What? You destroyed the plant?! The contamination! You IDIOT. At least those ghouls are gone... Get out of my sight.

Joanne Lynette is the current First Citizen of Vault City in 2241.


Joanne has an extreme managerial, economic, and efficient personality. She's used to getting what she wants. She wasn't abused, tortured, or twisted in any way as a youngster. Privileged and superior complexities were hardwired into her head around the time she was five or six years old, and she's never been the same. She's always known that she was destined to lead the Vault 8 Citizens, and that power has gone to her head.

She's been the leader of Vault City for many, many years, and she's seen the worst that the wasteland has to offer - but rather than taking sympathy on the poor souls that have come to Vault City for protection, she has instead taken the view that these "outlanders" were simply not strong or smart enough to achieve what Vault City has, and thus, are inferior. She tends to overwork a lot, and she sees all her time as precious, giving her little patience for socializing without a purpose (i.e., if it doesn't involve politicking, she's going to be working late at the office instead) or for people dropping in and wasting her time. Though Mentats are banned in Vault City, one can attempt to steal and discover that she carries some.


As expected, Lynette has had no positive romantic relationships up until her potential relationship with Westin from the NCR in the endgame of Fallout 2. She's had little time for anything other than her job, and that's her focus. If anyone throws her job or decisions into question, she takes it as the worst sort of personal attack.

Lynette uses any negative situation involving outlanders to reinforce her beliefs and disregards or ignores any positive aspects; she's single-minded and set in her ways. The fact that she (and Vault City) had an "environmental welcome mat" stretched out for them (with the GECK) when they emerged from Vault 8 meant they suffered little hardship in comparison to other struggling communities, but this simply doesn't factor into her thinking. She believes that Vault City and the Vault citizens have survived and thrived because they are a superior breed of human - smarter, better, and more capable than the human trash that prowls the wasteland.

She is so single-minded that when informed of the Enclave's defeat she merely inquires as to the strength of their power armor and how it could help solidify Vault City's supremacy.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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Effects of player's actionsEdit

It is important to not be rude to Lynette, even questioning Vault City's policies and her decisions can result in the Chosen One being thrown out of Vault City for good, cutting off several important quests. Even if the player character attains citizenship, Lynette will still revoke it and exile them if upset. Therefore, never question Vault City's usage of "servants", claim to agree with Thomas Moore or suggest his murder, do not ask about Vault City's attitude towards outsiders, nor suggest Vault City and Gecko cooperate. Doing any of these things can result in loss of welcome.

Other interactionsEdit

  • Lynette is at first highly suspicious of the Chosen One's knowledge of the G.E.C.K. and Vaults, and demands an explanation. Once she finds out the Chosen One is telling the truth, her attitude quickly changes. This can be shown by showing the Vault 13 jumpsuit to her, and then letting her inspect Vic's water flask. She takes a somewhat more honorable role in rooting out John Bishop's connections to NCR and the raiders.
  • If the Chosen One manages to make a particularly good impression on Lynette and does Vault City and her personally a big enough favor, she may decide to confer upon them the title of Captain of the Guard.

Death animationEdit

  • Joanne Lynette notable death animation:
Joanne Lynette death animation
Joanne Lynnette death animation


Apparel Weapon Other items
Joanne Lynette's jumpsuit Mentats
Stimpak x2*
Super stimpak**

* One equipped
** Equipped


  • In one of the game endings for Vault City, her first name is spelled "Joann", yet in dialogue with Wallace (and only Wallace's dialogue), it's spelled "Joanne". By order of appearance, "Joanne" is the proper spelling.[1]
  • If the player character tells her that they are a Vault 13 descendant and shows her their canteen and jumpsuit, their Reputation with Vault City improves.
  • If the Chosen One is Idolized by Vault City, she says "Yes? What is it I can help you with?" instead of "Yes? What is it?".
  • She is one of several characters in Fallout 2 that breaks the fourth wall in her dialogue.[2]
  • After beating the game, if prompted, Lynette will hug a Chosen One with low Intelligence[3]
  • Her scripting includes granting the Chosen One Citizenship for solving the Gecko powerplant problem but it's inaccessible due to mutually-exclusive checks.


Joanne Lynette appears only in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenesEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • A cut ending would have it so that in the elections that occurred after the destruction of the remnants of the United States government, Senior Council Member McClure was to be appointed First Citizen. Under his rule Vault City cooperated with the NCR in making laws.[4]
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout 2 cut content.
  • In one of the first versions of Fallout 2, Lynette's talking head was supposed to be used as a spokesperson for a group of scientists living in the ruins of Area 51[5], which is probably why her Vault jumpsuit has such unusual design.
  • One of the designers of the Vault City area, Chris Avellone intentionally placed Mentats in her office to emphasize her hypocrisy.[6]



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