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Jay Barnes is a deceased investigator found in one of the Ultra-Luxe hotel rooms in 2281.


Hired by an unnamed groom to investigate the disappearance of his bride at the Ultra-Luxe,[1] private detective Jay Barnes was rented a room by the White Glove Society member Mortimer, for the duration of the case. He was planning to meet up with his contact, a White Glove insider with knowledge of the scheming front desk manager's plans behind closed doors: the eventual return of the White Gloves to their old cannibalistic ways. However, Barnes failed to show for the meeting that was supposed to take place in the bathhouse steam room at 4 in the afternoon, unaware that Mortimer has an assassin working for him under orders to stop anyone attempting to shut him down. He perished in his hotel room, the scene of a brutal attack.

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  • With the Wild Wasteland trait, he is replaced by Crusoe, a similar detective who is also found dead in the same room.
  • Jay Barnes wears a unique non-player character only trench coat and fedora that can't be taken from his corpse. The clothing is identical to the suit worn by the Mysterious Stranger.


Jay Barnes appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. Courier:"Who did you talk to about the disappearance?"
    Marjorie:"There was an investigator who came through here last week. He'd been hired by a young man whose bride-to-be went missing during their stay here."
    (Marjorie's dialogue)