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This is a transcript for dialogue with Joe Creigh.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00598AEF 00598B30 Aw, come on. You know I'm good for it!
2 I can do whatever you need. Reload a machine gun, carry cargo. I can even swab a poop deck if you want me to!
3 00598AF1 00598B2D Good grief, a supply req? Well, my gun's jammed and I'm not about to give up my uniform, so... req = requisition
4 Will this do? Hands player some ammo
5 00598AF2 00598B24 Hey, where are you going? That's desertion!
6 00598AF6 00598B19 Me? Private Joe Creigh. Well, Private-in-training.
7 I came up from Virginia. East Virginia? Well, I'm from the coast. East Virginia as opposed to West Virginia
8 I started out a civvy, though I guess we all do. I'm not that way anymore, though! I can fight the Reds, and I'll prove it!
9 Just as soon as I can finish that darn obstacle course.
10 00598AF8 00598B26 My whole family's in the Army! Well, they were. Before the War.
11 We've had family in the Army since 1776. It's a tradition!
12 And besides, the Reds... those bombs...
13 Who wouldn't want to join up after what they did to this country?
14 Not to mention all the other dangerous stuff out there.
15 00598AFB 00598B20 Oh! I know this one! But, uh, could I maybe get to that tomorrow? All this drilling has really worn me down. Rifles are heavier than I thought.
16 00598AFD 00598B1E Okay! Um, which question, exactly?
17 00598AFF 00598B42 Right aw- Ah. A-Are you s-serious, Sir? Having extreme second thoughts
18 I-I'm really going to go f-fight? I, uh, I wasn't...
19 You know, uh, Sarge had me... I'm on latrine duty and, uh... Sarge = Sergeant Gutsy
20 I'm going to have to belay that order on account of... well, you know... *gulp*
21 00598B00 00598B1C Roger! I'll hold down the fort. Camp. Whatever. Sir!
22 00598B02 00598B43 Still waiting on some orders. Reasonable orders.
23 00598B44 Can't wait to go fight some commies. And robots. And all that other stuff.
24 00598B45 Is it still dangerous out there?
25 00598B46 Hi again! Everything's fine here. Sarge and I are fine. Sarge = Sergeant Gutsy
26 00598B47 Hey, this is U.S. Army property! Or what's left of it.
27 00598B48 Are you here to join up?
28 00598B49 Talk to Sarge if you're reporting for duty. Sarge = Sergeant Gutsy
29 00598B4A Halt! You're trespassing. I think.
30 00598B03 00598B2B The Camp's in tip-top shape, Sir! Well, the important bits.
31 We have uniforms, weapons, and ammunition. And then there's the training course.
32 It works! I did it! Well, most of it. Okay, some of it. But it's automated and it does work!
33 You can run, jump, shoot. The rifle range is great, though it doesn't teach you how to unjam a firearm...
34 Most of all, it's safe. Unlike out there... Somber, contemplative
35 00598B07 00598B14 Understood. How about orders? Any orders?
36 00598B09 00598B17 Well if you're looking to sign up, Sarge has a whole training program set up. Sarge = Sergeant Gutsy
37 The Army automated the whole thing. And with today's recruiting standards, anyone can be a soldier now! Even me!
38 I'd make a great soldier, too. I'm real good at taking orders. Go ahead, try me!
39 00598B0B 00598B2E Well, uh, that may be the case, but don't you think it's time we rebuilt the Army? It's been years!
40 I mean, who knows how many stinking commies are still lurking out there.
41 We gotta gun 'em all down, I say. I'm ready to go. I just need the order.
42 You've got an order for me, right?
43 00598B0C 00598B3C Whoa golly, a civvy! This is Army property, so... Or, wait. Are you a soldier? A real soldier!?
44 00598B3D Marching orders?
45 00598B10 00598B29 Wow! I can't believe I'm- I mean, uh, Private Creigh, reporting for duty, Sir!
46 What's my first assignment? I'm ready for it, I know I am!