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Was a resort Pre-War. I renamed it to Jacobstown after an old friend. Died a long time ago.Marcus, Fallout: New Vegas

Jacobstown is a pre-War resort on Mount Charleston, serving as a super mutant settlement in 2281.


Marcus, super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills, splintered off of Davison and Tabitha's super mutant contingents, leaving from Black Mountain to set up a community here due to its proximity far from others.[1][2][Non-canon 1] He renamed it Jacobstown after an old friend, and hopes to keep the peace with nearby human settlements and establish trading with nearby groups such as the New California Republic.[2][3]

Although founded by super mutants haven, Marcus notes that all are welcome so long as they are peaceful.[4] He indicates that there is a large bighorner population in the surrounding foothills which provide food for the inhabitants and hides for trading.[5] Marcus also shares information about the nightkin that reside in Jacobstown, led by Keene, who suffer from mental illness, a cure for which doctors Henry and Calamity are working to find.[6][7] Progress towards the cure is slow going and the nightkin grow impatient.[8]

Despite the settlement's dedication to peace, NCR Senator Morales intends to use the town as a scapegoat for recent attacks on NCR citizens' brahmin.[9] Due to this, mercenaries threaten the town with goals of either displacing the super mutants or drawing them into conflict.[9][10] Meanwhile, Marcus has sent Neil back to the Black Mountain area to observe those living there, and redirect super mutants to Jacobstown when he can.[4]


The resort is located northwest of New Vegas, surrounded by a makeshift wall. The resort's entrance is accessible by way of Nevada 157. Just inside the entrance, there is a sign that says "Jacobstown." To the left of the entrance is bighorners pen tended to by Lily. To the right, there are a few bungalows. The large building to the rear is the Jacobstown lodge.

At the entrance of Jacobstown, where Marcus is met for the first time, there are two super mutants standing guard at both sides of the entrance. Near the one on the right, there is a hollowed-out rock which has a small heart painted on it and contains minor loot.



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Narrated by Marcus

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Jacobstown end slide 01.png
With Jacobstown's leadership destroyed, the remaining super mutants and nightkin of the west scattered across the wasteland. Jacobstown withered away, its death going unnoticed by the rest of the Mojave. Marcus dies.
Jacobstown end slide 02.png
Thanks to the Courier and Lily, a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was found shortly after Doctor Henry's experiment concluded. Nightkin and other super mutants in the wasteland flocked to Jacobstown, and the town became known as a haven where a mutant could find peace. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, pass the Speech check with Keene (or let him leave), and pass the Science check with Doctor Henry, or encourage Doctor Henry to continue his tests on Lily.
Jacobstown end slide 02.png
Though a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was eventually found, it became a case of too little, too late for Jacobstown. Disgruntled by the death of their leader, Keene, most of the nightkin scattered into the wasteland, their insanity worsening with each day. Jacobstown, constantly on guard for anti-mutant reprisals, never truly prospered. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, Keene dies during the quest.
Jacobstown end slide 02.png
Though a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was eventually found, it became a case of too little, too late for Jacobstown. Most nightkin at Jacobstown followed their leader Keene out into the wasteland, terrorizing the Mojave for years to come. Jacobstown, constantly on guard for anti-mutant reprisals, never truly prospered. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, failing the Speech check with Keene (but allowing him to leave) and failing the Science check with Doctor Henry.
Jacobstown end slide 02.png
It took more time than anticipated for a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia to be found, but in the end it was beneficial to Jacobstown. The presence of the nightkin leader, Keene, persuaded nightkin from across the wasteland to make the journey to the town. Jacobstown prospered, becoming known as a fair - if somewhat intimidating - place for a trader to do business. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, passing the Speech check with Keene and failing (or ignoring) the Science check with Doctor Henry.
Jacobstown end slide 02.png
With no cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia in sight, the disgruntled nightkin left Jacobstown. Without a treatment, their insanity grew. The crazed nightkin terrorized the wasteland, and Jacobstown suffered repeated reprisals from mutant-hating humans. In the end, the surviving mutants abandoned Jacobstown entirely, its existence quickly forgotten by the rest of the wasteland. Do not complete or fail Guess Who I Saw Today.


  • After visiting Neil near the Black Mountain, he will reveal the location of Jacobstown by marking it on the map.
  • At higher levels, cazadores may spawn near the front gate to Jacobstown and may attack the super mutants.
  • The mutants inside and outside of the Jacobstown Lodge will respawn, excluding named non-player characters, such as Lily or Marcus.
  • Other than the super mutants and nightkin, Jacobstown is also home to an unnamed super mutant master. He has a voice similar to Neil's but says the same generic dialogue phrases.
  • Although the nightkin will warn the Courier not to stare at them, doing this will not turn them hostile.
  • When spoken to, the super mutants will comment about wanting miniguns or missile launchers from Marcus. They will also share that they hope it will snow later and warn the Courier that Lily has been babbling about her grandkids again. Some will state that they miss being in the Master's army.
  • In an upstairs room of the lodge is the only pinball machine in Fallout: New Vegas.


Jacobstown appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Jacobstown is located in the same geographical area as the real world town of Mount Charleston and the lodge mirrors the Retreat on Charleston Peak.
  • Megan Parks handled world building for the location.[11][12][13]


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