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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jen.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
11 004058F9 0041B75C I take it you talked to Paige? excited
12 0055DE73 What's on your mind?
13 00564302 Wow, I feel like we are actually, finally going to find it after talking to Penny. I've never been this close. So, you ready to go?
14 00575B4E Sorry, I need a moment. Can I just talk to you later, at Foundation?
15 00584874 Hey, I got the suit. Looks like we're good to go.
16 0058570B Thank you for sparing my life.
17 00590A38 This is... I can't believe what's happening. I was certain that they killed her but here she is... working for them? It's too much to consider. emotionally conflicted
18 00590A3B So, this is how it ends... cold, regret
19 00590A3C I honestly can't say how relieved this makes me. There's still so much we need to figure out, though.
20 0059C266 I don't want any trouble. I'm here against my will.
24 005A23C7 Oh, it's you again. Hey.
25 0041B726 0041B752 Uhh... sure? That'd be great, actually! It had this biometric encoding and I think it'll work for a close relative like me but um, let's talk later. taken aback by penny caring more about spy gadgets than being vengeful about spies, really happy she's going to help
26 You said you're recalibrating the robot? To do what exactly?
29 0041B728 0041B74D Yes, they were spies. My parents were spies. They're both dead, alright? I was born here, I don't know about any of that. nervously admitting something that might put you in danger
31 0041B72A 0041B75E What, speak Chinese? I mean, it's been a while, but yeah. guarded, trying to get back to questions not about yourself
34 0041B72C 0041B762 Bai yuanquan... White... fountainhead? Uhh... Oh, Whitespring! Duh. (bai2 yuan2quan2) Sounding something out, coming to a realization while translating a location's name - ask MJ if you need them to speak chinese
35 Why seven though?
38 0041B72E 0041B74C The entry you're looking for would've been broadcast daily since about... eleven years ago. Just read the stuff in brackets at the end when you find it.
39 0041B72F 0041B753 These logs look encoded, but like nothing I've seen before... I see the numerical headers you mentioned, though!
40 0041B730 0041B75F Yep! Look for an entry that begins with 58 when you're in. That should list any entries related to our target.
43 0041B73D 0041B764 Alright! I'll see if we have anyone around here who can help out with the next part.
44 0041B740 0041B74E Ah, no. I've been trying to find something for years and I'm so close now. So, yeah. I'm pretty firmly set on this. you think that's kinda rude but you need them to help
45 0041B742 0041B761 Liberators like to gossip, speaking in lay terms. They ping each other whenever they see something interesting. It's actually kind of a design flaw.
46 0041B744 0041B756 So okay, hilariously... I'm looking for something that is designed to be invisible. Untraceable. Glad to help but this helps you too
47 It's a suit that hides you from everything, even laser detection grids. Which will help out with Vault 79, right? rhetorical question, very excited
48 0041B746 0041B74A I did and I do, yep! But there's something we need to take care of first. It'll be worth it. excited to help and get help
49 0055D8A6 0055D8B8 Because then the facility will almost certainly go into complete lockdown and you'll have to wait until it cycles back up.
50 0055D8A9 0055D8C4 Government facilities usually have a lot of security redundancies. There's almost no way to cut the lines fast enough to get past their laser grids.
51 So what if security just can't even see that you're there? That's what this tech does, and I know how to operate it.
52 0055D8AA 0055D8B3 Are you just agreeing out of anxiety? Okay, I'll try to boil this down while sounding five percent less confusing. Let's see...
53 We need to go take out a Liberator bot to see if it has a record of another piece of Chinese tech coming through here.
54 0055D8AB 0055D8B6 Potentially a lot of things were watching, but there's one that would've been designed to see it. Probably also relay that sighting, too.
55 But just sending that update could blow your cover, if you did it directly. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?
56 0055D8AC 0055D8B4 Nothing is completely untraceable. Think of it like a swimmer that's underwater. It might take a while but they have to pop up for air, right?
57 So there are always brief moments of exposure, even if it's only exposed to certain eyes. You get what I'm saying?
58 0055D8AE 0055D8B5 I know it's asking a lot, but you just gotta trust me for now.
59 0055D8AF 0055D8B9 I didn't have much choice in the matter, I assure you. Can we hold any further questions until I get to the point?
60 0055D8B1 0055D8B2 Would you believe me if I told you I learned about it from a spy?
61 0055DE13 0055DE18 Hornwright, huh? I'll bet she is. Alright, thanks for the heads up!
62 0055DE14 0055DE1A I need to find someone good with robots. I'm alright with electrical stuff, but it's a software issue.
63 0055DE15 0055DE1B Yep. Exactly! Hey, you're pretty good.
64 We're in luck, because I already know what was carrying the proxy signal. Liberator bots.
65 0055DE16 0055DE19 Hey, at least you're honest about it. Can you hold further commentary until the end, if you think I'm just wasting your time?
66 0055DE17 0055DE1C Believe what you like, just give me the chance to prove it to you.
67 0055F9E4 0055F9F5 Alright, let's get this party started!
68 Oh, Penny showed me how to send a transmission to your Pip-Boy directly. In case you didn't know why you're hearing my voice suddenly.
69 I'm not a ghost, I swear. laughingly
70 0055F9E5 0055F9F1 Wow, existential. For a perfectly preserved slice of pie maybe? I'd kill someone for a great slice of pie, full disclosure. Mostly kidding but you love your pie
71 If you help me find the robot, we can find a spy suit, and then I can wear the spy suit for the vault job. Got it?
72 0055F9E7 0055F9F3 Well, you'd be wrong then. You don't need to be such a jerk, I just want to help. This actually hurts your feelings
73 0055F9E9 0055F9F6 Oh. Well, my parents both used to take me along when they went... scavenging. They were really good at it, so I picked up some good pointers. scavenging in a loose sense
74 So I guess I've been doing this most of my life. I'd guess a lot of people born after the war and outside of vaults could say the same. shrug
75 0055F9EB 0055F9F7 Excellent, thank you for the heads up! I was just going to read Paige's diary to find out who to talk to.
76 0055F9ED 0055F9F2 I feel like I recognize that name... is she good with robots? I can do electrical stuff but hacking and whatnot is beyond me.
77 0055F9EF 0055F9F4 Yes! Exactly. This tech allowed for other tech from the same origin to see it and report back. If the wearer wasn't where they were supposed to be... you're talking to someone smart like you, what a relief!
78 BANG! hyper person explaining that something would get you shot
79 Right? Yeah, so we just have to get that other tech, which is easy to find by comparison, and check its logs. Answering your own question because it's too exciting
80 Which means that we need to go out and grab one of those jumpy little Liberator bots. Yeah, the untraceable spy tech? It's Chinese. You should probably cut down on the energy drinks, to like ... only 100 a day
82 005600C8 005600CA Thanks again for lending a hand.
83 005642E7 005642FC Because it's complicated. It's hard to know how someone will react, even though I'm not responsible for my parents actions.
84 005642E9 00564304 Okay, fair enough.
85 005642EB 005642FE I'm not a communist. Yet the glory of unfettered capitalism is all around us. We're standing in its ruins. You do see that, right?
86 You can revel in it all you like, but it still stinks of death and idiocy to me.
87 I'm not interested in continuing this conversation. So ask me something else or let's get a move on.
88 005642ED 00564305 I honestly have no idea. I was born here sometime after the war and I've lived here my whole life. Mostly in the Capital Wasteland.
89 My parents didn't talk about it much. I know they didn't want to go back, that they weren't supposed to have me or fall in love with each other.
90 We were just a normal family of survivors, except sometimes my parents had to go do things. Then one day my mom just never came home.
91 005642EF 005642FF You shouldn't trust anyone out here, not really. Just let my actions speak for themselves.
92 005642F1 00564306 I'm telling you that I'm not. Are you exactly like your parents?
93 005642F3 00564300 Okay, ask me anything you want to know.
94 005642F5 00564307 Sounds like a plan. Oh, don't forget our little recalibrated friend here. giving someone a hand-held robot
95 005642F7 00564301 Really? Alright, but before I go I should probably talk to Paige. I can catch up with you later, but I want to be the one to tell him about my folks.
96 005642F9 0056430B To find the tech if it's nearby still and not shoot at anyone along the way. Maybe if you take it to the seventh hole it'll pick up the signal again?
97 I'll get the lab ready for when you get back! Be safe out there, you two!
98 005642FA 00564303 Wait, so my mom's last known location was... a golf course? I don't get it. Completely baffled
99 I can't imagine there's anything spy-worthy there. What the heck would she be doing there? baffled, thinking aloud
100 005642FB 005A2B7F Ah, hello again! Put that robot on my workbench, will you? Just noticing a friend arrive in the middle of talking to someone else
101 005672A0 005672C4 Are you serious right now? Yes, we got the tech. I'll be ready. You know, I heard that Paige was looking for you.
102 005672A2 005672B6 Uh, yeah. I got it. I'm letting Penny take a look now, but it looks like it'll be ready when the time comes.
103 005672A4 005672C6 I didn't think it was going to be that hard, going in. I didn't even remember her face, not really.
104 I think I want to bury her next to my dad after all this is over with.
105 Feels weird to leave Foundation behind though. The people here, Paige especially, have really been a second family to me.
106 005672A5 005672B9 Thanks, I appreciate hearing that. Just so you know, I haven't decided yet. But I want you to know that I will be here to help with the vault, no matter what.
107 00567E1A 00567E1D Yes, she did bad things. Ignoring that she didn't have a choice in the matter, you should learn the difference between revenge and justice.
108 00567E1B 00567E1C I don't think anyone's ever prepared for that kind of loss. I feel like I need to find her so I can move on, but I also don't feel ready for it.
109 0056DC95 0056DC97 Okay, basically go kick the crap out of a Liberator bot and then collect it for me, okay? I'm going to see if it saw our other Chinese tech. you're like: ugh fine, be boring then
110 It makes you invisible, sorta. Basically. eyeroll
111 0056DC96 0056DC98 Okay, so the tech makes you go invisible but it can't do it all the time. It uses a lot of power and has to turn off sometimes.
112 When the power runs out, things that know to look for it are going to be able to track it. Specifically things that are from the same manufacturer .
113 Those things might relay the sighting, just because most everything keeps a log of what it sees. A memory. Right?
114 00575B3F 00575B50 *speaking chinese* "Mom, is that really you? You're alive!" ask MJ for chinese if needed. Excited but confused
115 Wait-how can you be alive mom? Why are you here? What is this place? in english. you're hurt, she left and never came home
120 00575B42 00575B58 Oh, I talked to Paige, and we're all good here. He gets that we don't pick our parents. Stuff was always hard with them. It's been better with the Foundation crew.
121 Whoa, hey! Lots of new signal contacts... are you coming up on Beijing or something?
122 I'm getting suited up now, I'll head out as soon as I can. Just try to be careful out there, okay?
123 00575B43 00575B53 It looks like the Liberator is homing in on the last known location of the tech now.
124 Which I guess I don't need to tell you, since you're probably watching the little thing scoot around right now.
125 Unless you left it all alone in the world to loot something? I'd understand if you did. Robots are slow.
126 00575B4C 00575B57 Be safe out there!
127 00578259 0057825A Hey, there you are! I'm here, I caught up- Maybe slightly winded and worried, but overall just glad to catch up to the player.
129 00583E3C 00583E8F Sounds good. And hey, thanks again.
130 00583E3D 0058486E You don't happen to have a piece of Derrick's blackberry pie, do you? I bet-nah, I'm good. Sorry, bad joke. I'm all good to go. joking
131 00583E3E 00584868 She's going to meet up with me after we hit Vault 79. I need to tell Paige about the risk before she comes here. I want to be better about being honest.
132 It's hard to tell the truth when you're afraid of getting hurt, but you and Paige have really helped me out when you didn't have to. It's taught me to trust. A bit.
133 00583E3F 00583E75 I'll finish up here and then meet you back at Foundation, okay? I need a moment. Very neutral, emotionally tired - your mother might've just died or moved in with you (which is worse?!)
134 00583E40 00583E87 It's got a biometric lock on it, buddy. Sorry. It was a bit of a gamble whether I'd be able to wear it. Maybe we can do something, though. wry, they might not be joking about only helping you to steal your stuff
135 00583E43 00583E7A I guess you're right. Hell of a thing to be forced to throw away, though.
136 00583E44 00583E7C You're probably right. I don't want anyone to be in danger because of it, but I trust both Penny and yourself to find a way.
139 00583E47 00583E8D I don't see how. I'm just so mad. Nothing makes sense right now. mad and sad
140 00583E48 0058486F Did you know that dad died because he thought he saw a signal from her? It was a transmission, too garbled to understand, just some raider trap. hurt, angry. bad memory
141 He died trying to find her and she's been here the whole time! I wasn't mad at her before when I thought she was dead. But I can't reconcile this.
142 00583E49 00583E8C I... think I can do that. Mom, what do you say? What if I can help you hide out? We can make it work, can't we? trying to reconcile, but afraid of rejection
143 00583E52 00583E76 What do you mean?
144 00583E53 00583E88 Yeah. We are.
145 00583E54 00584869 I can help you, if you let me.
146 00583E55 00583E7B Yeah. I should.
151 00583E59 00583E91 Oh. Uh... Yeah. I hope so. another way to resolve the situation with your mom
154 00583E5B 00583E92 Why'd you do it? Why'd you leave? Did you know that dad died the very next winter? Did you know that I'd be all alone out there? hurt, accusing
155 00583E5C 00583E82 Wait!
157 00583E5E 0058486B No... you're right. It's a terrible choice and not one anyone should ever have to make... let's just get this over with, then.
158 00583E5F 00583E84 That's right! I get that it's hard not to assume things are hopeless but you've been trained to hide. You should at least try. player makes a good point about trying to saving your mom
159 00583E61 00583E7F I guess-I don't know! I'm so upset! Hoping there's a way out of this hard choice, but she can't see it
160 00583E62 00583E90 Yeah. You're right. Let's end this.
161 00583E63 00583E81 Yeah, no... you're right. It's never going to sit well with me unless I handle this myself.
162 You never loved me. You left me to die. You're a monster. in mandarin, angry and betrayed, cold
163 00583E67 00583E7E Wait! Player decides to shoot your mom in front of you before you could reconcile your shitty relationship with her
164 00583E68 00583E8B Thanks. This will just take a minute. I can't believe that anything she's going to say will make up for abandoning her family. Angry, cold, calm
165 00583E69 0058486A I agree that she's not going to just give up the tech and walk away. I need to say some things to her, though. wary, maybe uncomfortable
166 00583E6B 00584871 How can someone do that to their own child, though? How do you just leave them to make their own way in this world? angry, confused
167 It's asking a lot for me to forgive her. cold
168 00583E6D 0058486C No, you're right. She abandoned me, let me think she was dead, and for what? Misguided patriotism.
169 Let's just get the suit and go. She's been dead to me for a long time.
170 00583E6F 00583E78 We came here looking for your corpse. I needed a suit but... I buried dad with his, years ago. I couldn't get it off. He was killed in it. horrible memory
171 I didn't know you were alive down here. How could I? You left. You left is angry, bitter. Child talking to their deadbeat parent.
172 Just don't move, okay? I'm trying to think of a way where you walk out of this. Where we don't just kill you along with everyone else down here. conflicted
175 00583E73 00583E79 This is what you wanted. This is your fault! like...literally executing your estranged deadbeat assassin mom..?
176 0058F273 0058F274 Uh, obviously? I get that. like whatever tho
179 00590A27 00590A32 If she really just wants to be alone, then that's her choice. We'll take the suit and go.
180 00590A28 00590A3D So how does this work, how can we save you? Let's figure this out.
185 00590A2A 00590A34 Wait! Don't kill her. Mom, just give us what we need. You can hide from them. You don't need to die today! Just let me help you. begging
186 Mama, please. Don't let it end like this. in mandarin
187 00590A2B 00590A3E I agree... just not sure if she's going to make it that easy for us.
188 00590A2D 00590A35 You're probably right. Dying now is easy, just like leaving us was easy. Living would be the hard way. bitterly
191 00590A31 00583E74 Thanks. This will just take a minute. I can't believe that anything she's going to say will make up for abandoning her family.
206 0059CA7A 0059CA7D Ohh, of course! We were planning to pick apart one of those air purifiers to see if we could get them going again. I'll have to ask her about that too.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
89 0058F93D 0058F941 Well that's just great. No Doctor Hornwright means no heist.
90 0058F942 Where the hell's Penny?
91 0058F943 Something tells me that Penny's in trouble. I'd bet on it.
92 0058F944 I don't like just waiting around like this.
97 0058F94B That's just perfect. Doctor Hornwright is a Raider hostage. What else can go wrong?
98 0058F94C I guess it's all up to you.
99 0058F94D I knew it! I knew something was wrong with Doctor Hornwright.
100 0058F94E Well this is just great. Kidnapped by Raiders. Wonderful.
129 0059C5A2 Hey! I can't believe we did it. I mean, I believed in us, but we're still us. You know? Amazed your ragtag band of buds did something important/cool
376 0059E0DA 0059E0EA Bye! I'll see you around ... even if we're not doing anything wild and heroic like this. We can always just hang out.
377 0059E0EB Bye. It's been strange ... but I'm glad we met.
378 0059E0DB 0059E0E6 Mom and I are going to put it on some skeleton and burn it up, hopefully that will throw anyone who cares to look off of her trail.
379 It's just too risky to keep around. Anyway, Penny said it's really unsafe to wear, even if we could remove the trackers and biometric requirements.
380 0059E0E7 I'm going to destroy the mechanism and then bury it with my mom.
381 When Penny took a look at the suit, she found a bunch of serious safety issues. So it's just not worth the risk, even if the trackers could be removed.
382 0059E0DC 0059E0DF I'm going to help my mom get settled in at Foundation, show her all our decadent consumerist ways. joking
383 Samuel told us about a doctor who can change your face ... so we might look at doing that down the road. If they can do it for a ghoul.
384 0059E0E0 I'm thinking about taking my mom back north to be buried next to my dad, but I might wait and see if Samuel wants to go with.
385 Traveling by yourself is always risky. I'd ask you to come but ... you were there when she died. Samuel's just ... uncomplicated by comparison. Y'know?
386 0059E0DD 0059E0E3 I'm good! Suit's kind of itchy though. No, but seriously, I knew we could do it. Never had a doubt.
387 0059E0E4 I'm alright, yeah. I've been a little off my game though. But hey, we did it! Trying to be upbeat when you're sad


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
3 0041CB72 0041CB83 I... don't believe that.
9 0041CB75 0041CB86 That sounds a little over the top. Just sayin'.
10 0055DE54 Alright. That's what I want to hear.
11 0055DE55 Did I hear that right?
22 0041FF15 0041FF48 Seriously not helping! upset
23 0041FF16 0041FF4F You have to move just right. emphasize and draw out "just"
24 0041FF17 0041FF3F Not helping, Radcliff.
26 0041FF19 0041FF53 This suit is an heirloom. An antique.
27 If it fritzes out while I'm in one of those grids, it will look like I went through a cheese grater. to yourself
29 0041FF1C 0041FF4E There's the grid. I need a minute to calm my nerves.
30 0041FF24 0041FF5E That... was awesome. just watched Motherlode drill through the Vault wall
33 0041FF2E 0041FF57 Not helping, Radcliff.
38 0041FF33 0041FF52 We did just run a twelve-ton drilling machine through their front door.
43 0041FF38 0041FF5B You know what's great about being around you guys? All the love in the air.
46 004211ED 004211F1 Relax Radcliff. I'm on it.
48 004211EF 004211F3 I'm through. Thank god.
51 00424434 00424481 Why can't there just be a button to open these doors?
56 00424436 00424477 I suppose it's the best we could have expected. Maybe the lights are on up ahead. Radcliff triggered an explosion. the lights are now out
57 0056214C I should never have doubted you, Radcliff.
58 0056214D Don't dawdle. We don't want to be here if they come on again.
61 00424438 00424468 I've never seen turrets this powerful. We can't hold out for long. shouting; laser turrets are opening fire
62 00424439 0042445D Radcliff! I thought you said the turrets were off. shouting; laser turrets are opening fire
63 0042443D 00424480 Oh brother.
65 0042443F 0042445E Coming up on the laser turrets. Are you ready, Radcliff?
68 00424442 00424466 Sorry about the oops. Once it triggered, I had to wait for the security bots to go away before I could finish.
69 Even then it locked me out after I neutralized the laser grid.
72 00424457 0042446A I can't leave this terminal. It might lock me out.
77 0055C267 0055C26B Ready as I'll ever be.
79 0055DE46 0055DE53 So that's how the mole miners got into our tunnel. Motherlode hit an old railroad.
89 0055F1B6 0055F1C6 I hope my suit doesn't fritz out on me at the wrong time.
90 0055F1C7 I should have my head checked for agreeing to this.
91 0055F1C9 What are you looking at? I'm here aren't I? Just try not to get us killed.
100 00562148 0056214F Good news. Someone left this logged in...
101 Where is the grid control... there it is.
102 Oops.
103 00569961 00569969 Lock and load! I'm pretty sure we have incoming.
105 00569965 00569966 Radcliff! I thought you shut all the turrets off. emphasize ALL
111 00570D5C 00570D64 But what if we need you? You're the only one with the technical knowledge of this place.
113 00586E55 00586E5B Aw. What's the matter Sergeant? Afraid of the dark?
121 0059D122 0059D123 This is it. The door to the gold processing part of the vault.
122 0059D79F 0059D7A1 Damn it! Stealth field's down again.
123 0059D7A2 Freaking stealth field just fritzed on me.
124 0059D7A3 Ah! Stealth field always dies at the worst times.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
188 00567485 00567491 We did it! We actually did it! We found the gold!
193 0056748A 00567493 So basically if we hadn't run into you, we'd have been fucked. Sheesh.
194 0056748B 0056748E By their clothing, I'd say they've been here since before the war.
199 0056B642 0056B644 Is this it? Where's the rest of it?
200 0056B643 0056B645 You bastard! You told them to kill him. What if that had been Penny?
201 You'll pay for this. I'm outta here.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
3 00570D5E 0042AFCE I can't believe that Penny's cat isn't robotic. What a letdown.
4 0042AFCF Sorry, can't talk. Private Lucky and I have an important mission to go on. Operation: Cuddle Time.
34 00555E51 Don't tell Thompson, but I give Lucky scraps. That dog has earned them for all he does for us.
56 00555E68 You should consider this place a fresh start. They took me in years ago and became my family. They could be the same for you.
57 00555E6A My dad always said that gold is easy to get, good friendships are harder to come by. I'd definitely agree with that.
58 00555E6B Paige might seem like a real stick-in-the-mud sometimes, but he's held this group together through a lot of hardship.
59 00555E6C I get that some of the folks here are really afraid of the Scorchbeasts, but for me it's the giant ugly toads. Ugh.
60 00555E6D I've heard good things about you. Hopefully we can go on a scavenging run sometime!
74 00585735 Hey, have you seen Reco wandering around? REE-co
75 00585736 Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my mom's here. I just wish she'd make more noise when she walks.
76 00585737 Having my mom around has actually been great.
89 00570D5F 0058FA1C What's up buttercup?
90 0058FA1D Well, lookee what we've got here.
91 0058FA1E Let me guess. You wanna know all about lil' old me.
142 00590248 0059025F Mostly, I keep an eye on the area around Foundation. I look for good things to bring back, and keep an eye out for anything hazardous.
143 If the super mutants are on the move, or a bunch of scorched move into the area, Ward needs to know as soon as possible.
144 0059024A 00590257 Sure, Penny's great. She's super smart and has promised to teach me loads of fun things. We've been working on overhauling that little liberator you nabbed.
145 I'm making it into a soothing personal assistant. Or that's the goal. It's still a work in progress!
163 00595B49 00595B52 See you around.
166 0059D7F0 00555E69 Oh, it's you again ... hey. Well, I better get back to it. interacting with a coworker you don't like.
181 0059E0D6 0059E0DE Ehh, I don't really get along well with Fields. Reminds me a bit of my folks. Thompson is great, she's loaning me some comics to read.
182 Radcliff and I don't really get along. He's like, way older than me but all he does is joke around. And his jokes are really bad, like pre-war stale jokes.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
285 0055F1C8 Having you along makes me feel safe. I mean Radcliff is fine and all, but he's not you.


(Jen's journal, entry 1, Jen's goodbye)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
11 005856DE 00585712 Hey asshole, I left this tape here just for you.
12 I bet you came here to see if you could get your gold back, didn't you? Well, tough luck.
13 You'll never see me again ... but I might be seeing you. Bye now! Threatening, cuz you have a stealth suit and are sneaky. Farewell is false friendly/cheerful
14 005856DF 00585700 I'll make this brief. I'm leaving, and I don't want anyone to come looking for me. I already said my goodbyes to some of you.
15 If I didn't say goodbye, it's probably because you're a jerk. Maybe that's shocking to hear, I don't know, I don't really care.
16 So uh ... if you run into me in the Capital Wasteland then kindly leave me alone. Thanks in advance, and bye forever!
17 005856E0 00585723 Jen's journal, first entry. If you're not an older, wiser me then you shouldn't be listening to this!
18 Naw, I'm kidding. Paige told me I should consider journaling to help me establish future goals. *laughs* Right? Me, have goals?
19 Anyway, he says it also helps to digest experiences. Maybe that's true, maybe not. I guess we'll find out! "digest experiences" said in what she thinks a stern adult man sounds like
20 A lot has happened lately and I feel so grateful that Foundation-Paige took me in years ago, and that everyone's been so kind and patient.
21 We went up against some real challenges and we succeeded. It feels really good, actually.
22 So how's that for digesting my experiences? *burp* tiny, pathetic burp on command - I can't do it but I believe in you.
23 Yikes, that was really pathetic! I'm sorry. I expected ... more of myself. Okay, wait, was that a personal goal?! *laughs* I am killing this!