And my dad says that I'm gonna have to marry smelly ol' Jenny Wilson some day.Junior Smith

Jenny Wilson is the daughter of Bill and Martha Wilson in Andale in 2277.


Jenny is Bill Wilson's daughter. Her parents are pleased that she and neighbor Junior Smith seem to get along so well.[1]

According to Old Man Harris, Jenny is the result of incest. Her parents, Bill and Martha Wilson are brother and sister. According to Andale residents, she is supposed to marry her cousin Junior Smith when she grows older.

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  • Our Little Secret: If the Lone Wanderer decides to cooperate with the families and keep their secret, Jenny stays with her family. If the Wanderer decides to free the town of its residents (excluding Old Man Harris), Jenny and Junior Smith will go to live with Old Man Harris, who expresses delight to the player character.


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Dirty pre-War kid's outfit


  • When spoken to, Jenny will speak to the Lone Wanderer in short statements and dialogue choices will be non-existent (similar to a conversation with C.J. Young at Rivet City), except in some rare cases where dialogue can be opened, but Jenny's responses will be without a voice. Here, the only way to know what she is saying will be to read subtitles.
  • Like Junior, she is unaware of the moral atrocities being committed in the town.


Jenny Wilson appears only in Fallout 3.


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