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Was a resort Pre-War. I renamed it to Jacobstown after an old friend. Died a long time ago.Marcus, Fallout: New Vegas

Jacobstown is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas.


Originally a resort location nestled amidst the cliffs of Mount Charleston, post-War, the area was of little interest to travelers and scavengers due to its remote location and lack of salvageable material. It was not until around the early 2260s that the place became a permanent settlement for any group. Marcus, formerly the mild-mannered super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills in New California, took it upon himself to find a refuge for the "broken-minded" of his kind living in the Mojave. His first attempt at a super mutant conclave at Black Mountain failed after the nightkin, Tabitha turned most of the mutants Marcus had gathered into a hostile cult known as the State of Utobitha. With Tabitha's grip too difficult to break easily, and finding it harder than holding on to Broken Hills, Marcus left with a small group of his fellow first-generation mutants.

Heading into the mountains northwest of New Vegas, the mutant migration eventually discovered Mount Charleston and the pre-War resort still largely intact, and decided it was a good spot to set up another community, hoping to build it up for the long term.[Non-game 1][1] The town mostly supports itself on the ranching of bighorners; they provide lots of meat and the town can trade the hides for other supplies with passing caravans. Wild bighorners also roam the foothills, so restocking their herd when numbers fall is easy.[2]

Marcus' chosen name for his new settlement, Jacobstown was in honor of the late Jacob, a Brotherhood of Steel paladin and past traveling companion of Marcus, who together previously founded the town of Broken Hills back in the west.[1]

However, by 2281, Jacobstown itself has not stood without problems. Foremost is that not all of the super mutants and nightkin living there were content to live under Marcus' rules. Others such as Davison broke off on their own, eventually winding up with their own dysfunctional super mutant communities. Though Marcus is disappointed at the shaky state of mutant affairs in the Mojave, he does the best he can to take care of those super mutants and nightkin like Lily Bowen that remained at Jacobstown. Even so, despite Marcus' peaceful leadership, Keene arose as representative of the nightkin in the town, believing that while Marcus' efforts are respectable, he does not truly understand the plight of the nightkin.[3]

Sometime before 2281, a former Enclave scientist, Doctor Henry heard about the problems plaguing the nightkin and traveled to Jacobstown where he was welcomed by Marcus and allowed to set up a laboratory to develop a cure for their mental illness, however, progress has been slow-going and the nightkin are growing impatient; another rebellion is imminent if nothing is done to produce a cure.[4][5]

Aside from the conflicts within, Jacobstown suffers many threats from the outside due to their high population of super mutants; despite efforts to establish trade with the New California Republic,[6] an influential party[7] within NCR has recently been sending contracted mercenaries to either displace the super mutants from the town, or remove them through more violent methods due to believing that the mutants there are responsible for, or at least connected with attacks on NCR-supported brahmin ranches.[8]


The super mutants of Jacobstown are an egalitarian soceity, operating in a collectivist mindset where they equally share their resources among each other for a common goal and almost never physically fighting each other, though there are often splinter factions among its less mentally stable denizens.[Non-game 1] The super mutants themselves can be divided into three groups: the first generation super mutants from the Master's army, second generation mutants from the Enclave excavations, and the nightkin, the Master's elite operatives and commanders.[9][10]

Though there is not a caste system or a highly regimented society, the different generations of mutants tend to gravitate to different roles. The first-generation mutants are generally among the smartest (and most mentally stable) and act as organizers and community leaders. Marcus, due to his experience as a sheriff and his intelligence, became the de facto leader of the mutant community. The second generation, or "dumb-dumbs" as some[11] call them, are generally used as muscle and performing hard labor, as even the least intelligent of mutants are useful for their strength and manpower. Nightkin, represented by Keene in Jacobstown, help protect the town from interlopers, though their main objective is to find a cure for their deteriorating mental condition.

Although founded as a super mutant haven, members of all races are welcome as long as they behave themselves and mind their manners, most of all avoiding staring at the nightkin, evidenced by Dr. Henry and the ghoul Calamity being allowed to live in the town while they research a cure.[12][13]

Outside relations[]

The residents of Jacobstown are friendly and peaceful but despite their best efforts have few good relations. Marcus wishes to do trade with others, including the NCR, but their isolation and a general anti-mutant sentiment in the wasteland have made this simple task difficult. In particular, they suffer a scapegoating campaign by the New California Republic,[6] for supposedly attacking brahmin herds, despite evidence to the contrary. This has resulted in an influential party[7] of the NCR sending mercenaries to either displace the super mutants from the town, or remove them through more violent methods, despite the fact that the town has nothing to do with the attacks on the NCR citizens' brahmin.[8] Marcus, however, remains optimistic about establishing trade and borders with the NCR, believing it is only a matter of hard work and if the current situation can be peacefully resolved.

Despite being close neighbors with the Great Khans, neither seem very interested in the other, with the Khans occasionally spotted watching the mutants from the hills but making no move to interact.[14] This apathetic attitude also extends itself to Caesar's Legion, as little to no contact has been made between the two groups. Marcus himself has several opinions on Caesar and his Legion, but this may or may not extend to the rest of the town.[15]

The State of Utobitha and Jacobstown are on strictly unfriendly terms, as Utobitha tends to give mutants a bad reputation as ordnance-toting moronic raiders. Marcus even goes as far as to plant Neil as a spy/diplomat in order to seed unrest and convince as many mutants as possible to turn away from Black Mountain and instead go to Jacobstown.[13]


Situated in the northwest section of the map, north of Red Rock Canyon, the resort's entrance is approached by Nevada State Route 157. Just inside the entrance, there is a giant sign on a tower that says "Jacobstown." Left of the entrance is a pen full of bighorners. To the right, there are a few bungalows. The large building to the rear is the Jacobstown lodge.

At the entrance of Jacobstown, where Marcus is met for the first time, there are two super mutants standing guard at both sides of the entrance. Near the one on the right, there is a hollowed-out rock which has a small heart painted on it and contains minor loot.

Lily Bowen typically stands outside of the bighorner pen day and night, while Keene is just inside the main building to the left of the door. To the right side of the building is Doctor Henry's laboratory where he and Calamity are typically found.



Notable loot[]

  • Cattle prod - One is outside on the ground on top of a line of rocks near the northwest side of the cattle pen, between the pen and the lodge.
  • Fat Man - On a super mutant, well to the south, in a cazador nest.

Related quests[]


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Narrated by Marcus

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Jacobstown end slide 01
With Jacobstown's leadership destroyed, the remaining super mutants and nightkin of the west scattered across the wasteland. Jacobstown withered away, its death going unnoticed by the rest of the Mojave. Marcus dies.
Jacobstown end slide 02
Thanks to the Courier and Lily, a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was found shortly after Doctor Henry's experiment concluded. Nightkin and other super mutants in the wasteland flocked to Jacobstown, and the town became known as a haven where a mutant could find peace. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, pass the Speech check with Keene (or let him leave), and pass the Science check with Doctor Henry, or encourage Doctor Henry to continue his tests on Lily.
Jacobstown end slide 02
Though a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was eventually found, it became a case of too little, too late for Jacobstown. Disgruntled by the death of their leader, Keene, most of the nightkin scattered into the wasteland, their insanity worsening with each day. Jacobstown, constantly on guard for anti-mutant reprisals, never truly prospered. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, Keene dies during the quest.
Jacobstown end slide 02
Though a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia was eventually found, it became a case of too little, too late for Jacobstown. Most nightkin at Jacobstown followed their leader Keene out into the wasteland, terrorizing the Mojave for years to come. Jacobstown, constantly on guard for anti-mutant reprisals, never truly prospered. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, failing the Speech check with Keene (but allowing him to leave) and failing the Science check with Doctor Henry.
Jacobstown end slide 02
It took more time than anticipated for a cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia to be found, but in the end it was beneficial to Jacobstown. The presence of the nightkin leader, Keene, persuaded nightkin from across the wasteland to make the journey to the town. Jacobstown prospered, becoming known as a fair - if somewhat intimidating - place for a trader to do business. Complete Guess Who I Saw Today, passing the Speech check with Keene and failing (or ignoring) the Science check with Doctor Henry.
Jacobstown end slide 02
With no cure for the nightkin's schizophrenia in sight, the disgruntled nightkin left Jacobstown. Without a treatment, their insanity grew. The crazed nightkin terrorized the wasteland, and Jacobstown suffered repeated reprisals from mutant-hating humans. In the end, the surviving mutants abandoned Jacobstown entirely, its existence quickly forgotten by the rest of the wasteland. Do not complete or fail Guess Who I Saw Today.


  • Talking to Neil near Black Mountain, he can reveal the location of Jacobstown when asked about it.
  • Occasionally, the unnamed super mutants wandering around Jacabstown will state, "Sometimes I miss being in the Master's army," referencing the main antagonist of Fallout.
  • Other than the super mutants and nightkin, Jacobstown is also home to an unnamed super mutant master. He has a "normal," cultured voice (similar to Neil's) instead of the more gravelly voice used by the other super mutants, but says the same generic dialogue phrases.
  • Although both Marcus and Keen warn the player character not to stare at the nightkin, doing this will not turn them hostile.
  • The mutants appear to still have an interest in heavy weaponry and destruction. When spoken to, the normal mutants will comment about wanting miniguns or missile launchers from Marcus. Conversely, they will also comment on how they hope it will snow later.
  • At higher levels, cazadores may spawn near the front gate to Jacobstown and may attack the super mutants.
  • The mutants inside and outside of the Jacobstown Lodge will respawn after a few days if killed, excluding named non-player characters such as Lily or Marcus.
  • A pinball machine can be found in an upstairs room of the lodge, the only instance of it in Fallout: New Vegas.


Jacobstown appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The in-game Jacobstown is located in the same geographical area as the real-world town of Mount Charleston, Nevada, a small alpine community high in the mountains west of the Las Vegas Valley noted for Mount Charleston Lodge, the building that Jacobstown is based on..
    • The Jacobstown lodge is similar in appearance to the real-world Retreat on Charleston Peak (formerly the Resort at Mount Charleston), including a nearly identical front sign, similar architecture, and inclusion of proximal ponds, fixtures, and fountains.[16]
    • The Jacobstown bungalow portion of the town resembles the real-world Mount Charleston Cabins, located a short distance west of the lodge.[17]
  • Megan Parks handled world building for the location: asset creation, prop placement, land building, and vista.[18]
Spare Us the Cutter
  • There are three markers in the Brahmin pen that enable certain NPCs. They aren't actually used in the final game and were seemingly just there as a possible way to quickly ease NPC numbers (between them they enable most of the NPCs in the area). Oddly there is one called JacobstownMoreNightkinParentMarker that does just what it suggests - enables four more Nightkin outside the house that is always disabled in the game (along with those NPCs). I'm not sure if this was disabled to keep down NPC numbers or as a continuity measure (or even part of the Nightkin coup plotline?) as we are told the nightkin don't like going outside much as they can't bear to be seen. The only nightkin outside in the farm area of Jacobstown in the final game is Lily so that the player can clearly see her.


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