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I really didn't do it on purpose or anything, it just kinda happened. You know, darlin, I think a lot of people these days are just looking for some human companionship and kindness. There's enough to worry about in this world we live in, but having a family helps you carry that burden.

Jennie Brown is the leader of the Villagers at The Retreat.


Prior to the Great War, Jennie lived with her family spending her days watching television and gossiping.[1] Her family perished in the War, and she dealt with this by offering companionship and kindness to survivors she met in the wasteland, with many deciding to follow her.[2] She became the leader of her new "little family", following a nomadic lifestyle and regularly recruiting people while traveling, going at least as far as Georgia.[3]

The group eventually became too large to continue wandering, and so decided to settle down,[4] electing to settle in Appalachia after hearing talks about other groups returning to the region.[5] They declined to join with the Settlers at Foundation because they wanted to keep their independence and to avoid "the drama" between Foundation and the Crater.[6] The group eventually chose to live in the treehouses in the Mire due to the tactical advantages living high above the ground presented.[7]

Describing herself now as the "mama hen" of her "little family", Jennie and her villagers have recently been threatened by a Blood Eagles leader named Dagger.[8] Initially, Dagger sent some spies who pretended they wanted to join the group right after settling in the treehouses. After Jennie and her group finished establishing a base, the spies left and reported back to Dagger. The following day, Dagger and her Blood Eagles showed up and demanded some of the group's stockpile,[9] including food, water, and medical supplies.[10] Enough food is being taken that some people in the group are starting to go hungry.[11] One discontent villager considered joining Dagger instead of starving to death in a "stupid" tree.[12] Jennie mentions if Dagger was alone, then she would have already tried to kill Dagger herself.[13]

Interactions with the player character[]

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Disarming Discovery


Disarming Discovery: The Vault Dweller aids Jennie Brown and her villagers by dealing with Dagger and the Blood Eagles at Dagger's Den. After Jennie has her supplies back, the Vault Dweller may choose to give Jennie and her villagers some weapons to defend themselves with. Jennie will be pleasantly surprised, but wonders if the Brotherhood of Steel would condone such an act.


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Jennie Brown appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


  1. Vault Dweller: "What was your life like before the bombs fell?"
    Jennie Brown: "Well, I spent my days watching television and gossiping with my gal pals. Nothing too exciting, but boy would I give anything to have one boring day again. I had a beautiful family with two precious grandbabies. I loved them bunches and bunches, more than anything in this whole wide world. This family I've created will never replace them, but it helps with the loss a little bit. Ya know what I mean?"
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "What made you gather all of these people together?"
    Jennie Brown: "I didn't really do it on purpose or anything, it just kinda happened. I think a lot of people these days are just looking for some human companionship and kindness. There's enough to worry about in this world we live in, but having a family helps carry that burden with you."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  3. Jennie Brown: "This place isn't quite Georgia, but the humidity's sure trying."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
    Note: This quote is ambient dialogue.
  4. Vault Dweller: "Where did you live before the Retreat?"
    Jennie Brown: "We were nomadic before we came to Appalachia. It worked out well because traveling around meant finding more people to add to our family. We've grown quite a bit, though, so it only made sense to set down some roots."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "Why did you want to come to Appalachia?"
    Jennie Brown: "Even though we were able to get by well enough traveling, we grew past the point where it wasn't sustainable anymore and we needed reliable trade. While going from place to place, we started to hear talks about people coming back to Appalachia and it seemed as good of a place as any. Plus, I've got some youngins talking about starting families, bless their hearts. Kids need all the stability that they can get in this unstable world, so it made sense to find a place we could call home."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  6. Vault Dweller: "Why don't you live in Foundation with the Settlers?"
    Jennie Brown: "We just want to be on our own and don't want to get wrapped up in the drama between Foundation and Crater."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  7. Vault Dweller: "Why did you choose to live in treehouses?"
    Jennie Brown: "Well, since we're higher up we've got good sight lines all around us and are able to protect ourselves pretty well from the local, uh, wildlife. These houses were already built too, which made it quicker for use to get set up. Besides, it makes me feel like a kid again!"
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  8. Jennie Brown: "Hello there, stranger. What can I do for you?"
    Vault Dweller: "I'm here on behalf of the Brotherhood."
    Jennie Brown: "Well aren't you just the cutest Brotherhood member I've ever seen! My name is Jennie Brown and I'm the mama hen of this little familty here at the Retreat. Lately my kin have been harassed by a woman named Dagger and her Blood Eagle Raiders. She's causing all my people to go hungry and threatening our lives."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  9. Vault Dweller: "When did she start harassing you?"
    Jennie Brown: "She sent some of her Blood Eagles to pretend like they wanted to be a part of our community around the time that we first got set up here. After we became established and got our own stockpile of supplies, those Blood Eagles disappeared and must've told here that we were now a worthy target. She showed up the next day with those sons of bitches, demanding a cut of our supplies. Now we're more careful about who we let in, so please forgive anyone who might be, ya know, standoffish."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  10. Vault Dweller: "Do you have any useful information about Dagger?"
    Villager: "I went out hunting shortly after one of her weekly collections and tracked her Lieutenants to see where her hideout is. I lost their trail and wasn't able to get the exact location, but I do know that they're somewhere to the southwest. If you find her, kill her. Her and her damn Blood Eagles are taking our food, water, stimpaks, everything. All in exchange for allowing us to keep our lives."
    (Villager's dialogue)
  11. Vault Dweller: "What supplies has she been taking?"
    Jennie Brown: "Food and medical supplies, primarily, two of the most needed things in order to survive in this world, of course. We've been having to ration out our food so that everyone only gets one meal a day. That's not enough to live on and people are starting to go hungry."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)
  12. The Dagger dilemma
  13. Jennie Brown: "I'm telling you, if they didn't follow her everywhere she went, I'd have already tried to put her six feet under."
    (Jennie Brown's dialogue)