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Shh! Keep yo ass down and lower your voice for god's sake! My name's Jake and you boys got 'ere just'n time. 'Bout two week ago, a whole bunch of dose Mr. Handy wannabees shown up and killed anything livin' dey could find. Most of da bubbas around 'ere are now livin' underground, waiting for dem to leave, but believe me, dey ain't goin' nowhere! You better listen too, ol' Jake, and stay out of their way!

Jake Hammond[1] is one of the inhabitants of Great Bend in 2197.


Jake Hammond is a survivor of an attack on his hometown by the Calculator's robots. He is a strange man who has lived in garbage all his life. He believes the robots were partially malfunctioning, comparing them to ants who lost their queen. He was right; a pacification robot, appointed by the Calculator to control all other robots and establish a base in Great Bend, was damaged by a steel yard fallen cart.

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Great Bend

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Great Bend


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Jake appears only in Fallout Tactics.