Jessup's bandana is a unique piece of headwear in Fallout: New Vegas.


It provides no Damage Threshold but has a bonus of 1 to Perception. It looks the same regardless of the gender of the wearer.


Jessup's bandana is worn by Jessup who is located in the Great Khan hideout in the Boulder City ruins (or later Red Rock Canyon). It can either be looted from his body or be reverse-pickpocketed.


  • Jessup's bandana sits lower on the Courier's head, closer to the head's surface, which makes it clip more into the Courier's hair than normal bandanas.
  • When the Courier has the spiked mohawk hair chosen, Jessup's bandanna appears to clip inside the Courier's forehead texture.
  • By convincing Jessup to let the two hostages go via Speech check, the player can passively kill Jessup afterwards by telling Lieutenant Monroe to make his own decision about the hostage swap promise. Monroe will follow NCR's order, sending troops in to elimimate the Khans. This will result in no Karma/fame loss to Great Khans, as long as you do not kill the Khans by yourself, allowing you to loot Jessup's bandana, as well as equipment on dead combatants from NCR/Great Khans.
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