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Jeremiah's journal pages are two paper notes in Fallout 76. They are written by Jeremiah, a member of the Free States.


  • Page 2 can be found at the ransacked bunker. Before Wastelanders, it was located on the desk downstairs, near the damaged terminal. As of Wastelanders, it is now found downstairs on the floor in a small junk pile near the lockers.
  • Page 4 can also be found at the ransacked bunker, on a desk near the entrance before Wastelanders. As of Wastelanders, it is now found in a bucket on the floor in front of the wooden desk in the entrance area.


Page 2

I heard over the radio that Raleigh's called an "all clear". He thinks it's finally safe to leave the bunkers. I've been thinking of my next move. It looks like the Devil's worked this place over real good. Swamp water, red vines, creatures I ain't never seen in my life... I knew the government was using the war as some wild cover up for some experimentin' they wanted to do, but this... This is beyond what even I imagined. Ain't none of us safe out there now with what they've done.

Page 4

That's it, I gotta get outta here. I caught wind of a strange transmission cutting in and out over my radio, and think the feds might've found me. Time to leave this place behind before they can track me down and lock me up. I ain't no man's guinea pig, and I sure as hell can't put up with no torture. I got the essentials packed and my shotgun loaded. Think I'll aim for over the mountains. Might not be so bad that ways if they blocked any of the fallout. I can check on my old moonshine shack and see if she's still standing.