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This is a transcript for dialogue with Observer Johanna.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
83 0062D8EF 0062DBD2 You know, the Mothman Equinox is my favorite Equinox. What's your favorite Equinox? Playful
84 0062DBD3 I can't wait to see him. It's been so long. He's missed so many of my birthdays, you know. Talking as if a kid has been naughty
85 0062DBD4 We have traveled so very far to be here. I know he is happy to see our little faces, so it is all worth it. Excited
86 0062DBD5 The Wise One's secret is my secret too. I have not told them yet. No-no, I won't be telling you either. Coy
87 0062DBD6 Do you think the Dim Ones can change? If they did, we'd have less things to kill. Perhaps this way is the best. Seems concerned at first, but...
88 0062DBD7 My Mother, she wanted to be here. She never saw him again. Oh, Poppa... Feels bad for her mother
89 0062DBD8 My brother Jelle, he tried to clone him, you know? So foolish. His wisdom was not his at birth. The little ones, they eat poor Jelle. Jelle: Yell-uh
90 0062DBD9 Do you also feel the tingle in your nose when the planets align? It is very tingly. Curious
91 0062DBDA How many Equinoxes will I live to see I wonder? Could this be my last? One can only hope, yes? Death does not scare her
92 0062DBDB They say the dust may harm us if we breathe it too long. Who said so? Observer Marlon. Well, THEY told him. They told him, he told me. Referring to the voices in marlon's head
93 0062DBDC I miss him so whenever he is not here with me, my Poppa... Sad
94 0062DBDD You seek his wisdom, yes? I seek his company. Emphasis on I
99 0062DC13 I'm so happy to see him again. I wish to cry. I'm so happy! Ecstatic
100 0062DC14 Mother would be so glad. It is so good to see him. Ecstatic


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 00620E95 00620EA0 Do you smell the pleasant musk in the air? That metallic, sweet aroma? That is blood of the purest white Radstags. playful
7 But what we have is not enough. Fetch us some more, and top off our lovely blood troughs with your donations. Playful
8 How embarrassed would we be if the Wise One were to appear, and the town smelled only of the pretenders' blood? How terrible!
9 So embarrassing, really.
31 00629A75 Rip these silly vines from our precious bonfire, hm? We cannot start until you do. Playful
60 0062DC0A How cute that you would come to see me first. But, no, you must speak with the Interpreter instead. Playful
61 0062DC0B I do not like these vines. Please, make them gone now, please. Playful
62 0062DC0C The Albino Radstags offer such fun. Their bright white fur makes the blood really pop out. Each death a new art! Playful
63 0062DC0D To see the blood troughs happy makes me happy. Playful
64 0062DC0E Do you feel that? I feel that. You've done the task we placed upon you. You may have these thanks... Thanks! Playful
65 0062DC0F Mm! The dust! How I missed the dust! Enter into my lungs, pretty dust! Gleeful
66 0062DC10 I'm... Sad. I will try not to be sad, because we must not give up! Trying to cheer up
67 0062DC11 Almost now... Almost now... I'm waiting for you, Poppa... Quite excitement
68 0062DC12 Not much longer... The dust, the flames, the light, they draw you to us... Quite excitement