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John Aaronholt was a resident of Appalachia who died before 2102. His corpse can be found sitting a chair on the upper level of the barn at the Aaronholt homestead.


John Aaronholt lived with his brothers Lowell and Shawn at their family farm after the War. He died after being attacked by some rabid dogs who severely wounded his leg. He was unable to get medicine for his injuries as he and his brother Shawn were unable to find the key to the granary where their supplies had been stockpiled. He died convinced that Lowell had hidden the key,[1] thus condemning John to die from his infected leg and Shawn to die from radiation sickness.

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
John's last words
Flip lighter
Cigarette carton


John Aaronholt appears only in Fallout 76.