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We run caravans all over the fricking place. Let me tell you: We've got gold ore going out to Vault City, we've got some going out to New Reno (ooo-la-la, if ya know what I mean), and we've even got some going to those prissy bastards in the NCR.

James Hoffy is Redding's caravan master in 2241.


A burly, thick-set man with short, bushy hair, covered in scars and with a calculating stare, James "Jimmy" Hoffy is the caravan master for the city of Redding. He is a direct, down to earth sort of man, with a no-nonsense mentality, who would prefer his city staying independent from the three powers of the wasteland - he sees NCR as self-righteous SOBs, New Reno as anarchy bogged down in familial business and Vault City as a bunch of uppity, elitist bastards.

Regardless, he makes business with the caravans, processing goods that come and go - brahmin from the NCR, Jet from New Reno and medicine from Vault City.

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Torn old outfit 14mm pistol Leather jacket
14mm AP x6


James Hoffy appears only in Fallout 2.

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