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Joel Chambers was a state senator that resided in Vault 51 and the husband of Secretary Elizabeth Chambers.


A state senator who rose to prominence with the aid of his father, Chambers made one of the earliest bids for leadership in the vault, only to fail when ZAX decided that voting could not produce a suitable overseer candidate. Chambers tried to continue in an informal leadership role, especially as the food shortages worsened, leading to violence in the vault. However, his affair with Carmen Greene proved to be his undoing and his marriage unraveled. Elizabeth was also having an affair of her own, with personal trainer Matthew Johnston.[1]

In August 2078, things came to a head. ZAX engineered a confrontation between the Chambers and their lovers, putting the four of them in one room and letting them kill one another: Elizabeth strangled Carmen, Matthew shot Elizabeth, and Joel shot Matthew before dying himself.[2][3]


Joel Chambers is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update.


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