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The Jacobstown bungalows consist of seven cabins within close proximity to one another, three of which are accessible, on the western side of Jacobstown in 2281.


The northernmost bungalow has an Average locked door. There is a service rifle and ammunition on the mantlepiece and an unowned bed.

The middle bungalow is notable due to the playing cards and poker chips on the table to the left of the entryway. The bungalow to the south has about the same setup as the others, including a bed, table, couch, and a bathroom.

Notable loot


  • In the middle bungalow, a scene is found whereupon close inspection of the playing cards, a set of five kings of the same suit on the table is revealed. These cards are facing a skeleton laying on the floor, implying the person was murdered after being caught cheating.
  • The bungalows can be used as player housing. The queen bed in the back middle bungalow will provide the Well Rested bonus.
  • There's a ticking clock in the rightmost bungalow showing a time of 4:20, similar to the clock in the Prospector Saloon, and those found in the Jacobstown lodge.


The Jacobstown bungalows appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.