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I have no other choice... I hope everyone will forgive me.

Jacob March was the overseer of an unnamed vault around the year 2287.


His assistant is Jenny.

One day, he discovered that his Vault's Resource Purifier was leaking a mysterious liquid (FEV). He found in documents that his Vault was part of a conspiracy to inject the FEV into the Resource Purifier, and that when the pre-programmed time came, the Purifier would release the virus. The purpose of this was to research the effect FEV had on people living in a confined space for over 200 years.

Jacob was unable to find something to contain the virus so he took the Resource Purifier, left the Vault and fled to Boston for help. He met someone named Vera who said she needed tools to separate the virus from the purifier. He left a holotape documenting what happened, and said he felt some side effects from carrying the Resource Purifier.

The members of Jacob's vault eventually found him, but he has been mutated into a super mutant. Jacob says he can not control himself and tells the group to stay away. They fight him and try to inject Brian Virgil's serum in an attempt to save Jacob. He regains his human mind, but then decides to destroy the nearby Resource Purifier. Jacob says if he has learned anything, it is that the wasteland never needs their rescue. Despite this, he tells them that as long as they work together, the wasteland will never lose hope. Jacob says the Resource Purifier is corrupted by those in power from 200 years ago, and all the wastelanders really need is to trust each other to work together to survive, rather than relying heavily on the technology of the past. Jacob then destroys the Purifier but dies when it creates a fire, and he smiles before he passes away. Nick Valentine comments he respects Jacob and that his efforts will not be in vain.


Jacob March appears in Fallout Shelter Online.


Jacob appears to be the obtainable dweller known as Eden's Resurrector. His artwork can be seen here and here. It mentions that he seems to have escaped from the Institute, although his biography makes it unclear if he is a revived Jacob. Like Cait, has a separate, less-powerful hero card called Jacob Marsh.