Joe's Spuckies sandwich shop is an unmarked location in South Boston in 2287. It was formerly a front for the Southie speakeasy.[1]


A small Joe's Spuckies diner, connected to Andrew station via Southie Speakeasy which is located underground. The diner is just north of the South Boston Police Department and south of Mass Bay Medical Center.


  • The entrance to Southie Speakeasy and thence Andrew Station can be accessed from a master locked trapdoor behind the counter. A key to the trapdoor can be found in the small theater room under the trapdoor. Therefore, with insufficient lockpicking skill one must go the other way around, through the station into Southie Speakeasy, to get it.
  • The shop may have been owned by Edward Winter, given its proximity to Winter's hideout in Andrew station and a news article in the Boston Bugle.[2]


Joe's Spuckies sandwich shop appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide: A Joe’s Spuckies coffee and sandwich emporium is simply a front for an old speakeasy.
  2. Boston Bugle building terminal entries:When approached for comment, the alleged crime boss could not be reached. In fact, his South Boston sub shop has been shuttered, and his harborside residence completely cleaned out. Eddie Winter, it would seem, has disappeared.

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