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Help the prison warden with a jail break.

Jail Break is a public event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Defend the Eastern Regional Penitentiary from waves of super mutants.

Detailed walkthrough

The event is given when the player character arrives in the vicinity of the Eastern Regional Penitentiary - the prison warden will radio for help to prevent the escape of Mad Dog Malone, a notorious pre-War criminal now turned into a super mutant. Once at the prison, reach the rooftop to gain a better strategic position. The rooftop can be accessed through multiple guard towers around the prison yard, or through stairs that have been built on collapsed parts of the prison. Once on the rooftop, several waves of super mutants will spawn near the holes in the prison's walls. Nearby turrets can be repaired to assist in the fight. Once all waves are fought off, a super mutant suicider will spawn and attempt to destroy the wall. Killing him will successfully complete the event. Allowing him to detonate will fail the event.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Get to the penitentiary rooftopsMad Dog Malone's Gang is trying to break him out of Eastern Regional Penitentiary.
? Kill Mad Dog Malone's GangI need to stop Mad Dog Malone's gang from attacking the penitentiary.
? Time until attack begins
? Optional: Repair turrets
? Optional: Kill super mutant that is targeting a turret
? Optional: Kill super mutant with missile launcher
?Quest finishedKill the super mutant suicider before he reaches the door


  • Due to Fallout 76 being an online game, this event may appear at any time. However, chronologically this event must occur before the event Manhunt, since Mad Dog Malone must escape imprisonment before being on-the-run.
  • Previously, the Manhunt event would only start if Jail Break ended in failure.
  • Pre-War, Malone was notoriously charismatic and prison guards feared that if he was let out of solitary, he would recruit many of the other prisoners as his henchmen. Post-War, even as a super mutant, Malone was well respected, as super mutants launched an attack on a fortified position just to free him.