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This is a transcript for dialogue with Joe Porter.


CCDirCaravan Where do the caravans set up? Happy 25 They usually sell their stuff out front of the town. Never seem to stick around for long, though. 1
Neutral 50 I swear, those boys can't tolerate staying in one place for too long. 2
CCDirExit That's all I need to know. Happy 25 See you 'round. 3
CCDirFood Where can I get some food? Happy 25 You certainly came to the right person. What'd you like? 4
CCDirections Can I get some directions around town? Happy 25 Sure thing. Where ya headed? 5
CCFirstMeeting1A Thanks, Joe. Looks like a pretty nice place, here. Happy 15 We do our best. Well, Dom and Roe do their best. I just make sure they've got enough food so they can keep on doing their best. 6
Happy 50 You ever find yourself starving around here, drop by Dot's Diner. We don't charge much, but don't expect any more freebies. 7
CCFirstMeeting1B Pretty trusting of you. How do you know I'm not here to cause trouble? Happy 15 First clue was that you didn't shoot me. Most troublemakers I meet are just starving folks down on their luck. So, stop the starve, stop the trouble. 8
Happy 50 I can save a whole lot of trouble that way. Plus, if you're still planning on raising hell, losing out on a drink is the last of my worries! 9
CCFirstMeeting1C Unpurified water? I'm insulted. Happy 50 Sorry, but our water purifier's been on backorder for about two hundred years. {Joking} 10
Happy 10 Unless you're here to make the delivery, I suggest you be glad for what you've got. 11
CCTownHistory1 What can you tell me about Canterbury Commons? Neutral 50 Best place I ever worked in, and I guess I've worked about everywhere there is. 12
Happy 25 We get some weird types passing through, but it's stable enough for a guy to make an honest living. I don't really see what more a man could ask for. 13
CCTrade What's on the menu? Happy 25 Take a look, let me know what you want. 14
What's on the menu? Happy 10 Only the best, hand-picked from the Wastes... for what that's worth. 15
GREETING GREETING Happy 10 Just stumbled into town? You sure picked a fine day for it, with the crazies out there. Here, have a drink on the house. Welcome to Canterbury. 16
Happy 25 I'm Joe Porter. I make sure folks around here can get a meal when they need it. 17
GREETING Happy 15 What's up? 18
MS02AboutSupers Do you know anything about the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist? Happy 50 You mean, apart from having cheesy names? Actually, I think I might know something useful. 19
Neutral 50 One of the traders told me she sounded like a girl he used to know. Girl's whole family was wiped out by ants, not long before she showed up here. 20
Happy 25 But they never found any trace of her body. Said her name was "Tanya Christoff." That might just be our little AntAgonizer. 21


CCMentor2 CCMentor2 Happy 5 You oughta be proud - that's hard work. So why do you look so blue? {Warm and a little concerned} 22
CCMentor2 Happy 5 I mean it - that's hard work. But you look like you got something on your mind. What's up? {Warm and a little concerned} 23
CCMentor4 CCMentor4 Happy 40 I guess that explains all that! I think she might, Derek, somewhere down in there. {Warm and reassuring} 24
CCMentor4 Happy 40 Oh man, just like when I was a kid! Maybe you ought to go talk to her, Derek. {Warm and reassuring} 25
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Careful out there. 26
I have to go now. Happy 5 If you insist, Derek. If you wanna talk later, I'm around. 27
I have to go now. Happy 5 You're the boss, man. We can talk about it later, if you want. 28
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Any luck finding those two troublemakers, yet? 29
HELLO Happy 50 Town's a lot safer now. Thanks. 30
HELLO Neutral 50 Just stay calm. We don't need any more trouble here, okay? 31
HELLO Happy 25 Hey. 32
HELLO Happy 25 How's it going? 33
HELLO Happy 25 Hey, Derek. You did some fine work out there with those Brahmin. {Warm and genial, but not over the top} 34
HELLO Happy 25 Derek, been hearing good things about your work with the traders. Way to go, man. {Warm and genial, but not over the top} 35
HELLO Happy 25 Eating right? Hope so. 36