proceeds to offer his services to the Sole Survivor as a possible companion.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Pickman's Gift

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Other interactions

  • Hancock will occasionally give the character chems. Like most other companions, he will also make comments regarding places visited or generally about the Commonwealth.
  • If spoken to after the Silver Shroud quest, dressed as the Silver Shroud, Hancock will refer to the Sole Survivor as his friend. It is then possible with Hancock, and by passing his Speech challenge he will mention that he has impure thoughts about them, and hints at acting on those thoughts. (This is obtainable without The Silver Shroud costume while he is a companion and flirted with in the second private conversation.)

Effects of player's actions

  • When John Hancock's approval with the Sole Survivor reaches the highest level, he will grant the Isodoped perk, which makes the critical meter fill +20% faster as long as the Sole Survivor has at least 250 rads.
  • Hancock is a potential candidate for romance, an option that unlocks after reaching the highest level of affinity.

Range of interests


Apparel Weapon Other items
Red frock coat
Tricorn hat
Double-barrel shotgun -


  • If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111, he will say "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get out of here..."
  • If Finn is killed by the Sole Survivor, Hancock will be rather calm and applaud the player character.
  • On the upper floor of the Memory Den the player character can break into Irma's (novice) terminal and read an entry about Hancock that states: "...well, let's just say if you thought he was handsome and dangerous now, you should've seen him before he turned ghoul."
  • According to Deacon, Hancock turns a blind eye to Railroad's activities in the Goodneighbor. This can also be noted by the existence of a "Join the Railroad" holotape on his coffee table.
  • If taken to Vault 81, some of the residents there will insult him, to which he will reply with a witty remark.
  • If the Sole Survivor travels without clothing on, Hancock will make comments implying he appreciates the view or call them Emperor (in reference to the Emperor's New Clothes). This will also increase his reputation with the Survivor.
  • Once maximum affinity is reached with Hancock, it appears possible for him to die of a chem overdose once he is no longer a companion, upon which he will say "One... last... trip..." and die. It is not known how this is triggered but is speculated that there is a chance for this to occur when sharing chems with him.

Notable quotes

  • "Moments like this, I know all that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky."
  • "Of the people, for the people."
  • "Plenty of folks wanna make life hard for people just tryin' to survive. I'm not willing to stand for that kinda shit."
  • "What kind of settlement requires a test for entry?"
  • "That kinda bull is the reason I became mayor in the first place." (Referring to The Big Dig)
  • When traveling naked:
    • "Hey Emperor, love the outfit."
    • "Let them stare."
  • When committing Cannibalism:
    • "Suppose they're...beyond caring at this point"
    • " do what you gotta"
    • "That one...all yours"
    • "At least you have the politeness to wait til they're dead"
  • When using Chems:
    • "Two a day keep reality at bay"
    • "Lean back and enjoy the ride"
    • "That's a good one, take it all in"
  • When getting Addiction:
    • "You feel as bad as you look?"
    • "Wow, how much did you take?"
    • "'ay, you should slow down, and that's ME saying that"
  • "If someone needs help, we help 'em. If someone needs hurting, we hurt 'em. It's not hard."
  • "Like it? I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look. Big hit with the ladies."
  • "Looks like you can use a little pick me up." – said when initiating dialogue with him as a companion (and him giving the player a random chem)
  • "Whoa ho ho, I like you, already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice." – referring to the Sole Survivor killing Finn)
  • When not responding while talking with him:
    • "Did I say something wrong?"
    • "You wanna talk? Make me a little nervous over here."
    • "What gives? I thought we were talking."
    • "Did your chems just kick in or something?"
    • "Like talking to a brick wall."
    • "Hmm, lights are on but no one's home."
    • "What? Mole rat got your tongue?"
    • "Uhm... You alright?"
    • "You check out on me?"
    • "Anybody in there?"
  • After commiting to a close relationship
    • "Words don't begin to do it justice. You, you're the best thing I got. "
    • "Guess you're the piece I'd always and that toe I still can't find..."
    • "Nothing to lose but each other."
  • When Lover's Embrace is activated:
    • "Morning sunshine"
    • "Well look at you. I must still be dreamin'..."
    • "Don't mind me...just enjoying the view"


John Hancock appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

John Hancock was a statesman and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution. He served as president of the Second Continental Congress and was the first and third Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


  • PCIcon pc Hancock will ask to "Confront Bobbi" if sided with Bobbi No-Nose and killed Fahrenheit during The Big Dig side quest upon returning to Goodneighbor. Upon arriving at Hawthorne Estate, she will ignore the player character and be non interactive, thus preventing player character from obtaining Hancock as a companion. [verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc Hancock can get stuck in a loop requesting player character to head to "southie" to confront Bobbi, any attempts to speak to him for any other quest will get this response. setting the quest stage ffgoodneighbor07 from 65 to 70 will fix this and he will complete his speech. No fix on console currently.[verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc Hancock can be killed by the player character regardless when he is dismissed as a companion. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Hancock issues a misc quest to investigate Pickman Gallery, but if he is available as a companion, on returning to report to him there will be no dialogue available to complete the misc quest. This also the case with the interaction with Hancock in The Silver Shroud mission.[verification overdue]
    • To finish this quest, speak with Hancock and let him join as the companion. Then speak with him again and in dialogue there will be option to finish mentioned quest. Hancock will say something like: "When I wanted you investigate Pickman Gallery, I didn't mean you to take me there." He does it even if one didn't take him with or had another companion on that quest. After that, quest will be finished.
  • Playstation 4Icon ps4 As Hancock somehow seems to be non essential, dismissing him while being far away from a settlement the Sole Survivor wants him to be (e.g. the Sole Survivor is at Sanctuary Hills, dismissing him back to Goodneighbor) will cause him to be killed halfway through his journey way back. He can be killed by anything in the wasteland, even Mongrel. [verification overdue]
    • He can also occasionally be killed as the companion by Elder Maxson during the mission Rockets' Red Glare causing his body to spawn each time the player character fast travels or enter a new area until the end of The Nuclear Option (Railroad) leaving his body in the Mass Fusion Executive Suite.
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone While traveling with Hancock he may become invisible. Luckily his clothes are still present, and the bug is only temporary.[verification overdue]


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