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The jalapeño pepper is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Jalapeño peppers can be obtained from jalapeño plants. It is one of the ingredients used in making a gecko kebab and Cook-Cook's Fiend stew at a campfire. It is also the one of the ingredients used in crafting the fiery purgative in the Lonesome Road add-on. Jalapeño peppers have an exceptionally low weight despite restoring about the same amount of health as standard food items, making them exceptionally practical for healing minor injuries. In Hardcore mode, they increase Dehydration when consumed.

Like all other Mojave Wasteland plants, ripe jalepeño plants found in the wasteland will eventually regrow after being picked by the player character, making them an unlimited supply of free food.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+1 Hit Point for 5s+6 Dehydration , -12 Starvation 
20+1 Hit Point for 5s+7 Dehydration , -14 Starvation 
30+1 Hit Point for 5s+8 Dehydration , -16 Starvation 
40+1 Hit Point for 5s+9 Dehydration , -18 Starvation 
50+2 Hit Point for 5s+10 Dehydration , -20 Starvation 
60+2 Hit Point for 5s+11 Dehydration , -22 Starvation 
70+2 Hit Point for 5s+12 Dehydration , -24 Starvation 
80+2 Hit Point for 5s+13 Dehydration , -26 Starvation 
90+2 Hit Point for 5s+14 Dehydration , -28 Starvation 
100+3 Hit Point for 5s+15 Dehydration , -30 Starvation