Lieutenant Colonel James Oberlin was the Chief Army Scientific Advisor to the ATLAS Program.


In late January 2076, Oberlin replaced the previous advisor of the ATLAS Program, Major Kirk Bentley, after the program fell behind schedule and Bentley was deemed unfit for the role. Oberlin was given a deadline of April to produce scalable results for weather control, or the project's funding would be cut.

Under Oberlin's supervision and the threat of cut funds, the project produced significant localized area effects, and it was granted continued funding under the condition that more research is invested in high-energy weather conditions. The project met its goals, even producing near-whiteout blizzard conditions in mid-August. Oberlin was impressed with the project's progress and had hoped it would become a valuable asset in the war against China.

However, the program was shut down shortly after being approved and funded for military purposes, and Oberlin was subsequently ordered to falsify all of the ATLAS Program's data to make it appear as if it had failed.[1]


James Oberlin is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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