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Initiate Jennings is a fallen initiate within the elite Lyons' Pride of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2277.


Unfortunately, Paladin Vargas, whose job is to train initiates and steer them away from heavy fighting, has failed in this responsibility. His oversight has recently resulted in an attack on a group[1] of Brotherhood of Steel Initiates. Initiate Jennings bore the full brunt of a super mutant attack, and recently succumbed to the wounds.[2]

During the main quest Following in His Footsteps, certain quest paths allow the Lone Wanderer to emerge from the Chevy Chase North metro station, only to be surprised by two super mutants, who are soon engaged by Sarah Lyons, Paladin Vargas, and his charge Initiate Reddin. After the two super mutants are dispatched, the player character moves with the Lyons' Pride members down an alley. At a corner they see Knight Captain Colvin firing on some super mutants. Initiate Jennings is already dead, on a mattress on the ground next to Colvin, still armed with a laser pistol and wearing his power armor, but with his power helmet off and beside him. Several energy cells can be found next to his head.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character has no special interactions.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Power armor AEP7 laser pistol Brotherhood of Steel holotag


  • If one resurrects Jennings through console commands on the PC he will proceed to the Rivet City market. When the player character speaks to him he will say "Hello" and the only thing they can say to him is "I have to go now" where he will end the conversation with "Goodbye". This is due to the fact that Jennings is given the A.I. packages of Harkness, something that shouldn't matter in the normal game anyway because he will always appear dead.
  • The energy cells found beside his body are strangely larger than average ones.


Initiate Jennings appears only in Fallout 3.


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