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Jacqueline Murphy is a deceased hunter and member of the Free States whose body can be found in Appalachia.


Jacqueline was a member of Duncan McKann's failed expedition to track down ghouls from the Valley Galleria.[1]

She and fellow expedition member Courtney Kelly were wounded early on in the expedition and were left in the care of the expedition's Mister Gutsy, Hardball, to recuperate.[2] Jacqueline did not survive the ordeal and perished along with Courtney.

The ill-fated expedition was her first hunting trip after being allowed to go by her brother, Robbie. She was nervous about proving herself to the party, despite her reputation as the best shot on Harpers Ferry guard duty.[3]

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Tracking Unknowns


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Jacqueline Murphy appears only in Fallout 76.


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  2. Hardball: "I've reason to believe their party was ambushed and a distress beacon deployed, but the signal is too weak to find. Your duty is to find a signal booster. Possible search locations include: Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store. Hmm. Initial readings indicate non-hostile. As a member of the Free States and protector of Harpers Ferry, I hereby conscript you into service. I have wounded to protect, and re-establishing communications with Duncan McKann is vital. Attach the booster, release the Cargobot, and wait for the distress signal ping to reach your Pip-Boy. Follow the ping. Find the party. Dismissed! Once you've acquired the booster, proceed to the Survival Training Center and call down a Cargobot using this passcode."
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