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The jet pack is a torso armor mod in Fallout 76.


The jet pack allows the wearer to propel into the air at the cost of AP. When installed on power armor this will drain fusion core power at an increased rate, similar to sprinting.


In order to craft the jet pack a power armor frame with the desired torso piece attached must be installed at a power armor station. For applicable standard armors, an armor workbench is required.

Adhesive (see table)
Aluminum (see table)
Asbestos (see table)
Nuclear material (see table)
Stable cobalt flux (see table)
Stable violet flux (see table)
Jet pack (1)
Armor type Adhesive Aluminum Asbestos Nuclear material Stable cobalt flux Stable violet flux
Raider 25 25 25 25 5 5
T-45 25 25 25 25 5 5
T-51b 35 35 35 35 5 5
T-60 45 45 45 45 5 5
T-65 55 55 55 55 5 5
Ultracite 35 35 35 35 5 5
X-01 55 55 55 55 5 5
Secret Service 35 35 35 35 5 5
Brotherhood Recon

ID table

Armor/Power Armor OMOD editor ID OMOD ID MISC editor ID MISC ID
Raider Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_Raider_Torso_Misc_JetPack 0055AEFF
T-45 Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_T45_Torso_Misc_JetPack 00183579 miscmod_PA_T45_Torso_Misc_Jetpack 00183575
T-51b Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_T51_Torso_Misc_JetPack 0018357A miscmod_PA_T51_Torso_Misc_JetPack 00183576
T-60 Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_T60_Torso_Misc_Jetpack 00125C82 miscmod_PA_T60_Torso_Misc_Jetpack 00125C85
T-65 Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_T65_Torso_Misc_JetPack 00585932 miscmod_mod_PowerArmor_T65_Torso_Misc_JetPack 005A2926
Ultracite Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_Ultracite_Torso_Misc_JetPack 0055AEFD
X-01 Power Armor mod_PowerArmor_X01_Torso_Misc_JetPack 0018357C miscmod_PA_X01_Torso_Misc_JetPack 00183578
Secret Service Armor mod_Player_SecretService_JetPack 0058D8B6 miscmod_mod_Player_SecretService_JetPack 005A2914


The jet pack is only available via crafting at power armor stations and armor workbenches.


  • Binding aid items that refill AP such as Nuka-Cola Quantum to a hotkey can be useful when using a jetpack, as one can refill their AP before they run out of AP to prolong the jetpack duration.
  • The Secret Service armor and Brotherhood recon version of the jet pack does not provide fall damage reduction and does not factor in any changes of momentum. This means controlled bursts of the jet pack cannot be used to safely jump from high distances, even if it slows the wearer down, severe impact damage will still apply.[verification needed]
  • When the server is lagging, there is a high possibility that the jetpack will send the player character into the air, which may result in death upon landing again.