Jahani is a character mentioned in Fallout 4.


Jahani was a customer of a chems dealer who lived in Sanctuary Hills at one point.


  • According to the game files, Jahani occupied the seventh house on the left as one follows the road around Sanctuary Hills (two up from the House of Tomorrow). It is the house with the root cellar (cell name: SanctuaryBasementJahani) , a well stocked underground shelter with a bed, provisions, a radio, and a safe. Wild mutfruit plants grow at the rear of the house next to the shelter entrance. A military ammo case can be found inside the house and a duffle bag cache on the roof, which suggests that he was somewhat of a survivalist and may have even survived the initial devastation.
  • In the Creation Kit, there is a mailbox decal which reads "JAHANI."


Jahani is mentioned only in Fallout 4.