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What's that, Rex? Little Jimmy fell down the well?The Courier

Jimmy's well is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. The well is just south of Fields' shack, to the west of Nellis Air Force Base, just under the large overpass.

With the Wild Wasteland trait and Rex as a companion, sometime during the game, he will bark and by initiating conversation with him while he is doing this, a unique dialogue option to ask if a boy is in a well will be available. Rex will respond by barking and a marker will be placed on the map.


If the Courier visits the area before being alerted by Rex, the well will not be there, similar to Ranger Morales' corpse. Inside the well, along with a living mole rat, is a small, child-sized skeleton.

Notable lootEdit


Jimmy's well appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Rex alerting you to the location and the location itself are references to the television show Lassie.
  • A similar series of events takes place in Fallout 2. In Modoc, a boy named Jonny is missing. His dog will indicate that the Chosen One should look in the town well. After climbing down into the well, Jonny's BB gun can be found in the northern portion of the tunnels. Jonny himself, however, has been captured by the Slags and can be found in their underground cistern.


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