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I saw the synth Shaun today. There's something about him that just makes me sad.

Janet Thompson is a scientist in the Advanced Systems division of the Institute in 2287.


Janet is the wife of Enrico Thompson and mother of Alice and Julia. She works in advanced systems where she maintains a professional relationship with Nathan Filmore, allowing his son Quentin Filmore over for diner while he works during the night.[1]

Privately she expresses doubts to Enrico Thompson in the role she played in the creation of Shaun, expressing that it was a mistake and that the synth will never be able to grow up and have a family. Janet feels that there was no justification for their creation which her husband rebukes her for, fearing a response from someone who does not understand.[2]

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Janet Thompson appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Nathan Filmore: "Doctor Thompson, I know we're not that close but, may I ask a favor of you?"
    Janet Thompson: "Sure, of course."
    Nathan Filmore: "Allie and I are both working late tonight. Normally it's not a big deal, Quentin is mostly self sufficient, but it's the third night in a row..."
    Janet Thompson "Say no more. He can come over and have dinner with us. I'm sure the girls will be thrilled."
    Nathan Filmore: "It's not too much trouble?"
    Janet Thompson: "No trouble at all. Just come by when you're finished."
    (Nathan Filmore and Janet Thompson's dialogue)
  2. Enrico Thompson: "What's wrong? You look upset"
    Janet Thompson: "Nothing... I saw the synth Shaun today. There's something about him that just makes me sad."
    Enrico Thompson: "Why? He's not perfect, but he's a remarkable step forward for the program. You all did an amazing job."
    Janet Thompson "No I know, but I can't stop thinking about him. He's supposed to be an exact replica of a child but that's all he'll ever be. It feels wrong."
    Enrico Thompson: " I don't understand what the issue is. He is as real as any child I've ever seen."
    Janet Thompson: "That! We gave him every capability of a real child, except a future. He'll never age, he'll never be allowed to grow up or have a family of his own."
    Enrico Thompson: "So you're worried about what will happen to him?"
    Janet Thompson: "He'll be a child forever...Sometimes I feel we have no right to do the things we do, just because we can is not a reason. I think we made a mistake."
    Enrico Thompson: "Janet, don't say things like that. Someone might not understand, and take it the wrong way."
    (Enrico Thompson and Janet Thompson's dialogue)
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