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This is a transcript for dialogue with James Oberlin.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0076114B 00761156 No... clearance! *hisses* Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
2 00761157 Are you one of them? Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
3 00761158 Why...why did it...like this? Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
4 00761159 Is this real? *yells* Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
5 0076115A Move along, phantom...move... Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
6 0076114C 0076116B Curse him, CURSE HIM, for everything... Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
7 0076116C He won't stop me now...won't let him... Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
8 0076116D What...what is this? *pained screams* Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
9 0076116E The shadows...always watching me. Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
10 0076116F Protected everyone...useless... Converted to Lost. Lost sound like the character but speak as if in trance. Broken up with static, pauses and screams. It should sound unnerving.
11 007866FA 007630DD Move along.
12 007630DE Is there a reason you're loitering in my office?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Just checking in with how things are around here. 00763107 Things are going as well as they can be. I couldn't have done it without your help.
2 Is there anything in particular you wanted to ask?
3 What are your plans now? 007630FC Where do I start? Got a list of things to address as long as the Skyline Drive.
4 See you around. 00763105 Don't be a stranger. You're always welcome here.
5 Has Hugo said anything yet? 007630FA Stolz isn't talking, but its not as if that's unexpected.
6 It's only a matter of time until we get some useful information from him.
7 Hopefully we can right the wrongs he was involved with.
8 What's going to happen to Audrey? 00763103 That's up to her.
9 I told her I wouldn't hold it against her that she tried to shoot me.
10 Many lives have been lost in our time here. Hopefully she's willing to help look after what's left.
11 I suspect her mother alone may be reason enough for her to stay, but she is free to leave if she wishes to do so.
12 Selfishly, I hope she's willing to support us here in the years to come.
13 Whats going to happen to Cassidy? 007630F8 Audrey and I returned her to her room, where she will kept under observation.
14 If well-behaved, Hugo may be permitted opportunities to see her again. I doubt that will be for quite some time.
15 What are you hoping to learn? 0076310D Where to start?
16 What he was thinking with his asinine plan back at the lab?
17 What he planned to do with the weather machine?
18 The original purpose of this vault?
19 Do you regret keeping him alive? 00763101 That... remains to be seen.
20 For all his faults he's still a person. I believe he should pay for what he did, but I can't be the one to decide his punishment.
21 For now though, he could still be useful.
22 Any Ideas on how to deal with The Lost? 0076310C With any luck, the research Hilda has been working on can be put to good use.
23 If nothing else it will be a good starting point for future research.
24 And if they can't be fixed. We'll maybe Hugo could still be useful to us after all.
25 What will happen to the storm now? 00763100 With luck it will disappear on its own without the machine powering it.
26 I'll ask Audrey if she wouldn't mind keeping an eye on it.
27 How are the dwellers taking the changes? 0076310B It's a mixed bag. Office politics and all that.
28 I'm sure the rumor mill is already running rampant.
29 Just one more thing to deal with.
30 Will you be reaching out to the other settlements? 007630FF Not right now but we might in future.
31 I need Intel. I need to know we can have a friendly relationship with whoever is out there. I can't risk our security on a whim.
32 Even reaching out to the army could have dire consequences for us.
33 Have you reported this to the Army yet? 00763109 That's, uh... Well that's the thing.
34 Been digging through the bastards files and... It turns out...
35 He'd been playing me the whole time. Those reports went no where.
36 Can hardly say I'm surprised after everything he pulled...
37 To go so far to deceive me? Bastard's sick.
38 Sounds like you got it covered. 007630FE This is only the beginning. It will take some time for things to settle down.
39 What do you mean? 00763108 I honestly don't know.
40 Hugo's ability to control them, and even resist the adverse effects himself are our only clue.
41 Maybe a cure isn't the answer. Maybe Hugo had the right plan with the wrong priority...
42 Being able to harness that power for ourselves just like Hugo?
43 If we can't find a cure maybe that's the answer. That's untapped potential.
44 Well... Good luck with that. 007630FD Thanks. We'll be sure to reach out if anything comes of our research.
45 You can't be serious. 00763106 Deadly serious. The worlds gone to hell in a hand basket.
46 We need all the protection we can get.
47 [Lie] What? No. That's crazy. 007630FB Hm. Crazy indeed.
48 Sorry that happened, Oberlin. 007630F9 Just another in a list of his dirty schemes.
49 00763017 0076310E What do you need friend?
50 0076310F Thank you for your help. Now that Stolz's mad scheme has been dealt with I can focus on fixing things around here.
51 00763110 What do you need?
52 00763018 007630E0 So you'll be with us for a while? Try not to get underfoot.
53 007630E1 I've got my eye on you, Outsider.
54 007630E2 It may not seem like much, but your help has been invaluable to us. Thank you.
55 007630E3 It's good to have someone reliable to count on again, maybe now we can start fixing things around here.
56 007630E4 Hm? Oh! Welcome back. How can I help?
57 007630E5 Much as I hate to admit it, I'm not sure I could have managed without your help. Thank you.
58 007630E6 Glad Hilda is back safely. Hopefully her research will be just what we need.
59 007630E7 You've been a greater asset than I could have asked for. I'm in your debt.
60 007630E8 I always suspected Stolz was up to something... I still don't understand how he managed to hack the terminal. I safeguarded it myself!
61 007630E9 I've sent out another report to my contacts. Hopefully we'll hear something back from them soon.
62 007630EA It may take some time before things are in order again, but I'll make sure this place is safe for the people living here.
63 007630EB Did something happen or are you just dropping by?
64 007630EC I need to do get this place back into shape. Find us a new purpose, but first... cleaning up Stolz's mess.
65 007630EE Curse him, CURSE HIM, for everything...
66 007630EF He won't stop me now...won't let him...
67 007630F0 What...what is this? *pained screams*
68 007630F1 The shadows...always watching me.
69 007630F2 Protected everyone...useless...
70 00763019 007630BD As if things weren't bad enough, now I have to keep an eye on an outsider...
71 007630BE What are you planning Stolz...?
72 007630BF Hopefully Daniel will report in soon.
73 007630C0 Maybe I can dig up some information on the rest of Appalachia. Could prove useful.
74 007630C1 I'll have to keep an eye on Audrey, I think the stress of everything is getting to her.
75 007630C2 If I hadn't already lost my hair, I'd be tearing it out right now.
76 007630C3 Margaret says the Outsider has been earning their keep. Maybe they'll be good to have around after all.
77 007630C4 It's never an easy thing to do to put someone out of their misery. Glad the Outsider was there to help.
78 007630C5 I still can't believe Hilda just left like that without an escort, she could have gotten herself killed.
79 007630C6 Why would he do that? ...
80 007630C7 A way to contain The Lost and use them to power the Vault. This could be the answer we need.
81 007630C8 Now that Stolz isn't breathing down my neck about trivial things maybe I can focus on dealing with The Lost.
82 007630C9 I'm so sorry Daniel... *sigh*
83 007630CA ...I just need to find proof, then I can finally deal with that egotistical bastard.
84 007630CB The Lost, the storm, falling nukes, and now "Blood Eagles"... Seems like we'll need allies if we make contact with others outside the vault...
85 007630CC Just how far did they go to cover up scandals? What else have they done?
86 007630CD Audrey is trying to fix the weather machine? Hasn't that thing caused enough trouble?
87 007630CE Another complaint about Audrey snapping at someone. I'll have to keep an eye on this.
88 007630CF Storm is taking a while to dissipate. Maybe we should look at getting that machine back up and running after all.
89 007630D0 Hugo still hasn't said much but he will. We have all the time in the world.
90 007630D1 Audrey's pretty angry at what happened, but she'll come around. I'm not her father, she's free to choose her own path.
91 007630D2 Even after everything that happened there's no time to slow down. It's time to start making changes around here.
92 007630D4 No... clearance! *hisses*
93 007630D5 Are you one of them?
94 007630D6 Why...why did it...like this?
95 007630D7 Is this real? *yells*
96 007630D8 Move along, phantom...move...
97 0076301A 007630B1 What did you want to know?
98 007630B2 What do you need?
99 007630B3 Is there anything else?
100 007630B4 Maybe in the future. I hold out hope they're still out there.
101 For now, we've got more immediate fish to fry.
102 But who knows? There's plenty of military facilities in this region.
103 May be able to find an ally hidden among them.
104 007630B6 Where were we? Oh yes.
105 007630B7 How can I help you?
106 007630B8 Sorry, I have to deal with this, could you come back later?
107 007630B9 Ahem.
108 007630BA Please, continue.
109 0076301B 0076308A Now please. Tell me about "Fort Atlas".
110 I wouldn't be so sure. 007630A6 Your lack of faith in the military is disturbing.
111 Though unsurprising given the recovery operations may not have begun yet.
112 That's if they survived. 00763081 The bombs did drop suddenly, and the wasteland is a dangerous place. It is possible that not all of them may have survived...
113 No. They must have.
114 If you say so. 0076309D I know so. The US Armed Forces are a well oiled machine.
115 That's all for now. 00763084 Anything else?
116 Do you enjoy life here? 0076309F While its not the life I envisioned for myself. Its been surprisingly pleasant for the most part.
117 Present conditions aside.
118 Its only really been the last decade or so when things have really begun to fall apart.
119 What orders have you received recently? 00763086 My last orders were to continue sending reports on progress of the projects here and report any suspicious behavior from anyone.
120 It was before the recent chaos.
121 You know the army isn't really around anymore right? 007630A1 The US Armed Forces always have contingencies planned. We're prepared for all eventualities.
122 Even if not everyone were able to make it, there were plans in place to get personnel of every level to a safe location.
123 They'll be finalizing preparations for operations to regroup and rebuild across the country.
124 Why were you assigned here? 00763088 Observation mostly.
125 I was trusted with everyone's safety, being security chief meant I had access everywhere
126 I had ears everywhere, from maintenance to top brass.
127 I was to report everything to my superiors in the capital. That was the order anyway.
128 I think that's everything. 007630A4 Thank you. Let me know if there's anything else.
129 Sounds like Doctor Hammond wasn't happy with how you ran things 0076308C My leadership got ATLAS funded. Doctor Hammond was a genius but he has issues with authority.
130 He had issues with Bentley too. I sometimes wonder if it was Bentley who was really the problem.
131 What exactly did you do on the ATLAS Project 007630A8 I took over the role of Chief Army Scientific Advisor From Major Bentley, when he was deemed unfit for the role.
132 Through my management the program got back on schedule and we started to see results.
133 Not that it mattered in the end.
134 Group in power armor, they took over the place and named it Fort ATLAS. 0076308F I told you the military always has a contingency plan... Unless they aren't military.
135 I'd better be cautious before making contact. It's impossible to know who they are, or how much has changed.
136 It's worth investigating, could even be worth establishing contact.
137 Did your "Army Intelligence" never mention "Fort Atlas" to you? 007630AB I'm going to assume that this is a poor attempt at humor to lighten the mood and politely ask you to stop.
138 Did your "Army Intelligence" never mention "Fort Atlas" to you? 00763092 No, they didn't. Although the project was classified and they likely haven't recovered the area yet.
139 Do you know about the Brotherhood of Steel? 007630AE I can't say that I do but, I imagine you're about to tell me.
140 I'll explain later. 00763095 I look forward to hearing your report.
141 0076303C 007630DA "Fort" ATLAS? Not the ATLAS Observatory?
142 Found some people going through your records at Fort Atlas. 00763099 "Fort" ATLAS? Not the ATLAS Observatory?
143 Lets talk about something else. 007630D9 Alright then.
144 I have some questions about you. 00763098 Nothing too personal I hope.
145 Did you mean the ATLAS project? 0076307F I- How?... Yes. I do, How do YOU know about the ATLAS Project?
146 Lets talk about something else 0076309B Alright then.
147 What do you think of Hilda's experiment? 00763082 At this point I think its worth a shot.
148 I've warned her to be more careful going forward though.
149 Can't take unnecessary risks. when there's so few of us left.
150 Who was August Stolz? 0076309E Hugo's brother, Seemed like a decent man... but looks can be deceiving.
151 He was a well respected in his field. Biologist, I think.
152 He butted heads with Hugo a few times, but mostly went along with Hugo's decisions.
153 What can you tell me about Hilda? 00763085 I'll put it this way: she's a lot smarter than she acts.
154 She's unpredictable, difficult to follow in conversation, but ultimately reliable. She gets results.
155 I'm sure if you want to ask her she'll tell you. She's friendly enough.
156 I was surprised she was related to Hugo.
157 I wanted to ask about something else 007630A0 And what's that?
158 I'm surprised Vault-Tec allowed construction to go on so long. 00763087 Yes, as a Vault dweller yourself, I imagine you've some insight to Vault-Tec's scrutiny in controlling the design and deployment of its property.
159 I am not privy to all of the details-- and those I am privy to, I'm not at liberty to discuss.
160 It's possible Mr. Stolz would be willing to share more details on that.
161 The Vault's true purpose, and the reason for it's unusual design are-- as the adage goes-- above my pay grade.
162 What was it like being left out in the open when the fallout came? 007630A3 Not long after news of the bombs, it became clear that we'd been exposed to very high radiation levels. Despite how remote we were from a drop site.
163 Rapid hair-loss, vomiting up blood, and skin burning to a literal crisp became the norm.
164 Our numbers dropped rapidly. Many didn't survive long. But those that did... began to adapt, stabilize. Life carried on. For a time.
165 What can you tell me about the dwellers? 007630A7 Before the bombs, we were a collection of the best researchers, security officers and construction personnel one could imagine.
166 We're now a fraction of that. A mixture of the best and brightest, being asked to do more than their fair share to survive.
167 What can you tell me about Hugo? 0076308E He's a businessman with a lot of connections and a lot more ambition.
168 So far he's the only one to come back relatively unscathed from the accident.
169 Static disposition aside, there's something off about him lately.
170 I just haven't been able to figure out what.
171 What can you tell me about Yourself? 007630AA Me? I'm nothing special.
172 Spent some time in the military then found myself with a gig here as chief of security.
173 Then the bombs came and well... here we are.
174 Lets talk about something else. 00763091 Alright then.
175 What can you tell me about the Vault? 007630AD As I understand it, our Vault's make-up is atypical from your standard operation, largely due to Mr. Stolz's ambitious approach to its construction.
176 Intending to begin its research even before the bombs fell, residents-- scientists and engineers-- began moving into the region.
177 Even as construction was underway.
178 Mr. Stolz's intention was for the construction team to onboard as maintenance and security once the project had been completed.
179 This would allow for full operations even during peace times. But... well, construction fell behind as the scope of the Vault ever increased.
180 You've perhaps heard the specifics before, but we wound up vulnerable to drafts of fallout when the bombs did finally fall.
181 What can you tell me about the people here? 00763094 Who do you want to know about?
182 How are you holding up? 007630A2 ...About as well as can be expected.
183 I'll be putting a team together soon to clear the rest of those "Blood Eagles" you dealt with and get some payback for what they did to Dan.
184 Catch you later. 00763089 My office is always open. After everything you've done? We'll you're one of us now.
185 00763066 007630A5 If you can, keep an eye on Stolz for me.
186 I'm sure he has requests for you and I want to know what he's up to.
187 That's all. 0076308D Anything else you need?
188 About the situation with Hugo? 007630A9 I know Audrey and Stolz aren't on good terms right now.
189 Though I haven't been able to determine why.
190 Still, I recognize that look behind Audrey's eyes. It's only a matter of time before she snaps.
191 What do you think Audrey wants to fix the machine for? 00763090 Maybe she's hoping fixing the machine will revert the storm that's gone wild?
192 Or maybe Stolz has her convinced its more important than she thinks?
193 Either way I have concerns about Audrey's obsession with the weather machine.
194 It reminds me of someone I worked with before. A long time ago.
195 Did you know about the Overseer's wife? 007630AC Very few people know Cassidy is still in the Vault, let alone where she is.
196 Please keep it to yourself for now. We don't want an unnecessary fuss.
197 Or was there something else?
198 What do you think your Overseer wants me to do? 00763093 Best to ask him that yourself. I'm his security chief, not his secretary.
199 How are you holding up? 007630AF ...About as well as can be expected.
200 I just need to prepare for what may come next.
201 Seems Hilda is working on something that she'll need my help with.
202 A plan to help restore some sanity to the lost?
203 Catch you later. 00763080 My office is always open if you have something important to bring to my attention.
204 I'd like your thoughts on some things. 0076309C Oh.
205 What should I do next? 00763083 There's always something that needs doing here.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0072D53A 0072D55E So, Mr. Stolz informs me that you're officially being brought on board. That's... fine. We can always use another pair of hands. First greeting for this quest, only happens once. He's very busy, doesn't trust you, and making time for you. This applies to all lines in greeting.
2 That said, while your help is welcome, my trust isn't handed out so easily. In my line of work, caution is a must.
3 My top priority is the safety of this Vault's residents. Those left, that is. I'm not eager to entrust a wandering vagabond with their well-being.
4 However, with the situation on the surface as it is, I have been struggling to keep up with some of the smaller requests.
5 0072D55F Make it quick. This is a greeting before a conversation. Tone: Overworked Indifference
8 00731418 You're back, I hope you have good news for me.
31 Any details on the Vault itself you can share? 0072D55B Your assignment does not require knowledge of the Vault beyond the immediate area. Neutral tone. bordering disinterested, just giving orders.
32 You will find adequate signage for familiarizing yourself with the premises.
33 Perhaps later, if you prove capable, we can talk in more detail.
34 What can you tell me about the residents of Vault 63? 0072D565 If I had time for idle gossip, I wouldn't be seeking your assistance in the first place. You'll have to speak to someone else. Snippy. He's busy and wants to get things done.
35 Okay, so what needs doing? 0072D55A I've been spread thin dealing with surface-side security concerns. My more menial tasks have started to slip through the cracks, however. Frustrated, overworked and at a loss
36 I can tell you're equipped to handle much worse, but tackling some issues from my backlog would be of great service to me. At least as a start. Reluctant but needs assistance.
37 There are three in particular who often bring up issues to me. You can start there.
38 What did you need me to do again? 00731413 Find Margaret, Laurence and Julio in the Residential area. They'll have something for you to do.
39 I've dealt with all of the requests. 00731411 Well! Color me surprised. Good work.
40 With that out of the way, I'll be able to focus on the more important matters.
41 Like dealing with the chaos going on outside of this Vault.
42 I don't suppose that those three had anything interesting to say while you were helping them?
63 [Lie] I didn't think to ask. 00731405 Unusual for those three not to gossip with everyone they meet... Then again, you are a stranger. Overly friendly and dripping with suspicion. he knows the player is lying.
64 Actually, there were a few things... 0073140A I see. So those are the rumors going around? I appreciate your honesty. Curious and contemplative, hes thinking about what the player just told him.
65 007313FA 00731407 I'm sure I'll have more for you to do soon, if you're sticking around a while.
66 Anything other than silly errands for me to do? 0074814D There's no need to be rude. Still, you've helped clear up some issues, the least I can do is give you something for helping us.
67 I'm sure you'll put it to good use.
68 So, what's next on the list? 0074814F First, your reward. I'll arrange for something from our armory. I'm sure you'll find a good use it in the future.
69 0074813B 00748156 Still, it can be hard for people to know who to trust.
70 But enough about that. Now that you've helped me out, is there anything I can help you with?
71 [Charisma 6+] C'mon Oberlin, I can't help efficiently without all the info! 00748150 Point taken. Very well.
72 The residents here are still a bit shaken up by recent events... And some less-than-recent events for that matter.
73 I'd recommend a light touch. You're not here to babysit, but there's also no need to be resistant to their requests.
74 And unless Mr. Stolz himself walks in here and says otherwise, I'm not at liberty to disclose anything further.
75 Fine. Be that way. 0074814A I will indeed continue to be this way. Thank you. Very blunt, matter of fact and to the point.
76 Got it. What's first on the list? 00748151 There are three residents that have been complaining about a myriad of concerns: Margaret, Laurence and Julio.
77 Your best bet is to track them down. They're likely lounging about, waiting for someone else to handle the hard work.
78 They should have more than enough to keep you busy for the time being. Report back when it's been handled.
79 In the meantime, I've other matters I need to attend to. So, please, if you'd excuse me? Somewhat snarky-- he knows he doesn't need your permission
80 I'm not a custodian. Don't you have any bigger fish to fry? 0074814B I understand you value your time. However, I, currently, do not.
81 Handle this for me and we can discuss "fish" of all sizes.
82 What can you tell me about those three? 00748153 They are... vocal. They'll be more than happy to provide details on themselves.
83 Hang on a moment. 0074814E Don't take too long.
84 Not yet. 00748155 Let me know when you've had a chance to investigate. I'll be here in the meantime, dealing with all this. Neutral but friendly/ still busy
112 0074E454 007313FC Looks like I may have to check in with our custodian Johnny later, He usually hears a thing or two.
113 Though I'd much rather people come to me than having to resort to gossip mills.
114 0074E4B2 Welcome back. How are things going?
115 0074E4BB They've been left like that for so long, they've probably multiplied by now. said cynically, still nervous about the idea of a swarm near the living area though.
116 0074E4BC Since the earthquake, we've been experiencing more and more of the wasteland's wonders.
117 And we're not exterminators, much less seasoned fighters! That's why we put in a security request to deal with it.
118 0074E4BD Radrats? We'll need to make a note of all these new terms outsiders use. exasperated, so many new words now.
119 0074E4BF Remember when he skipped work because he wanted to find out if we could still get hangovers after the change? A bittersweet memory. Said sadly but with a mildly amused tone.
120 0074E4C0 Yeah I remember that, I had to take over his shift the next day, that bastard! Actually annoyed. how dare he have to work extra.
121 0074E4C1 His apartment is in the Lower Levels, the key is still down there... somewhere. Sadly telling the player how to find Alfie.
122 0074E4C2 Alfie was a good guy, had a tendency to overdo things though.
123 0074E4C5 That's if they don't turn us into one of them first. nervous
124 There's too few of us left now to take a risk like that... but, er, you look very capable! nervous
125 0074E4C6 We've been hearing whispers and pops like static electricity... which is pretty much exactly what the Lost sound like.
126 We also know what happens when you get too close. They'd kill us as soon as you'd squash a bug. anecdotal
127 0074E4C7 We're just guessing, to be honest. Hard to tell why the Lost do anything they do.
128 0074E4C9 "Smooth skin?" That's an interesting way of putting it. Unsure but trying to be polite, possible emphasis on "interesting"
129 0074E4CA Is there anything else? neutral tone but friendly and patient.
130 0074E4CC Sorry, what were we talking about?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 006FBF90 Now that you've proven yourself useful, I have a sensitive situation that could use some in-person problem solving.
5 The emergency alert in the Organics Sector has been triggered-- something that requires proper authorization to do.
6 As I understand it, the lab's head researcher, Hilda Stolz, headed there not too long ago. I believe you're acquainted.
7 It would appear she's gotten herself into danger. It's unlikely she'd seek outside meddling if it wasn't something serious.
8 006FBF38 007565F6 Did you need more information? May I remind you, her life is at stake here.
24 006FBF5C 006FBF88 Please don't take too long. Time is of the essence.
25 So something happened to Hilda? 006FBF76 Undetermined. Hilda is the only one left who could have triggered the emergency signal, so we know she was there, and alive, not long ago.
26 As you'll see, her research was unconventional, and involved studies of the Lost... If something happened there, it's... likely dangerous.
27 Okay, what should I do? 006FBF8A Get to the lab, assess the situation, and ensure Hilda returns here safely. If she is unwilling to return, convince her otherwise.
28 She, and Mr. Stolz for that matter, may believe her research takes priority over her safety. With our current numbers, that isn't a risk worth taking.
29 With the tram tunnels collapsed, you should still be able to access Organics from a cave nearby, used as a sort of ventilation system.
30 If Hilda was able to make it there, I imagine you won't have too much trouble, but I'll provide a security key, just in case.
31 Be prepared for the worst. I look forward to your return.
50 00727C62 00727C63 You're more capable than I had assumed. I'll make sure you're suitably rewarded for your effort.
51 Take a moment to dust yourself off, but report back to me soon. I have another job for you. This one is a bit more... delicate than the others.
52 You're dismissed.
53 007565BB 006FBF7D As you were.
54 006FBF91 You're back. Were you able to secure Hilda safely?
81 007565DA 007565ED Use the security card I gave you to gain access to the Organic Sector. You can reach it through a cave system to the south of here.
82 Once there find Hilda and find a way to get her safely back to the Vault.
83 I'll go look for Hilda when I'm ready. 007565EA I don't think I need to remind you lives are at risk.
95 Honestly, it's all over my head. 0076A6F8 Honestly, I'm not sure I expected anything more. I will have to confer with Hilda when she returns. Hopefully she isn't doing anything to endanger us. Not really impressed with the player. maybe feels silly for even asking
96 She was just wasting time with fruitless experiments instead of finding solutions. 0076A6F1 Much as I prefer the direct solution to dealing with a problem, I've learned that science has a different set of needs.
97 Or, I've been made to believe as much. It's not my place to tell the researchers here how to conduct themselves, unfortunately.
98 I appreciate you assisting with my actual responsibility, which is keeping them all safe. That said, I... also sympathize with your skepticism.
99 She's trying to keep the Lost sedated, for future experiments. 0076A6FA Reckless. Perhaps a necessary step in seeking a cure, but to do so alone, and with the region in the state it is...
100 Well, it's good you were able to arrive there before she'd gotten herself killed.
101 Not ready to report in just yet. 0076A6F3 This isn't a trivial matter. Report back when you have an update.
102 She was running some questionable experiments, but she's alive. 0076A6FD My bar for "questionable" has been raised quite high in my time here. Care to elaborate?
103 I've made sure that Hilda will return to the Vault. 0076A6F6 That's good to hear. She's an invaluable asset to the Vault. What exactly was happening over there?
104 Anything you can share about Hilda? 0076A6F7 Do not allow her demeanor to deceive you. She is one of the brightest minds we have at Vault 63-- which is saying quite a lot.
105 But that aside, she isn't the easiest to communicate or reason with, as I'm sure you've noticed.
106 Maybe dangle something shiny to get her attention, or claim you've made a brilliant discovery back at the Vault. That might do it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0072A123 0072A13F If you're ready, I'd like to brief you on a... highly classified matter.
2 0072A140 You're back... and without Daniel. What was the situation?
3 0075472E Are you ready?
4 0075472F You seem perturbed, my friend. Has your work with Chief Oberlin been that taxing?
5 0076A71E Please, head to the drop site at High Knob Tower out west. Look for Daniel, and any signs of the report. I'm counting on you.
6 0072A124 0072A13A I cannot stress enough the importance of this.
7 [Lie] Daniel didn't make it, but I filed the report. The Army will know what's happening here. 0072A137 Damn it... Daniel was a good man. But I'm relieved to hear his death wasn't in vain. Thank you for competing his work.
8 Daniel's dead, but he left a confession: the reports went straight to Hugo. 0072A13C You're serious? And you have proof? Are you sure? Look at me. Are. You. Sure?
9 So you've been acting as a spy this whole time? 0072A135 Not quite. When I signed on with Mr. Stolz, I made it clear where my allegiances lie. He did not seem concerned with this.
10 Whether or not he realized that I would maintain those allegiances long after the world came crashing down... well, that's not my concern.
11 So where do I come in? 0072A138 Not long ago, I dispatched a member of my team to pass along my findings to a drop sight I've been using over the years.
12 Unfortunately, he has failed to return, and I fear the worst. Daniel is a good man. It's important we bring him home, if still possible.
13 There's also the matter of the report, and whether or not it had been passed along... Or potentially fallen into the wrong hands.
24 007546C2 00754731 Go ahead.
25 00754732 I hope these questions were relevant. I cannot stress enough the importance of this task.
26 00754733 Very well. Make sure you are prepared when you return. We don't know what the full situation is.
27 00754734 Thank you. I'll see what supplies I get together for you on successful completion.
28 00754735 Locating Daniel is the top priority, along with the report he had on him.
29 If necessary, investigate the drop site as well. You'll find a terminal there that has been used for filing the encrypted reports.
30 It'd be good to know it's still in working condition. You can send the report along yourself, if Daniel was unable to, if you feel inclined to help.
31 I appreciate this, outsider-- no, friend. A good man's life may be in your hands. Godspeed, dismissed.
32 00754736 You're serious? That arrogant sleazeball.
33 Take the damn Holotape, listen for yourself if you don't believe me. 00754728 Damn it all to hell. Daniel. The rest of them. Leading me on like some child playing make-believe. Steaming mad
34 And Stolz. That arrogant, slimy bastard. I knew I couldn't trust him. I should have followed my gut from the start.
35 I'm sorry, Oberlin, it's the truth. Here's the holotape. 00754717 After all this time... It takes someone from outside this Vault to finally tell me the god damned truth.
36 Thank you, my friend, this... ugh. It's very upsetting, but I'm glad I have you to rely on.
37 Okay, I'll go to the drop and look for Daniel. 0075471A Thank you. The drop is located at High Knob Tower, along the western perimeter of the park.
38 We haven't had trouble with that location so far, but there's a chance the Lost have overrun it.
39 Or potentially some other party, drawn in by the allure of the storm. Either way, you're going in blind. Be prepared for the worst.
40 Daniel is another member of the military? 00754730 No, Daniel is a part of the security crew hired by Mr. Stolz, but he is still a member of my team.
41 While I wasn't able to select my team personally, I have come to trust each and every one of them. It pains me not knowing Daniel's condition.
42 What's in these reports? 0075471E Information on the weather machine, the storm, the Lost and... Mr. Stolz's recent activities.
43 If things continue to accelerate as they are, I may end up requesting additional support. It's imperative they be made aware of what's happening.
44 007546F7 00754719 I'm going to kill that... No, not yet. Not now. I can't give him the opportunity to turn this around on me. Fuming mad, then realizing he needs a better plan.
45 Thank you... for bringing this to my attention. I need time to make sense of this.
46 It's best that Hugo remain unaware that I've been shown the truth. Not until I'm ready to act. I will allow him to think he retains control.
47 You've earned a reward for your effort... and honesty. I will let you know if and when I decide to act on this revelation. For now... I wait.
48 Be careful with who you place your trust in down here. It's a viper's den. Dismissed.
49 007546F8 00754716 Thank you for seeing this through. I'm not sure how I'll break the news of Daniel's death to the crew... He was loved by all.
50 I have no further assignments. I'm sure there's others that could use your assistance as well. Thank you again for your effort. Dismissed. Downtrodden
61 0076A713 0076A71B It's a lot to take in. But don't dally, this is important.
62 Hate to break it to you, but I don't think there's much a US military left out there. 0076A71C I suspect that's for good reason. There's much about how we operate that civilians aren't privy to. And like I said, for good reason.
63 Okay, go on... 0076A719 Originally I was to oversee a government-funded weather research project. One that was shut down, and then ultimately scooped up by Mr. Stolz.
64 While I was never exactly an expert on the subject, Mr. Stolz found my experience with the project important for the transition.
65 That project led to the development of this very Vault's weather machine, and ultimately our current predicament.
66 I have remained in contact with my associates in the Army ever since-- reporting the good and the bad.
67 Not yet, give me a moment. 0076A71D Very well. I'll be waiting.
68 I'm ready. What's my next assignment? 0076A71A To be frank, you are among the few here that I believe I can share this information with. Though, I suppose that's not saying much.
69 I have not been entirely honest about my role here. Not to you... nor other members of the Vault. Hugo included.
70 I am Lieutenant Colonel James T. Oberlin, United States Army. Actively, not formerly. I remain in contact with them to this day.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
10 0076062D 007606BF And you! Get back here, ASAP! Over and out!
12 0076062F 007606C3 Audrey! We've got a problem.
13 The bastard is gone.
21 00760633 007606CA That bastard! He isn't planning to fix them, he's planning to bring them under his control.
22 Sleazy... Vault-Tec scum, I knew it! I... I'm bringing him into custody. NOW.
23 00760635 007606CE Let me see Hugo's... Dear lord.
24 It's not just that... They're mirroring it. Following it, almost like puppets on strings.
26 00760637 007606D3 God have mercy on us all if it can't.
30 00760639 007606D9 Great, now we know the thing that was bound to fail will fail.
31 On to the next device, over and out.
35 0076063C 007606B9 Why waste our time on this? We just need to see the effects of the new configuration.
49 0076064B 007606B0 That's where you come in.
50 We need you to head surface-side and run the experiment for us.
51 We've set up a number of devices that can simulate the effects of, uh...
55 0076064D 007606B5 We been repairing and adjusting the machine to potentially "complete" the Lost's transformation.
56 Using that... monster upstairs as a template.
59 00760653 007606BD We think the reason is because he was the one to push the big button, so to speak.
60 He made direct contact with the device... The electricity spread out from him, almost like a conduit.
64 So we're really going along with this? 007606C1 The risk is high, but the reward is too great to ignore.
65 And we may have a missing piece now for an extra edge.
66 How is that possible? 0076069F Thanks to the flesh of that madman, loath as I am to say it.
67 0076065A 007606DB We're going to be overseeing a final experiment that could alter the future of this Vault.
147 00760697 007606E1 He's not just a liar, he's a killer, Audrey.
148 007606E2 Believe me, I know, but we are so close now.
149 Think of all the people we can help if we manage to find a solution.
150 I will personally hold him accountable once things are settled, but we need to cooperate for now.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0075A8F2 0076161C Good. You're here. The situation has developed and we're short on time.
2 0076161D Time for chatter is over. Get going, now!
3 0076161E You did a helluva good job back there. I knew you'd do the right thing.
27 007614D7 00761608 Good, he's still breathing. Hurry up and power down that machine.
28 We'll come retrieve him when it's safe.
29 007614D8 007615C8 Don't even think about it! We need Hugo alive! You hear me?!
30 007614D9 0076160F Dear god... Move, Audrey, we have to get up there!
31 007614DA 007615CF Stop it! You're going to kill us all!
32 007614DB 00761616 In the meantime we'll sort out the mess the sorry SOB left us. So, rest easy.
33 But, uh, look. I can't give you a medal of honor-- don't have one to give.
34 But I would, if I could. This goes without saying, but you've more than earned my respect.
35 I hope that means something to you.
36 Don't go turning into a stranger, alright? That's an order.
37 Just make sure it's a painful process. 007615D6 Well, look, we're not evil.
38 So, no promises, heh.
39 So, you've made him a lab rat. 0076159C If he wasn't the solution to all this, I'd have put him in a body bag myself.
40 He should feel lucky that he's valuable enough to keep alive.
41 Glad there's still hope then. 007615DE Couldn't have said it better myself.
42 007614E2 007615A3 I'm sure it feels like he got off easy, but I assure you that's not the case.
43 He's sedated for now, and still recovering from that proper ass whoopin' you provided.
44 But once he wakes up, the time for rest is over. The research begins.
45 He's the key to solving the Lost, and we'll see to it he remains a silent contributor.
46 The bastard had it coming. 007615E5 Damn right he did. He brought this on himself.
47 I pity Hugo, actually. 007615AB Don't. That's exactly how he's manipulated us for years.
48 His mask's off now. He's got no hold over us anymore.
49 Just doing my job. 007615ED And a fine job at that.
50 007614E9 007615F5 You've been a good soldier for us. I'm glad we put our trust in you.
51 Yep. You're one of the good ones, alright. No doubt about it.
52 I'm just glad we're on the same team. Hate to go toe-to-toe with someone like you!
53 007615F6 Hard to believe you're the same wise-cracking outsider from when we first met.
54 I had my share of doubts about you. Okay, I thought you were hopeless.
55 But you came through for us. I'm proud to have served beside you.
100 0076150D 00761615 *Huff* It's alright... I got her. She's been subdued.
101 I'll head to deal with Hugo shortly. You head back to the Atrium, we'll talk more there.
103 0076150F 00761629 Audrey, stop! Put it down, now!
108 00761511 007615A1 You fool! Stay there, we may be able to extract more from him while he's still--
109 Wait, Audrey, what are you doing...?
111 00761513 007615A9 What are you doing? Are you crazy? You can't help him!
183 00761558 007615CD What's the status? We're not vomiting up electricity, so that's a promising sign.
184 Wait, we still haven't gotten to him yet? Pick up the pace, we've got to hurry!
188 0076155B 00761628 Soldier, you know your orders. Do not let emotion guide you. We need him alive.
190 0076155D 007615E9 What do you mean kill him?! Are you crazy?!
191 No, we need him alive!
221 00761575 0076159D Expect resistance, but remember: bring him in alive.
222 Dismissed!
223 Why? To weaponize him? Control the Lost yourself? 007615DF You're derranged if you think anything like that matters now.
224 Survival here in Shenandoah is all we have left.
225 There's no more time for this!
226 No promises. I'll decide when I get there. 007615A5 Do the right thing.
227 Roger. I'll bring him in. 007615B1 Thank you.
228 0076157C 007615F3 We need him breathing if we want to learn more about this affliction. It'd be years of research lost.
229 Hell no. He's going to pay. 007615B8 Oh he will pay, but his life alone isn't worth what he owes.
230 Of course, I'm not going to just kill him. 007615FC Good.
231 00761581 007615BF No! Wait, we need to discuss what you'll do when you get there.
232 I'll be brief: I need him alive.
235 Wait- what do you mean he had all the pieces? 0076160D The weather machine was already set to the parameters we just tested.
236 This was a final trial run before the real deal.
237 We can discuss our terrible choices later. We have to act now.
238 Where is he headed? 007615CC There's only one place.
239 He's likely to reach the Meteorology Sector any minute now, up at the Hawksbill Weather Station.
240 Audrey already left to try and stop him. But even with Cassidy, he's gotten too much of a head start.
241 0076158A 00761613 We've discovered that Hugo didn't leave alone. He's taken Cassidy with him.
242 That can only mean one thing: he's going to activate the weather machine already.
243 Bastard... This experiment was just to distract us. He already had all the pieces he needed.
244 Where is he? He needs to pay. 007615D3 If only. Listen up.
245 0076158D 0076161A Here's the sit-rep.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 00733834 00735239 James T. Oberlin, Chief of Security, Vault 63. Formerly, United States Army.
3 Ordinarily, an outsider would report directly to the security offices, but as you've seen, Mr. Stolz isn't fond of ordinary.
4 How exactly did you end up on our doorstep, outsider?
9 I fought these things called the "Lost", and it caught Hilda's attention. 0073523B And you were able to dispose of them? Interesting. Must mean you have some combat training. That could be helpful. Not floored by this info, but intrigued.
10 I'm just here to get paid. Your Overseer hired me 00735232 Another rat in the race. Perfect, just what I needed... No wonder Mr. Stolz was interested. Not surprised, but also not happy to hear this.
31 Yeah... I found that door. A "great distance" isn't an exaggeration. 00762193 Interesting. Were these different times, I'd be tempted to weaponize such a thing. This is his idea of a joke.
32 What were these "electromagnetic events"? 0076219B When the earthquake hit and the storm took shape, we were informed of a surge of energy near the proper entrance to the Vault, back up north.
33 This likely resulted in the security door being propelled some great distance.
34 Did the earthquake cause a lot of damage? 007621AE Yes. Significant damage to the tram tunnels that once connected the various research sectors of this Vault.
35 Additionally, damage to the manor grounds directly above have caused some structural integrity issues with the Atrium.
36 Perhaps, most concerning, though, is the various exposed entrances to the Vault spread throughout the region.
37 This has led to an increase in the number of Lost now on the surface, which isn't good for anyone involved.
38 I wanted to ask something else. 0076216E That's fine. What is it?
39 Is Stolz also one of those "Lost"? 007621C1 That is correct, to a degree. Mr. Stolz had been afflicted during the same accident that created the Lost. Matter of fact.
40 However, he retains his sanity and his ability to communicate.
41 Well, "retain sanity" is perhaps a bit... He's almost actually going to make a joke/juicy gossip.
42 Actually, I apologize, this isn't water cooler gossip. I believe I've answered your question. Mr. Stolz can explain the rest. Snaps out of it. No time for jokes.
43 [Charisma 6+] If I'm going to be fighting these things, I need to know more. 00762178 Fine. We believe they possess the ability to channel electricity from the storm, though we're still not sure how. Matter of fact.
44 Perhaps consider rubber gloves next time you want to shake their hands. Dry delivery.
45 Again, the rest is classified. End of discussion.
46 We'll see. 0076217F I suppose we shall. Clenching fist.
47 No, just asking. Sorry. 00762176 Understood. Anything else? Letting it go.
48 What kind of "unexpected outcomes"? 00762167 A number. An earthquake, for one. A series of unidentified electromagnetic events for another. Straight forward.
49 A weather control device...? Seriously? 0076217C I'm afraid that's outside your clearance level. Classified. Not having this.
50 Who are the "Lost"? 0076218D Our former friends, family, neighbors. An accident some decade back led to their creation. Their condition is irreversible. Matter of fact.
51 Beyond that, I'll leave it to Mr. Stolz's discretion on further details. He clearly knows more, doesn't trust you.
52 Just know, they will kill you on sight without mercy. Communication is impossible. Do no hesitate to strike first. Genuine advice.
53 Is everyone in Vault 63 a Ghoul? 007621A1 63's construction had fallen behind due its lofty and ambitious size. Conjuring a tough memory.
54 This left our population exposed to extreme levels of radioactive fallout after the bombs fell.
55 Those of us that survived that exposure ended up like this. Drained by the memory.
56 But working with us so-called "Ghouls" won't be a problem, will it? Raising back to stern, guarded. Almost a veiled threat.
57 What is with the crazy storm in the sky? 007621B4 Our facility houses a large-scale weather control device. Some decades ago, an accident rendered it inoperable.
58 However, a recent event has led to its reactivation. With that, we have the storm, along with other unexpected outcomes. He has his suspicions about this event, but doesn't know for sure. He's skeptical.
59 One of our top priorities is bringing it back under our control.
60 Would you mind answering some questions? 00762170 Fine, it's only fair that you're briefed on our situation. Willing, but still standoffish.
61 {Whatever, I'm out of here, jarhead. 007621BD That's going on your record - and I'm not a marine... Just, get out of my sight. Frustrated then resigned.
62 I'm all set, thank you, sir. 007621C6 Mhmm. Neutral, acknowledging.
63 007637A9 That's more like it. Still a bit stern. "You haven't won me over just yet".
64 0076212E 0076216A This was a test. And you just failed it. Mr. Stolz buzzed me ahead of your arrival. He does not find any pleasure in trickery, but this was necessary. He is disappointed in the player.
65 Vault Dweller from 76. Capable of dispatching Lost. And apparently, a clown. As if reading from a list.
66 Listen, I know a dog and pony show when I see one. I couldn't talk Mr. Stolz out of this if I tried.
67 Take my status report and run along. We'll be working together soon, so I expect that attitude of yours to shape up.
68 Dismissed, unless there's any pressing questions that need answering. Stern, cold.
69 0076212F 007621A5 Mr. Stolz buzzed me ahead of your arrival and filled me in on the situation. More neutral than the other routes.
70 Sorry for the test but wanted to see how you'd present yourself. Not really that sorry.
71 I appreciate your attempt to take this seriously, but I won't say I don't have my doubts... Let's see how this plays out, though. Earnest.
72 Here's my status report for Mr. Stolz. You're dismissed, unless you have other questions.
73 [Lie] Corporal Major Private Bootlicker, US Marine Corps. Ready to serve. 0076216C I'll take that stolen valor as a joke, so I can save the trouble laying you out. But watch it. He hates this answer.
74 [Lie] I'm a wandering wasteland minstrel. 007621AD Cute. He does not, in fact, find that cute.
75 [Lie] Just a raider, looking for my next score. 0076216D Is that so? He knows the Player is hiding something, he's not happy to be lied to.
76 [Lie] I'm the Overseer of Vault 76 007621BA Did you really think that would work? Our records tell a different story about 76's Overseer. Surprised the Player could be that dumb - he works for Vault-Tec, he would have an idea about who the Overseer of 76 is.
77 Maybe you deserve half credit for being up front about the Vault part, though... Hm. No. Giving the simpleton a chance, maybe, but nevermind.
78 [Strength 12+] I'm the one who's here to solve all your problems. 007621BE Hmm... You do seem fit to fight, at least. But that's not really an answer to my question. Showing signs of respect.
79 I won't fault you for a lie by omission, though. You seem eager and able enough. Straight forward.
80 I've already been made aware that you're a Dweller from Vault 76.
81 I was a Dweller in Vault 76. 00762177 At least you're honest. Earnest.
82 0076213C 00762168 Well, considering I'm entirely lacking any sort of credentials or background on you, perhaps you can fill me in on your history.
83 Another Ghoul? There sure are a lot of you around. 0076217D I'm asking the questions, outsider. We can address your queries once I've completed my interview. No BS.
84 Now, again, how did you end up here?
85 To be honest, no idea. I feel like I'm jumping through hoops. 00762190 And yet you ended up here. That's good. Means you can follow orders. I say "jump", you say "how high?". Stern, but relieved you're not a joker.
135 00763766 007630DF I believe Mr. Stolz wanted to see you.
143 00763767 007637A8 Been expecting you.
177 I have no more questions. 00763791 Good.
178 I had other questions. 00769DF8 Very well.


(Situation report S-487)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00735217 00735233 Oberlin Report S-487. Holotape recording.
2 Internal issues: As well as the concerns raised previously there have been several new complaints that have been added to the list. Holotape recording.
3 We're doing what we can but we're having to prioritize and we're spread thin. Holotape recording.
4 External issues: Scouts report the storm is growing. The eye of the storm seems to be above the manor. Holotape recording.
5 Land outside the manor seems to be severely damaged. Unsure if its the storm or something else that caused it. Holotape recording.
6 Strange things are happening to the flora outside, the area around the manor is effectively a dead zone. Areas nearby seem to be corrupted Holotape recording.
7 Other issues: An alarm was tripped in one of the locked off sections and was cut shortly after. Doesn't seem like it was the Lost that tripped it. Holotape recording.
8 Monitoring the situation. Holotape recording.
9 Oberlin Out. Holotape recording.