Jacqueline "Jacq" Spencer (username JSpencer) was a settler at University Point prior to the Institute's attack in 2285.


Jacqueline Spencer was an adventurous girl with a talent for engineering, responsible for reactivating the town's mail relay and enabling citizens to send emails to each other. However, she was also single-handedly responsible for triggering the events that led to the town being wiped out by the Institute, starting with the salvage of an old hard drive from old office that belonged to a Stuart Campbell.[1] The hard drive was intended as a replacement, but Jacqueline let her curiosity get the better of her and investigated its contents instead of formatting it.[2] When she realized that she discovered Campbell's research on reactor efficiency, she immediately sought out a passing caravan to find a buyer for the information, agreeing to a 25/75 split of the hundreds of caps promised.[3]

However, she chose poorly, as the trader was an Institute informant during a time when the organization was looking for reactor research all over the Commonwealth.[4] The hard drive's contents were vital to the Institute and so a representative was sent to demand that the town hand it over, with the implied threat of force if it failed to comply. This person also mentioned Jacqueline by name, leading to the town turning on the Spencers. Bert Strickland, mayor of University Point, managed to keep the tensions contained for a while, though violence nearly broke out when Perry Owens suggested that Jacqueline be turned over to the Institute. Jacqueline's father, Gerald Spencer, attacked him.[5] Rumors circulated as a mob was forming, with Owens ready to be the first to grab a pitchfork.[6]

Gerald grounded his daughter for her own protection and Jacqueline obeyed, despite her initial misgivings.[7] However, that did not spare her the hate, as the town used the email relay she restored to flood her inbox with hateful messages.[8][9] Mayor Strickland had suggested grounding Jacqueline, leaving the family lost on what to do.[10] However, Mayor Strickland also said out loud what Gerald feared, that the Spencers were vulnerable at University Point as a result of Jacqueline's actions and if the Institute did not get to them, then their neighbors would. He suggested getting out of the Commonwealth entirely.[11]

His advice was sound, though Strickland did not anticipate that the Institute would not take kindly to a town not following orders. Synths from the Institute descended on the outpost in late August and wiped the trading post off the map. The denizens put up a fight, but they stood no chance of repulsing the synths.[12] The attack did not omit Jacqueline herself, adding her to the long list of Institute casualties.[13]


A woman's skeleton can be found next to the professor's terminal, alongside a duffel bag containing a note from Jacqueline to her father stating that she was too late and the synths were not far away.


Jacqueline Spencer is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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