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T-That's f-fucking crazy! Y-you must h-have been r-really fucked up on some of Tubby's shit. I-I n-never s-saw no g-ghost w-when I stayed t-there - just a bad trip, wasn't f-fucking real.— Joey to the Chosen One about Anna Winslow

Joey is a small-time chem dealer in the western side of the Den in 2241.


Joey used to be a good kid, but ever since he hooked up with his punk friends, he has taken a turn for the worse. Joey, now 19, is a Jet dealer peddling it to the Den's denizens at a large mark up. Mom has not seen him in so long that she barely remembers his name.

Before becoming a drug dealer, Joey lived in the abandoned homes on the den and selling what he could find in them. One such home had a shiny gold locket that Joey kept for himself. However, the locket had a great significance and now some say that the house Joey got the locket from is haunted.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character is romanceable.

Requires female character

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This character is allied with the following faction(s).
  • Himself and his punks


Other interactions

  • Joey's a bit of a Jet dealer, and he will offer a piece of the New Reno experience for $500. A decent Barter skill can lower the price to $350, which is still 14 times what Jet is actually worth later on.
  • Female characters can sleep with him, without much benefit.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket 10mm pistol Anna's gold locket


Joey appears only in Fallout 2.


Sleeping with him makes him move up on the map, closer to Becky's. As soon as the Chosen One leaves the map, he will disappear, preventing the Chosen One from getting Anna's locket unless he had been robbed of it. [verified]

  • The bug can be fixed by following these steps: Exit the West Side area of the Den and, while the game is still loaded, delete the file Fallout2/maps/DENBUS1.SAV. Then re-enter West Side and the map will reset – and Joey will be with the two other thugs.