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I can't believe what's happening. I was certain that they killed her but... here she is, working for them? It's... too much to consider.

Jen is a member of the Settlers residing in Foundation. She is the youngest scavenger in Foundation, having learned from her parents.


Jen was born after the Great War. Her parents had a complicated relationship, both former Chinese spies who fell in love despite it being forbidden. Despite her heritage, she has lived in America for her entire life, mostly in the Capital Wasteland.[3][4]

About 11 years ago when she was a teenager,[5] her mother Mochou mysteriously disappeared, leaving her and her father alone. Assuming she was dead, the two moved on. However, a year later during winter, her father thought he might have a chance to reunite with Mochou after hearing a radio signal, but it turned out to be a raider trap and he was killed. Jen buried him in his stealth suit because she was unable to remove it. Jen also began to forget her mother's face and what she looked like.

In 2103, Jen arrived at Appalachia from the Capital Wasteland. She soon met up with Paige and his group of Settlers somewhere north of Spruce Knob. Since then, she has fallen in with the residents at Foundation,[3] working mostly as a scout for the settlement.[2] She is also pulling her weight as a talented electrical engineer,[6] familiar with all sorts of high end, especially Chinese technology, but does not give that away for fear of how Great War survivors might react. However, she is not adept at hacking and usually collaborates with other people when working on robots.[7] She and the Foundation settlers were planning to pick apart one of the air purifiers in the Ash Heap in order to make them work again.[8]

Jen is good friends with Samuel, whom occasionally joins in scavenging hunts.[1] Since Penelope Hornwright's arrival, Jen and the doctor have become friends and colleagues. Jen states Penny is very smart and will teach her "loads of fun things" involving tech. The two have also been working on the Liberator that the Vault Dwellers brought them. Jen is hoping to turn it into a "soothing personal assistant,"[9] and has named it "Reco."[10] Jen has also befriended the dog Private Lucky, with whom she occasionally cuddles.[11] She gets along with Thompson. However, she does not get along with Oliver Fields and Fred Radcliff, the former because he reminds her of her parents while the latter because he makes unfunny jokes.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

After the completion of Invisible Ties, Jen will award the player character with plans for the Chinese stealth armor and helmet. She will also give them a note, Note from Jen, which states that she managed to find plans for standard Chinese stealth armor, though it is not as advanced as the prototype she wore. At this point in the story, however, she had not yet used or worn the stealth suit, having only just acquired it earlier in the quest.

Effects of player's actions

Jen has multiple endings and outcomes as a result of the player's actions during the main quest of Wastelanders. A choice will be presented during Invisible Ties to either kill Mochou, or with a high enough Charisma or Intelligence, convince her to spare Mochou.

  • If the player character is able to convince Jen to find a way to spare Mochou, Jen will stay in Foundation after All That Glitters. During the quest she will mention she's going to help her mother settle in Foundation, and her plans of finding a doctor that can change Mochou's face thanks to a tip from Samuel.[12] "Jen's journal, entry 1" can then be found on the table in her room. Mochou can also be found in Jen's room, now wearing a green laundered dress instead of the stealth armor.
  • If the player character chooses to kill Mochou, Jen will express disappointment and ask to talk once she gets back to Foundation. She will continue to work with Foundation until All That Glitters, in which she will mention she's going to bury her mother beside her father to the north in the Capital Wasteland, and that Samuel will accompany her. After the quest, she will be removed from the Founder's Hall, leaving only the "Jen's goodbye" holotape in her room, which details her wishes to leave Foundation.
  • If the player chooses to treat her poorly during Invisible Ties, Jen will steal a portion of the gold during the Vault 79 raid and leave entirely, leaving a message for the Vault Dweller behind.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Nuka-World geyser shirt & jeans
Nuka-World geyser jacket & jeans (Invisible Ties)
Chinese stealth armor (All That Glitters)
10mm pistol


  • According to Captain Fields, she constantly bickers with Sergeant Radcliff. This can be seen during the Vault 79 raid, where they will occasionally lightly argue or fight. Captain Fields excuses Jen due to her young age, but holds Radcliff to a much higher standard.
  • Unlike the Chinese stealth armor the player character can craft themselves, her prototype suit can cloak at any time rather than exclusively while crouching. This has its limitations, as the suit will occasionally fritz out and stop functioning. She will make note of this when it occurs.
  • Even if Jen is no longer present in Foundation, characters such as Paige, Samuel, Captain Fields, and other unnamed settlers will reference her as though she is still in Foundation.

Notable quotes


Jen appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


PCPC If the player character chooses to speak to her in the Gold Operations Center during Division of Wealth, she may still talk about leaving to bury her mother in the Capital Wasteland, even if Mochou was not killed. Both she and her mother will still be in Foundation regardless of this.[verification overdue]



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