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Goodneighbor's of the people, for the people, you feel me? Everyone's welcome.

John Hancock is a ghoul serving as the mayor of Goodneighbor in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. He is a possible companion of the Sole Survivor.



Born John McDonough, Hancock is the estranged younger brother of Diamond City's Mayor McDonough. The two had a rocky relationship from the beginning; Hancock remembers him as the "standard big brother" - an obnoxious, entitled bully.[1]

Despite this, he held some degree of brotherly love for his elder sibling - but this all changed in 2282, when the elder McDonough ran in that year's DC mayoral election on an anti-ghoul platform, inciting hatred and fear towards the city's mutated inhabitants.[2] The relationship between them broke down completely when John confronted him in his office after his inauguration speech, only for his brother to offer no sign of remorse for the anti-ghoul violence that his campaign had incited, simply gloating over his new position, making him unrecognizable to the younger McDonough.[3]

Drugs and despair[]

Abandoning Diamond City and his estranged brother, John tried to save as many ghouls as he could by relocating them to the town of Goodneighbor, at the time run by the ruthless mob boss Vic. Unfortunately, though they found shelter, many of the refugees could not adjust to living rough in the slums and fled back into the ruins of Boston and the surrounding wasteland of the Commonwealth, eventually dying to starvation or violence.[4] The weight of his supposed failure to stop his brother caused John to fall into a rut of depression and drug abuse, up to taking and getting hooked on Jet.[5] At some point, he discovered an experimental radioactive drug that he describes as producing a remarkable high, regardless of the fact that the result of it was his ghoulification, which he came to accept due to allegedly now being "immortal," or rather just aging much, much slower than humans.[6]

Even with his new outlook on life as a chem-addicted ghoul, John still had yet to hit his absolute lowest point, which came after witnessing the murder of a fellow drifter at the hands of Vic's henchmen. Despite knowing that there was nothing he could have done against the armed goons, John nonetheless considered his lack of intervention cowardly, in the same vein as doing nothing to stop his brother's purge of the DC ghouls. He talks about the aftermath of that incident as him feeling "like less than nothing." In a fit of despair, he went on a particularly intense bender of drug abuse until eventually blacking out completely.[7][8]


When he later regained consciousness, John found himself lying on the floor of the Old State House next to a set of clothes that belonged to the historical John Hancock. Reflecting on his past actions, he broke the display case and took the clothes. The ghoul set out to raise a revolutionary militia to overthrow Vic and make Goodneighbor a safe haven for drifters and the outliers of society. Temporarily going sober in preparation, Hancock gathered a crew of drifters and even convinced KL-E-0 to loan them some weapons. His group stayed away from Goodneighbor to secretly train themselves in combat tactics during that time.[8]

When the time came, Hancock and his crew gathered together one night, waiting on the rooftops and inside buildings around Goodneighbor for Vic's goons to gather. Holding off until their opponents were heavily intoxicated from a night of partying, the militia burst from their hiding spots and massacred the gangsters. His muscle wiped out to a man, it was a simple matter for Hancock and his men to storm Vic's quarters in the State House, dragging him out to be hanged by the neck from the balcony.[9]

Looking down from the balcony and seeing that most of the town had gathered to witness the commotion, Hancock issued a simple proclamation: "Of the people, for the people!" With that, he was no longer John McDonough, the Diamond City refugee, but John Hancock, the undisputed mayor of Goodneighbor.[9]

Mayor of Goodneighbor[]

By 2287, Hancock continues to serve as mayor. The majority of Goodneighbor's citizens look to him for leadership, and he acts as a source of reassurance concerning the looming synth threat from the Institute. He's had prior positive interactions with Nick Valentine to the point he considers Nick a "guest of honor" in Goodneighbor.[10] He also made a deal with MacCready sometime after the gunman left the Gunners to allow him the use of the Third Rail's VIP lounge to meet clients for his mercenary jobs.[11]

Privately, however, Hancock has been holding doubts, believing that sitting in the mayor's seat has led to him becoming too pampered and comfortable. Fearing a reprisal of Diamond City and becoming a tyrant like his brother, he longs for an opportunity to put his mayoral obligation on the backburner while he "hones the razor."[12]


Hancock is hedonistic and ruthless, but paradoxically also moral and humble. While he has a flair for the dramatic, best shown in his persona as "John Hancock," the mayor tends to emphasize his community of Goodneighbor over himself, and largely views himself as simply one of many chem addicts that call the community home, only distinct by being the one who can take charge in rough times. He also keeps a general good sense of humor about himself and others.

Likewise, Hancock largely takes a hands-off approach to governance, only stepping in occasionally when he feels that one of its rough elements is beginning to threaten the wellbeing of the community as a whole. To that end, though, he is more than willing to end the lives of even those close to him, or hire mercenaries to take out smaller factions in the settlement, fully understanding that living in the slums being seen as "soft" will invite challenges to his leadership. At the same time, Hancock enjoys seeing himself as a man of the people and will freely share his supply of chems with other members of the community, being on a first name basis with many of them.

His strong moral center is what caused his transformation into John Hancock. His disgust at his brother's exiling of Diamond City's ghoul community led him to self-exile himself in Goodneighbor, and consciously chose to take a drug that would turn him into a ghoul as he could no longer bear the sight of his own face.[13] Likewise, it led him to champion a rebellion against Goodneighbor's previous leader Vic, and assume the persona of John Hancock. To him, John Hancock represented the original rebel, someone who challenged authority and boldly declared his own name while doing so, and it is that spirit that the newly styled John Hancock tries to emulate and foster within his community of Goodneighbor.

Interactions with the player character[]

The player meets Hancock soon after entering Goodneighbor where they are accosted by Finn. Regardless of how the players reacts, Hancock tries to intervene and when Finn accuses Hancock of going soft and stating he may one day be replaced, Hancock swiftly stabs him in the gut until he is dead, and then apologizes to the player for the inconvenience. Hancock tries to welcome the player warmly to Goodneighbor, and impress that while it can be rough it stands for good values.

Not long after Hancock will be seen giving a speech at the balcony of the Old State House to the residents of Goodneighbor on the dangers posed by the Institute, and how the settlement will band together to fight them off.

Hancock usually hangs out at the Old State House, accompanied by his bodyguard Farenheit. Through Whitechapel Charlie he will contract the player to eliminate groups of Triggermen in Goodneighbor who are threatening the balance of power in the settlement. If spoken to, he can give the player a quest to investigate raider activity at the Pickman Gallery. Partway through the Silver Shroud questline Hancock will request an audience with 'the Silver Shroud' who he finds both entertaining and a positive influence, supporting Ken's comic-book inspired scheme.

The ghoul Mayor can be recruited when doing the Big Dig quest for Bobbi No-Nose. Though Bobbi presents her heist as targeting Mayor McDonough of Goodneighbor, she is in fact targeting the stash of Mayor Hancock, and Farenheit will be there guarding it, giving the player the chance to back down. When the quest has been resolved, Hancock worries that his position of power may have made him go soft, and offers to accompany the Sole Survivor in the wasteland.

As they travel, Hancock will open up about his background, coming to Goodneighbor as a typical junkie, taking a drug that transformed him into a ghoul, and leading a revolution against Goodneighbor's then leader taking power. He also reveals that he is the brother of Mayor McDonough, and how McDonough banished all of Diamond City's residents. Hancock was so disgusted at this, he went into self-imposed exile and openly questions whether he was in fact replaced by a synth.

Fallout 4[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
Paving the Way
This character is a permanent companion. They grant the Isodoped perk.
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This character starts quests.
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This character can be slept with.

Requires romance

Effects of player's actions[]

  • Reaching maximum affinity with Hancock grants the Isodoped perk, which offers a temporary 20% increase to Critical Hit accumulation when rads are at 250 or higher.
  • Hancock is a potential candidate for romance.
  • Hancock has unique dialogue if Finn is killed by the player character when first entering Goodneighbor, rather than letting Hancock do it himself.[14]
  • If Hancock is present when confronting McDonough during In Sheep's Clothing, and the synth mayor is killed, he will express regret that he hated his brother for the wrong reasons.[15]
  • If taken to Vault 81, some of the residents there will insult Hancock, to which he often responds sarcastically. He similarly cracks back at members of the Brotherhood of Steel if brought to Boston Airport and aboard the Prydwen.

Range of interests[]

Approvals Disapprovals


Location comments
Location/Requirement Comment
Diamond City, entrance "Diamond City, huh? You know they ain't real fond of Ghouls in this town."
Goodneighbor, entrance "Home sweet home."
Combat Zone, exterior "Raiders always go hogging all the nice places for themselves."
Boston Airport, before the barricades "The airport, huh? Really seein' the sights, aren't we."
Boston Airport, before the barricades after the Brotherhood of Steel arrive "Brotherhood of Steel thinks Ghouls are all monsters. Let's see 'em make a move. I'll show 'em who the monster is."
Cabot House, exterior by the shrubbery "Place looks like it opted out of the war entirely."
Parsons State Insane Asylum, entrance foyer on the rug just past the front door; during the quest The Secret of Cabot House. "They always said I'd end up in the looney bin."
Jamaica Plain, northwest road entrance, by the diner "Ain't this Jamaica Plain? Supposed to be some ancient treasure buried around here. Up for a dig?"
Vault 81, entrance walkway "Heh. Pretty sure the Vaults were built to keep riff-raff like us out."
Yangtze "This certainly counts among the stranger places I've ever been."
Libertalia, entrance "Libertalia. The only place in the Commonwealth that could benefit from an outbreak of Mirelurks."
Trinity Tower, in the lobby "Sure you don't just want to explore the lobby?"
[[]], "Doesn't look like they were expecting visitors, that's for damn sure."
The Castle, before Taking Independence "This place is the closest thing the Minutemen ever got to a memorial. Shame."
The Castle, after Taking Independence "Always wanted my own fortress."
Covenant, gate exterior "What kinda place you gotta take a test to enter?"
Bunker Hill, main gate "Heard Bunker Hill pays off the Raiders instead of just shootin' them. Where's the sport in that?"
Crater of Atom "Ground zero."
Cave (Glowing Sea), after entering the parking garage "Something ain't right in here. Where'd all the Ghouls go?"
[[]], "Aren't they gonna be surprised to see us."
Sentinel site Prescott, bomb storage room entrance "A stray shot in here and we'll all be going out with a bang."
Sentinel site Prescott, gantry just inside the main entrance "Christ. Those things ain't still armed, right?"
Sentinel site Prescott, exterior entrance "Well, ain't that ominous."
[[]], "Hey. Check your fire. Lot of fission engines down here."
Ticonderoga, penthouse foyer "Impressive hunk of sky the Railroad's carved out for themselves up here."
Old North Church, catacombs "Fanciest crypt in Boston."
Old North Church, nave "Old girl's seen better days."
Trinity Tower, on the roof "You could just drop a bullet from up here and kill someone."
[[]], "Sure hope the elevator works."
Hubris Comics, shop floor "Probably still good reading in here."
Hubris Comics, top floor studio "This is the most half-assed gun range I've ever seen."
Yangtze, after powering on the engine "Damn. And folks lived down here listening to that?"
[[]], "That is some serious hardware."
Yangtze, on the bridge "I'd love to not have to swim out of here, so maybe don't touch anything."
Starlight Drive In, in the projection room "Be able to see anything coming for miles from up here... you know, so long as they came from that way."
Starlight Drive In, at the screen "Think we missed the last show."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, Arlen Glass' office "Jeez. Looks like these folks got to skip the war."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, foyer display "You know, someone, somewhere would play real good money for that ugly thing."
Wildwood Cemetery, "Guess just throwing 'em in the nearest ditch wasn't good enough back then."
Weston water treatment plant "Oh, I am way too sober for this."
West Everett Estates, backyard bunker "Nice little place they got down here."
West Everett Estates "Well, there goes the neighborhood."
Walden Pond, just in front of said cabin. "Guess this Thoreau guy found claustrophobia inspiring."
Milton General Hospital, basement morgue "Phew. One of these is past its sell-by date."
Milton General Hospital, waiting foyer "This is just the waiting room? Guess there was real money in the suffering of others."
Vault 95, Overseer's office "Looks like someone interrupted their meeting."
[[]], "Place sure used a lot of juice."
Museum of Witchcraft, "...well at least we know whatever's up there's probably full."
Museum of Witchcraft, "The hell was that?"
Vault 75, combat training room "This really what they thought the world would look like? Not bad, actually."
Vault 75, entrance "Hello."
Vault 114, entrance construction "Looks like they were still working when the bombs hit."
Vault 111, cryonic stasis room "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get outta here..."
Vault 114, exterior tunnel construction "Well, well. Vault 114. You'd be surprised how much scum from the Commonwealth trickles in here."
Trinity Church, theatrical rigging "Huh. Not a bad setup. Guess the pastor had a sense of showmanship."
Trinity Church, nursery "Let's make this a quick one, huh?"
Thicket Excavations, before Pull the Plug "How long you think it took to fill this thing? Decades?"
The Shamrock Taphouse, after releasing Buddy during Trouble Brewin' "Don't worry, bud. We'll look after ya."
Gwinnett Brewery, brewing floor "You know, I like a drink as much as the next Ghoul, but looking around, I'm thinking I might just stick to chems."
Gwinnett Brewery, near the barrel sign "Now that is a lot of beer."
Combat Zone, outside the doors "Always figured the life of a cage fighter would be more glamorous than this..."
Combat Zone, front row "Ain't this a hell of a sight."
Thicket Excavations, after Pull the Plug "Ours to scour."
[[]], "Damn. This the same place?"
The Castle, in the tunnels "Couple tons of earth and brick resting on a centuries old foundation... sounds like fun."
[[]], "Careful. Might be Mirelurks around here."
[[]], "Having trouble imagining a worse way to go... wait. Got one."
Boston Common, just in front of the infantry fighting vehicle "Hey. This is the Common. You sure you don't just wanna go around?"
[[]], "Hey. Hold up. We got company."
South Boston military checkpoint "There has to be a way to turn that off."
Skylanes Flight 1981 "How the hell did something this big stay in the airborne?"
[[]], "They sure did a number on this place."
[[]], "Uh, watch your step."
[[]], "Looks like someone heard we were coming."
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, captain's room "Dying in your bed. That's no way to go."
[[]], "These are some lame torture devices."
[[[Ranger cabin]], outside "Hey. I think I woke up here once..."
Robotics disposal ground, in front of the sentry bot "Hey. Free ordnance."
[[]], "How long you think before the sea takes all this back?"
Revere Beach Station, end tunnel raider encampment "Those Raiders blocking the exit? And here I thought this trip was gonna be dull."
"Looks like these folks thought they'd outrun the bombs."
"Looks like she was running from something."
Quincy ruins, Freeway stronghold bridge to roof catwalks "Gonna be a hell of a show when this thing finally goes."
Quincy ruins "Quincy's Gunner territory. At least, for now."
Boston Police rationing site, in front of the trailer kiosk "Think this used to be a rationing site. Folks turned on the Boston PD, accused them of hoarding food. God, I would've like to see that."
[[]], "This thing's powered down, right? Like permanently?"
Poseidon Energy, generator room - the part past the raider defenses. "Could cook a lot of chems with this much juice."
[[]], "You wanna find out what all these buttons do?"
[[]], "What the hell is this stuff?"
Pickman's Gallery "See, this is why I got no taste for art."
[[]], "Something nasty went down in here."
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, entrance "If I wanted to live on top of my neighbors, I'd at least do it someplace with a wall."
Neponset Park, near the cabins "Lose the bloodthirsty crabs, and this place'd be real nice."
Natick power station "Looks like this place used to turn out some serious volts."
[[]], "Well, if it wasn't waterfront before..."
Nahant Oceanological Society, second floor "The Old State House in Goodneighbor used to have something like this. Best practice dummy we ever had."
Nahant Oceanological Society, research laboratory "See, this is why you don't play ball inside."
[[]], "Savage bastards."
Gorski Cabin, root cellar workshop "That what I think it is? I guess our days of losing arguments are over."
[[]], "Christ. What kinda massacre took place in here?"
[[]], "Let's see what you were hiding."
[[]], "Decent setup up they've got here. Shame it didn't help."
University Point, just inside the gate "All this? This is how the Institute deals with folks in the Commonwealth."
[[]], "You'd think with a perch like this he would've put up more of a fight."
[[]], "Hope you brought your Rad-X."
Mass Fusion disposal site, "Is water supposed to do that?"
[[]], "Here's hoping this thing doesn't decide now's the time to melt down."
Mass Fusion building, in the lobby "Can you imagine being the guy hired to paint this place? He's probably still at it."
[[]], "Little cramped down here. Mind your fire."
Mahkra Fishpacking, basement store room "Yeah, antique fish ain't a meal I'm exactly interested in."
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, after taking the lift to the basement during Mystery Meat "That bastard better hope we die down here."
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, on the canning floor "Can of Longnecks would hit the spot right about now."
Vault 81, observation room "No cost too great to control the common folk."
Vault 81, inside the secret Vault "Place just keeps going, doesn't it?"
Libertalia, entrance "Libertalia, huh? You looking to put down some Raiders?"
Libertalia, at the top of the main structure "Surveyin' the kingdom."
[[]], "You spend too long in here, you're gonna come out looking like me. Though you would make a hell of a Ghoul."
Kingsport Lighthouse, at the top beacon "Putting a giant beacon in the middle of your settlement ain't the best way to keep a low profile."
WRVR broadcast station, control room "Huh. Ain't this where the "Charles River Trio" broadcasts? Not enough Jet in the world to fix what comes outta there."
Jamaica Plain, treasure room "You gotta be kidding me..."
Jamaica Plain, security room "Someone went through a lot of damn effort to protect whatever's down here."
Jalbert Brothers Disposal, at the barn with the barrels "The Children of Atom and rads. Like Bloatflies to corpses."
Super-Duper Mart, front counters "Let's hope the rest of the roof doesn't get the same idea."
Irish Pride Industries shipyard, at the corpse of Rory Rigwell "You need more selective about your friend group, pal."
[[]], "This is some sick shit."
Cambridge crater, edge "You looking to join the brotherhood of Ghouls? I ain't sure this is how it works."
[[]], "Not a big fan of the neighborhood, but it's one fine view."
[[]], "How'd anybody get any sleep in here with all that damned light?"
Hub City Auto Wreckers, while on the crane "Gotta hand it to 'em. This is damn clever."
Hester's Consumer Robotics, entrance: showroom floor "People do anything for themselves back then?"
[[]], "This is where they decided hide? If the Ferals were looking for brains, it must've been a light meal."
College Square, the square "College Square, huh? You looking to become someone's dinner?"
[[]], "Gearhead heaven."
[[]], "Hey. Something's not right."
Fort Hagen, command center – outside the gated main room, next to the door "Fancy room for a bunch of soldiers."
Greater Mass Blood Clinic, basement storage "So this was either a blood bank or home to the laziest bunch of vampires..."
The Slog "Well, ain't that clever."
Bugged Atom Cats garage, unable to determine due to bugged content. Bugged "Now these boys know how to have some fun."
Gunners Plaza, cafeteria – before the staircase "Dome's seen better days."
Gunners Plaza, main entrance of the atrium writer's room "So this is a "writer's pit?" How the hell could anyone fight with all these desks in here?"
Walking on a mirelurk infested beach, between Reeb Marina and Gibson Point Pier. "This is one lousy shortcut."
General Atomics factory, quality assurance test chamber "The finest robot slaves money could buy."
Back Alley Bowling, at the lanes "Bowling. Sport of kings."
General Atomics galleria, at the gate "Guess they'd build a statute to anything back then."
[[]], "Stock's in decent shape. Seems these boys knew how to pick their arms."
Fort Strong, sublevel in the room before the main mini nuke storage room. "You telling me I've been using small arms for all these years while these have been just sitting here?"
West Roxbury station, platform "Looks like those things are getting power."
Forest Grove marsh "A lifetime of wet boots? No wonder folks abandoned this place."
Federal surveillance center K-21B, gantry overlook "Roomier than it looks."
Faneuil Hall, the hall "The hell are those nets for anyway? I don't think the meat's going to escape."
Concord civic access, main pipe room "Enjoy lovely downtown Concord. Honestly, I might prefer this view."
[[]], "Wanna find out if Deathclaws are light sleepers?"
Fairline Hill Estates, at the fortified house "Well, well. What do you think they're hiding in here?"
Fairline Hill Estates, at the entrance to the cul-de-sac "Awful quiet."
[[]], "They built the Mirelurks a damn ramp. Great."
Easy City Downs, in the robot maintenance shack "So this is where all the magic happens."
Easy City Downs, northern corner fence hole to the racetrack, next to the stands "Ah, the Downs. Hope we're not going anywhere for a while."
East Boston Preparatory School, third floor torture chamber "You think these were part of the original building design?"
[[]], "I don't throw the phrase "watery grave" around a whole hell of a lot. But in this case..."
[[]], "Don't slip."
Parsons State Insane Asylum, in the atrium "Even the gardens are depressing."
[[]], "What the hell was all this for?"
Parsons State Insane Asylum, in the cell block "Well, if they weren't nuts when they got here..."
[[]], "You'd think after the fourth boat, folks might get the hint."
USS Constitution, after quest the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "You gotta be kidding me."
Weatherby Savings and Loan, before the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "Huh. Always just figured I hallucinated this thing."
D.B. Technical High School, basement – after killing Bosco or at the throne "That's about the weirdest thing I've seen all day."
[[]], "Not a bad way to make an entrance."
Croup Manor, basement "So I guess we missed dinner, then..."
Crater House, edge of crater "Huh. Wouldn't expect this to be popular real estate."
[[]], "You think they accept their tolls in lead?"
Corvega assembly plant, entrance of the assembly line room "Lookin' round, the word "deathtrap" comes to mind."
Bugged Coast Guard Pier, either at the corner of the pier by the tower, or the center of the building. The super mutants were supposed to be wearing Coast Guard hats. Bugged "And here I thought they couldn't look more ridiculous."
Wreck of the USS Riptide "This kind of idiocy takes real dedication."
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, "Huh. There's a boat out there."
[[]], "Oh god. Were they using this place as their bathroom?"
Shaw High School, cafeteria "You can bet your ass no one would've skipped if they'd had these meat bags before the bombs."
Charles View Amphitheater, "What? You got the theater bug? I think caught that once."
Cambridge Polymer Labs, in the first laboratory "Whatever space-age shit they made here, it sure wasn't blast-proof."
Cabot House, laboratory "Wanderin' into places like this is how people end up lab experiments. Trust me."
Cabot House, living room "People can't actually live here, right?"
Bunker Hill, base of the monument "Don't know how that obelisk is still standing, but I don't want to be around when it finally quits."
Breakheart Banks, at the building "Can't fault 'em for wanting to carve out a life of their own. Though that life probably should've involved a bigger wall."
Boston Public Library, hall where defenses are "Rotten books and dead bodies. Pungent."
Boston Public Library, main entrance "You mind explaining to me what lions have to do with lending books?"
Boston mayoral shelter, at the basketball court "Oh yeah. This seems like a real good use of public funds."
[[]], "Sniper heaven..."
[[]], "Damn. Things got messy in here."
Beantown Brewery, bottling room floor "Never could bring myself to drink this stuff sober."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the fountain "Now this is my kinda art."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the escalators "This some sort of "moving target" thing?"
Joe's Spuckies (Southie speakeasy), speakeasy stairway "Huh, place is like the Third Rail... with less gunfire."
The Switchboard, the foyer of the agency "Defense Intelligence Agency, huh? Think they might've dropped the ball."
BADTFL regional office, evidence lockup "Jackpot."

Other interactions[]

  • When talked to, Hancock will occasionally give a single unit of a random kind of chem, similar to Piper giving sweets and MacCready giving ammo.
  • If spoken to after gaining more than 500 affinity, Hancock refers to the Sole Survivor as his friend. It is then possible to flirt with Hancock, and by passing his Speech challenge he will mention that he has impure thoughts about them, and hints at acting on those thoughts. This is obtainable without the Silver Shroud costume while he is a companion and flirting within the second private conversation.
  • When the player character travels nude across location borders, one of Hancock's comments is to call them "emperor," a reference to the Danish folktale The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • When the player character travels through an open, exposed area for a long time, one of Hancock's comments is to call them "Napoleon" and remark on their "poor tactical position," a reference to the French emperor and military commander Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fallout: The Board Game[]

Hancock can be found randomly when taking a card from the loot deck. While Hancock is the active companion, the player character can exhaust him to move one enemy to their space and fight it. If the player character fails to kill that enemy, he must be discarded.

When the player character performs the camp action, he will become unexhausted. However, if the player character does not have Perception at that time, he must be discarded.



  • According to dialogue when swapping companions, Hancock likes Cait, MacCready, Nick Valentine, Codsworth, Curie, Piper, and Strong; he is neutral with Dogmeat, Preston Garvey, Deacon, and X6-88; and he dislikes Danse.
  • If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111, he will say "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get out of here..."
  • Hancock has participated in the services of the Memory Den at least once, according to a client profile on Irma's terminal.[16]
  • According to Deacon, Hancock turns a blind eye to the Railroad's activities in Goodneighbor. This can also be noted by the existence of a "Join the Railroad" holotape on his coffee table.
  • Hancock mentions that his chem of choice is Mentats because they make him feel "intellectual."[17] He has the second-highest Intelligence S.P.E.C.I.A.L. score of the companions, at 14.
  • Hancock's red frock coat incorporates an American flag as a sash over his waist.
  • It is possible that settlers in the settlements have a short conversation where they call him mayor and talk about their owing him money, indicating that they once lived in Goodneighbor.
  • Piper considers Hancock as her "second least favorite mayor," referring to Mayor McDonough.
  • Sometimes, if the player character shoots a firearm outside of combat, Hancock will comment "Wait, you see 'em too?"

Notable quotes[]

  • "Of the people, for the people."
  • "Plenty of folks wanna make life hard for people just tryin' to survive. I'm not willing to stand for that kinda shit."
  • "What kind of settlement requires a test for entry?" – Referring to Covenant.
  • "Whoa, the Downs. Hope we're not going anywhere for a while." – Referring to Easy City Downs.
  • "That kinda bull is the reason I became mayor in the first place." – Referring to The Big Dig
  • "Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get outta here..." – If taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111.
  • "If someone needs help, we help 'em. If someone needs hurting, we hurt 'em. It's not hard."
  • "Like it? I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look. Big hit with the ladies."
  • "Hey, does that play "Red Menace?" Love that damn game." – Accessing a terminal
  • "Looks like you can use a little pick me up." – Said when initiating dialogue with him as a companion (and him giving the player character a random chem)
  • "Whoa ho ho, I like you already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice." – referring to the Sole Survivor killing Finn
  • "Listen close. It's the last thing you're ever gonna hear." – When Sinjin tells the player character to stop speaking as The Silver Shroud
  • "Christ, it's bright in here. Clearly they didn't consider some folks might be nursing hangovers. " – Possible comment when entering Vault 81.
  • If completing The Big Dig with Bobbi No-Nose:
    • "How you doin' killer? Arms tired from all that digging? You know, my strongroom is surprisingly empty now..."
    • "Now if it was just the money, I'd rough you up, break a few bones, and then we'd be square once you paid me back. But you killed Fahrenheit. That means blood for blood."
  • When traveling naked:
    • "Hey Emperor, love the outfit."
    • "Let them stare."
    • "Don't mind me, just enjoying the view"
  • When committing Cannibalism:
    • "Suppose they're...beyond caring at this point"
    • "You...you do what you gotta"
    • "That one...all yours"
    • "At least you have the politeness to wait til they're dead"
  • When using chems:
    • "Two a day, keep reality at bay."
    • "Lean back and enjoy the ride."
    • "That's a good one, take it all in."
    • "Never trip alone."
  • When getting Addiction:
    • "You feel as bad as you look?"
    • "Wow, how much did you take?"
    • "'ay, you should slow down, and that's ME saying that"
  • When not responding while talking with him:
    • "Did I say something wrong?"
    • "You wanna talk? Make me a little nervous over here."
    • "What gives? I thought we were talking."
    • "Did your chems just kick in or something?"
    • "Like talking to a brick wall."
    • "Hmm, lights are on but no one's home."
    • "What? Mole rat got your tongue?"
    • "Uhm... You alright?"
    • "You check out on me?"
    • "Anybody in there?"
    • "That's right. Take it all in."
  • After committing to a close relationship
    • "Words don't begin to do it justice. You, you're the best thing I got."
    • "Guess you're the piece I'd always missing...that and that toe I still can't find..."
  • "It's like I found a part of myself I never realized was missing... which happens sometimes when you're a ghoul."
    • "Nothing to lose but each other."
    • "Moments like this, I know all that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky."
    • "You sure you wanna be stuck with this ugly mug?"
  • When Lover's Embrace is activated:
    • "Morning, sunshine."
    • "Well look at you. I must still be dreamin'..."
    • "Don't mind me... just enjoying the view."
  • Upon picking up junk:
    • "Careful! You don't know where that's been."
    • "That actually worth something?"
    • "If anybody could find a use for that."
  • Upon looting a corpse:
    • "Time to collect."
    • "To the living, go the spoils."
  • When the Brotherhood of Steel arrives in the Commonwealth:
    • "Holy shit." – When witnessing the Prydwen's arrival.
    • "Brotherhood knows how to make an entrance. I'll give 'em that." – When commenting on the Brotherhood of Steel.


John Hancock appears in Fallout 4, Fallout: The Board Game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In localized versions of the game, Hancock's voice is dubbed by Roberto González (Spanish), Takaya Kuroda (Japanese) and Davide Lorenzo Palla (Italian).
  • In the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, Fahrenheit is referred to as Hancock's "main squeeze,"[Non-game 1] though her relationship marker in the game's files lists her as Hancock's daughter.[18] Neither relationship is referenced nor expanded upon in-game.
  • Cut dialogue lines from the first encounter with Finn mention Hancock as being deceased, indicating that at some point in development, Hancock would have been able to be killed.[19][20]


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Hancock can be killed by the player character regardless when he is dismissed as a companion.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Hancock issues a misc quest to investigate Pickman Gallery, but if he is available as a companion, on returning to report to him there will be no dialogue available to complete the misc quest. This is also the case with the interaction with Hancock in The Silver Shroud mission. To finish this quest, speak with Hancock and let him join as the companion. Then speak with him again and in dialogue, there will be an option to finish the mentioned quest. Hancock will say something like: "When I wanted you to investigate Pickman Gallery, I didn't mean you to take me there." He does it even if one didn't take him with or had another companion on that quest. After that, the quest will be finished.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 As Hancock seems to be non-essential, dismissing him while being far away from a settlement the Sole Survivor wants him to be (e.g. the Sole Survivor is at Sanctuary Hills, dismissing him back to Goodneighbor) can cause him to be killed on his journey back.[verified]


Fallout 4[]

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare[]

Fallout Shelter Online[]

Magic: The Gathering[]

Winter of Atom[]


  1. The Sole Survivor: "You and McDonough knew each other as kids?"
    John Hancock: "Oh yeah. Guy's my brother. Grew up together in a little shack on the waterfront. Guy was the standard big brother - entitled, punchy, liked to shove rotten tatoes down my shirt and slap my back. But I never thought he'd be capable of something like what they did to those Ghouls."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."
    John Hancock: "I never get many complaints. It's just real rare these days, find someone who's not just willing to take things the way they're handed to them. Too many good folks not willing to get their hands dirty and too many assholes taking advantage of it. Look at what happened to Diamond City. Before McDonough took over, it was a half-decent place to live. A little stricter than I usually go for, but not terrible. I thought he and I had a pretty happy childhood. But then he decides he's gonna try and get elected with his anti-Ghoul crusade - "Mankind for McDonough." Before ya know it, you got families with kids lining up to drag folks they called 'neighbor' out of their homes and throw 'em to the ruins."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "How could they do something like that?"
    John Hancock: "There'd always been a pretty big gulf between the folks living in the stands and folks down on the field. McDonough ran on it because he thought enough of those Upper Stands assholes would vote for him. Guess he was right."
    The Sole Survivor: "It could have gone worse. At least they left with their lives."
    John Hancock: "And how long do you think those folks lasted in the ruins? The city condemned those Ghouls to die. Cowards just got someone else to pull the trigger. I remember storming into his office above the stands after the inauguration speech. He was just standing there, staring out the window, watching as the city turned on the Ghouls. He didn't even look at me, just said: "I did it, John. It's finally mine." Should have killed him right there, but I don't think it would have changed anything. Instead I pleaded with him, begged him to call it off. He said he couldn't. He had nothing against the Ghouls. He was just carrying out the will of the people. And he couldn't betray the voters. And then he smiled. That hideous, fucking mile-long smile. He never smiled like that when we were kids. I didn't even recognize him."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "McDonough was right. He only gave the people what they wanted."
    John Hancock: "Ghouls had been living just fine in Diamond City until he showed up. You really think he's not to blame? I still wasn't a Ghoul at this point, so I didn't have to leave, but I couldn't bring myself to stay in that cesspool after that. I'd been sneakin' off to Goodneighbor for years to get decent chems, so I knew the safe routes. I managed to track down a couple of the families, lead 'em there, but most couldn't get used to the Goodneighbor lifestyle. I brought them food for a couple of weeks, but after a while, they just disappeared. Folks in Diamond City signed their death warrants and all the good people were willing to just sit by and watch. I felt like I was the only one who saw how screwed up things truly were, who couldn't just pretend things were fine. Still feel that way... or I did. Until I met you. I know I run my mouth, but having someone who sees the world for what it is and is willing to do something about it. It's meant a lot to me. I feel damn lucky to have you as a friend."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  5. Fallout Shelter Online Hero Biography
  6. The Sole Survivor: "What's your story, Hancock?"
    John Hancock: "My favorite subject. I came into this town about... a decade ago? Had a smooth set of skin back then. While I was busy making myself a pillar of this community, I would go on these... like ... wild tears... I was young... Any chems I could find, the more exotic, the better. Finally found this experimental radiation drug. Only one of its kind left, and only one hit. Oh man, the high was so worth it. Yeah, I'm living with the side effects, but hey, what's not to love about immortality?"
    The Sole Survivor: "You're immortal?"
    John Hancock: "Well... not exactly. Ghouls just age really, really slow. Something about the rads, maybe? Who knows..."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  7. The Sole Survivor: "You seem awfully torn up over Bobbi. Was there something between you?"
    John Hancock: "Nah, nothing like that. I just hate seeing guys like me use their sway to do that kinda harm. Hell, that sorta bull's the whole reason I became mayor in the first place. Some ass named Vic ran the town for I don't know how long before that. Guy was scum. Used us drifters like his own personal piggy bank. He had this goon squad he'd use to keep people in line. Every so often he'd let them off the leash, go blow off some steam on the populace at large. Folks with homes could lock their doors, but us drifters, we got it bad. There was one night, some drifter said something to them. They cracked him open like a can of Cram on the pavement. And we all just stood there. Did nothing."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  8. 8.0 8.1 The Sole Survivor: "Was there no one who could have helped?"
    John Hancock: "Who knows. Maybe. Honestly we were all so terrified, we couldn't bring ourselves to move until it was over, let alone get help. I felt like less than nothing. Afterwards, I got so high, I blacked out completely. When I finally came to, I was on the floor of the Old State House. Right in front of the clothes of John Hancock. John Hancock, first American hoodlum and defender of the People. I might've still been high, but those clothes spoke to me, told me what I needed to do. I smashed the case, put them on, and started a new life. As Hancock. After that, I went clean for a bit, got organized, convinced Kleo to loan me some hardware. Got a crew of drifters together and headed out into the ruins, started training. Next time Vic's boys went on their tear, we'd be ready for 'em."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  9. 9.0 9.1 The Sole Survivor: "A guy like that only understands one thing - swift and brutal force. You made the right call."
    John Hancock: "See, I knew you had your head on straight. So the night of, we all got loaded, let Vic's boys get good and hammered, and burst from the windows and rooftops where we'd been hiding. They never even saw it coming. We didn't have to fire a shot. We didn't have to. But we sure fucking did. It was a massacre. Once we'd mopped up, we strolled right into Vic's quarters in the State House, wrapped a rope around his neck, and threw him off the balcony. And there I am, gun in hand, draped in Hancock's duds, looking at all the people of Goodneighbor assembled below. I had to say something. That first time I said 'em, they didn't even feel like my words: 'Of the people, for the people!' Was my inaugural address. Became Mayor Hancock of Goodneighbor that day. And from then on, I vowed I'd never stand by and watch. Ever again."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  10. John Hancock: "Whoa, whoa. Time out. Nick Valentine makes a rare visit to town, and you're hassling his friend here with that extortion crap? Good to see you again, Nick."
    Nick Valentine: "Hancock."
    (Hancock's NPC dialogue and Nick Valentine's companion dialogue)
  11. The Sole Survivor: "Setting up shop? What do you mean?"
    Robert MacCready: "I needed somewhere to hang out so that people could find me when they required my services. The folks in Goodneighbor tended not to ask too many questions which suited my needs. So, I made a deal with Hancock and started waiting for the caps to roll in."
    (MacCready's companion dialogue)
  12. The Sole Survivor: "Why would you want to leave Goodneighbor?"
    John Hancock: "For one, you pulled a job on me. That means I'm getting too comfortable. Need to get out there and hone the razor. For two, Goodneighbor is about doing your own thing. If I don't leave every once and a while, the power's gonna change me. Can't have that."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  13. The Sole Survivor: "Running from yourself? What do you mean?"
    Hancock: "Well, I mean, I didn't always look this good. The drug that did this to me, that made me a Ghoul, I knew what it was going to do. I just couldn't stand looking at the bastard I saw in the mirror anymore. The coward who'd let all those Ghouls from Diamond City die. Who was too scared to protect his fellow drifters from Vic and his boys. If I took it, I'd never have to look at him again. I could put that all behind me. I'd be free. Didn't seem like a choice at all. Turns out it was just me running from somethin' else in my life."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  14. John Hancock: "Whoa ho ho, I like you, already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  15. John Hancock: "So the Institute replaced him with a synth after all. How many years was I angry at that bastard for the wrong reasons?"
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  16. Memory Den terminal entries#Client: Hancock
  17. John Hancock: "So, you got a ride of choice? I'm usually a Mentats Ghoul myself. Makes me feel intellectual."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)
  18. Relationship marker
  19. Cut content Finn: "I ain't got time to hassle ya. With Hancock gone, it's time to lay-low."
    (Finn's dialogue)
  20. Cut content Finn: "Mayor's dead. Good riddance. He was getting soft."
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