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Jacob Lerner was a member of the Free States sent by Ella Ames to retrieve samples from Valley Galleria.


After the Great War, Jacob helped with the rebuilding of Harpers Ferry, assisting Ella Ames with her medical endeavors despite his lack of training.[1] He was one of the Free Staters to attend the survival training course run by Eddie Hayes at Camp Venture.[2]

In an attempt to impress Ella and outdo Charlie Walker, with whom he was vying for her affections, Jacob agreed to go to the Valley Galleria to retrieve flowers. The Galleria had been used as a sanctuary for ghouls, however most had gone feral by the time Jacob arrived. He became trapped, having used all his ammo and lost his machete. After managing to survive on junk food and Nuka-Cola for several days, he sneaked past the ghouls with the flowers. He was then shot in the back by Charlie, who returned the flowers to Ella.[3] His body can be found in the parking lot outside.

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Random Free States outfit Jacob's holotape 4


Jacob Lerner appears only in Fallout 76.