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This whole thing... what I did... it reminds me of a passage I read in the Bible once. "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life present in him." I guess... I proved that one right.Jesus Sunday's holotape - Part 5

Jesus Sunday is a deceased member of the Free States whose body can be found in Appalachia.


Jesus lived with his brother, JD, at the Sunday Brothers' cabin. The two lived quite well for survivors and they had supplies, although they had some issues where their crops mysteriously disappeared. A paper note, Reminder, indicates that he knew Abigayle Singh, another Free States member.

The brothers briefly visited Harpers Ferry to try to assist the Free States effort there.[1] He had many disagreements with his brother's girlfriend, Brianna Hawke, which led to escalating confrontations as he felt she was just playing with his heart in order to get supplies.[2] The tensions resulted in Jesus accidentally killing his brother during a physical confrontation, as JD fell from a cliff to his death.[3]

Brianna found out that he killed JD and brought her group to the cabin. They tried to kill Jesus, but he killed them all. However, one of them was able to fatally injure Jesus, killing him. His corpse can be found on a small cliff near their cabin.


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Jesus Sunday's holotape - Part 5


Jesus Sunday appears only in Fallout 76.