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James Duncan was co-owner of the Duncan & Duncan Robotics company in Summersville before the Great War.


James owned the robotics company with his twin brother, Jonathan Duncan. A few items that mention the two Duncan brothers can be found in the attic home of the business. A lawyer from the Gramercy & Ulster firm had sent one of the brothers a letter, apologizing for accosting him while trying to serve the other brother a summons, due to mistaken identity. James may have likewise been involved in some sort of dispute with his twin, as a note reveals one of them had changed the access code to the assaultron showroom.

A conversation heard in a holotape further complicates the matter. A one-sided conversation can be heard, with only James speaking. Summoning his robot Skinner, he requests that the robot make his brother his evening tea so that their conversation can continue. Skinner, confused by the request, attempts to clarify where he should bring the tea, asking James if he means the cemetery. Angered by this, he demands Skinner bring the tea to the desk where his brother is currently sitting, to which the robot confesses that there is no one there. James attributes this to Skinner malfunctioning.


James Duncan is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

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