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January 26, 2077—Little Lamplight! is a holotape written by an unnamed author.


Found on a pool table in the northwestern area of the rope bridge in the Great Chamber of Little Lamplight.


We've been in here for 3 months now, and it's way better than it used to be. Who says kids can't take care of themselves?

Jason has done a really good job keeping everyone busy. He says if we want to survive, we need to work together, and work hard.

A few of the kids have started saying we're like a whole new city. A city of kids. They call it "Little Lamplight." It's so cool.

All of us voted, in secret, and tomorrow we're going to tell Jason that he's the city's first mayor! He's going to be so happy with us.


The name of the holotape is "January 26, 2077 - Little Lamplight!" although the transcription suggests it was recorded in January 2078, three months after the bombs fell.

Behind the scenes

The Little Lamplighter in this holotape was voiced by Stephanie Joy. In the game files, the speaker of the holotape is the young Amata Almodovar, who Joy also voiced.

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